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    Korg KP3 Plus Kaoss Pad

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    Korg KP3 Plus Kaoss Pad
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    Korg KP3 Plus Kaoss Pad Product Description

    The Kaoss Pad series of effects units is famed for its intuitive touch-pad interface. The flagship model KP3 that appeared in 2006 continues to be highly acclaimed by musicians and DJs around the world for its powerful, instantaneous effect programs and its wealth of sampling functionality.

    The sounds that drive the dance music scene have evolved significantly over these past seven years, and effects -- and how they're used -- along with them.

    The effects combinations which have become a staple in numerous genres and applications thanks to the KP3 have been taken to a cutting-edge level with the KP3+.

    The intuitive design and amazing flexibility of the touchpad allows Kaoss Pad 3+ users to easily control multiple effects and parameters by simply stroking, tapping, or rubbing the Kaoss touch pad with their finger. Using this remarkable design, you can easily control and perform with effects in complex ways that would be impossible on a conventional effects unit.

    150 effects for remixing, DJ, live music, and in-studio use

    The KP3+ provides effect programs that are worthy of its status as the flagship model of the Kaoss Pad series. The KP3+ contains a total of 150 programs - 22 more than the KP3. In addition to the 108 effects carried over from the KP3, which include filters, spatial-type effects such as delay and reverb, a grain shifter that freezes tiny pieces of sound and repeats them, and a vocoder, there are 42 improved effects that represent today's dance music scene, including effects that were developed for the Kaoss Pad Quad, such as the Looper, Vinyl Break, and Ducking Compressor.

    Vinyl Break simulates a turntable

    It's easy to obtain the scratch sound that's heard when you scratch a turntable, or use a record-stop effect. In addition to the basic Mod.1 Vinyl Break, the KP3+ also provides the Mod.2 Break Reverb which adds reverb to the effect, and the LoP.2 Break Looper and LoP.8 Loop Breaker effects which combine the effect with a looper.

    Ducking Compressor emphasizes the backbeats

    You can use a side-chain effect to emphasize the backbeats of the kick. In addition to Mod.8 Ducking Compressor, there's a rEV.1 Pump Reverb that adds a reverb effect. You can add a sense of breathing to your music by dynamically varying the reverberation in synchronization with the BPM.

    Looper lets you freely manipulate loops

    For greater usability, the looper effect has been modified to let you loop the sound starting from the instant you touch the touchpad. The existing programs have been significantly updated; for example, if you move your finger to change the number of beats in the loop, the timing of that change will automatically be quantized. There are also many programs such as LoP.4 Freeze Looper, LoP.6 Shuttle Looper, and the LoP.7 Slice Looper that finely slices a phrase and loops the location that you choose.

    Effects for breaks and drops

    Effects include dLY.2 Echo Break and rEV.3 Reverb Break, which mute the input sound and generate delay or reverb. These are ideal ways to create breaks in your DJ play. We've also enhanced the synth sound effects that are effective when used during a break, bringing them up to date for the evolving dance music scene. Added sounds include Syn.3 Pump Noise (noise without resonance, processed by a side-chain effect) as well as Syn.4 Lofi Synth and Syn.9 Resonator.

    Other added effects include FL.16 Center Canceler for partial vocal cancellation, LFO.1 Jag Filter which uses a non-resonant filter to chop the sound, dLY.5 One Delay which shines on styles such as hip-hop, and Grn.6 Stutter Grain which alternately applies a grain shifter and a Looper. We completely rethought the X-axis and Y-axis parameter assignments and their polarity, and included flashy and glittering synth sounds as well as many more effects that will enhance the sounds of today's scene.

    The FX Release function automatically adds a delay to smoothly blend the effect when you release the touchpad. The Mute function cuts the input sound, leaving only the reverb or other effect sound, and can also be used as a "transformer" by turning it rapidly on and off. Pad Motion lets you record and play back the movements of your finger on the touchpad.

    Practical functions: Program Memory, Hold, Pad LED

    There are eight program memories that let you instantly select your favorite effect programs, and a Hold effect that sustains the effect even after you release your finger from the touchpad.

    The pad LEDs illuminate along the path that's traced by your finger, letting you perform without difficulty even in a dimly lit environment. We've modified the way that the four sampling bank LEDs illuminate to make them more intuitively understandable than on the KP3; they now light up red during recording and green during playback.

    Intuitive sampling functionality

    The KP3+ features enhanced sampling functionality that lets you perform using multiple effects and samples. Each of the four sample banks can record a sample up to 13 seconds long (*1), and play it either as a one-shot or loop. The KP3+ also has functions such as a start point adjustment that lets you create a half-beat shift to create "doubled" effects, a slice function that edits the structure of a loop sample to instantly create complete phrases, and a resampling function that lets you apply an effect to a sample and then re-sample the result.

    Samples can be triggered in four different ways as appropriate for your situation. The volume of each sample bank can also be adjusted by the Level slider or the touchpad, either together or individually.

    *1: The number of seconds of sampling will depend on the BPM of the audio input and on the sampling settings.

    Highly Capable

    With MIDI IN/OUT jacks and a USB port, it's easy to control external MIDI devices. Loop data and user settings such as programs can be stored on an SD/SDHC card. The KP3+ Editor* is also available, which provides sample data librarian functionality as well as a MIDI assignment editor.

    * Runs on Microsoft Windows XP (SP3 or later) / Vista (SP2 or later) / 7 (SP1 or later) / 8, and on Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

    *This will be available for download free of charge from the Korg website.


    - Use the touchpad to control effects in real time
    - A total of 150 effects ideal for DJ mixing and sound design; 42 types including:
    - Vinyl Break simulates a turntable
    - Ducking Compressor emphasizes the backbeats
    - Looper lets you freely manipulate loops
    - Effects you can use for breaks in your DJ play
    - High-spec sampling functionality
    - Numerous functions to make your performance even more expressive
    - FX Release function controls the reverberation to produce a more natural decay
    - Mute function cuts the input signal and outputs only the effect sound
    - Pad Motion function records and reproduces your effect usage
    - Practical functions that are easy to use during live performance or production
    - Eight program memories let you switch effects instantly
    - Hold function sustains the effect sound
    - Set the tempo with auto BPM, tap tempo, or the BPM knob
    - Pad LEDs ensure high visibility even in the dark
    - Highly expandable for even greater potential
    - USB MIDI allows for use as a powerful MIDI controller
    - Store sample data on an SD/SDHC card
    - Dedicated editor software for centralized management of sample data and settings

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Korg products.

    Korg KP3 Plus Kaoss Pad Technical Description

    System Requirements for Editor Software:

    - Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 with updated and available USB port
    - Mac OS X 10.5 or later with update, Intel processor and available USB port

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Korg products.
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