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    KRK Rokit G2 RP8G2 Powered Active Monitor, 2-Way

    Develop more accurate mixes with the KRK RP8G2 active monitors, utilizing technology that has trickled down from KRK's more expensive models.

    This product has been discontinued or is no longer sold by SameDayMusic.

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    KRK RP8G3 Rokit 8 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor

    $199.99 - $459.98

    A wide frequency range, ultra-low distortion at any level and supreme reference audio separates the KRK Rokit 8 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor from all the others. For a quarter of a century KRK has been the professional's choice for mixing and mastering hit records around the globe. > More

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    Same Day Music Description

    Optional "Complete Monitor and Mic Pack" Includes:

    - 2 KRK RP8G2 Rokit G2 Powered 2-Way Active Monitors
    - 1 Samson C01 Large-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone
    - 1 Alesis AM2 Condenser Microphone
    - 2 On-Stage 7701 Tripod/Boom Microphone Stands
    - 2 CBI LowZ 18.5-Foot XLR Microphone Cables
    - 2 CBI BLUC Ultimate Series XLR Male to 1/4" TRS 10-Foot Cables
    - 1 Nady QH660 Deluxe Closed-Back Headphones

    Whether your goals as a producer include recording bands for a living or just tracking at home, you need a set of reference monitors you can trust. The KRK RP8G2 Rokit offers well-known, well-used performance for a great price.

    KRK is one of the most well-respected names in home audio engineering precisely because they started off becoming respected by professionals. They've taken the ingenious design applied to their top-flight Expose line monitors, and have found a way to bring those high-performance elements to an entry level monitor. The KRK RP8G2 Rockit monitors are a great choice for accuracy, value, and user-friendliness.

    Easy Setup So You Can Get Going

    Unlike your DAW, workstation, or multitrack, the KRK RP8G2 is easy to integrate into your setup with minimal fuss. The KRK RP8G2 is an active monitor, offering 140 watts of matched power to ensure great sound without having to compare amps. The G2s also feature easy-to-use volume and high frequency controls, so you don't have to bogged down in another set of controls as you try to get the perfect mix.

    Great Design For Your Studio

    These speakers also include a couple features you won't even find on much more expensive monitors to ensure great sound in any environment. For instance, the KRK RP8G2s feature contoured edges, which eliminate issues of sound reflection and diffraction at the edge of the cabinet. This keeps the sound crisp and clear under circumstances that would bedevil other monitors. These KRK Rokit series monitor also feature front-firing bass ports, which offer much more reliable bass response than rear-firing ports, whose performance is reliant upon having open, even space behind them. In cramped quarters, the difference between rear-firing and front-firing ports between muddy low end and satisfying thump. Advantage: KRK.

    New Drivers for Greater Clarity

    The stylish yellow woofer remains, and the high-frequency neodymium tweeter has been re-voiced for even more accurate performance. The tweeter's wave-guide design has also been improved, for more directional high-end diffusion and diminished phase problems. The end result is that the RP8G2 offers a clearer, more unbiased image of your mix than ever before.

    On their own, these monitors would be a great deal. However, buy a pair of KRK RP8G2s from Same Day, and we'll also offer a free pair of On-Stage SMS6000 Monitor Stands. These adjustable monitor stands make finding a good position for your monitors into a breeze. Additionally, they isolate the RP8G2s from room vibrations, for even more added clarity in any situation.

    The KRK Rokit RP8G2 is the next step in a long line of successful and respected professional and home studio monitoring products. If you're shopping for your first set of studio monitors, trust in the name trusted by professional engineers around the world: KRK.

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of KRK products.

    KRK RP8G2 Rokit G2 Powered 2-Way Active Monitor Product Description

    The RP8G2 Rokit G2s are designed to do what true reference monitors should do: faithfully reproduce only what's actually there in the music. This is exactly the sort of thing that KRK specializes in, and it's one of the reasons they created the KRK RP8G2 Rokit G2 studio monitors.

    A Cleaner, More Accurate Sound

    Retaining some of the features that made the original Rokit series stand out (front-firing bass port, soft-domed tweeter, glass aramid composite yellow cone), the RP8G2 adds a refined voicing as well as a curved baffle to eliminate diffraction and provide a clearer sound, free from coloration. Basically, KRK wants producers to hear the cleanest, purest tone possible and they do this a few different ways.

    Curved Surfaces Look Good, Sound Better
    Using uniquely engineered curved surfaces, the Rokit RP8G2 monitors virtually eliminate the diffraction that traditionally shaped speakers suffer from. As sounds leave the edge of a rectangular speaker, tones at the edge of its cabinet are reflected back into the original sound field at different time intervals, resulting in a boxy, flat sound. By curving the cabinet, KRK avoids this "phase distortion" for a better sound across a wider area.

    A Superior Tweeter Wave Guide
    A properly engineered high frequency wave guide is an integral part of a good, clean tone and something that KRK takes very seriously. To this end, they've designed a superior tweeter wave guide for the RP8G2s. Unlike conventional speaker designs, the G2s provide a high frequency pattern control that directs sound outwards and away from the cabinets instead of along its pane. This way, they can avoid those pesky phase problems and avoid the increased diffraction that plague traditional speakers cabinets.

    Front-Firing Ports
    Front-firing ports are a key to creating clean and accurate bass response, even at high SPL's. While speakers with rear-firing ports tend to create bass coupling with walls or corners, the KRK RP8G2s reduce port turbulence and can be placed anywhere without unfairly coloring your mix.

    Connections For Any Studio Environment

    KRK wanted to ensure that there monitors were as flexible as possible. The Rokit RP8G2's feature RCA, 1/4" (balanced/unbalanced) and XLR connections to fit with any studio set up. They also included a volume control and high frequency control, to allow you to tune output of the speaker to suit your particular mixing environment.


    - 1" Neodymium Soft Dome Tweeter with Ferro Fluid
    - Glass Aramid Composite Cone Woofer
    - Radically curved front plate design virtually eliminates diffraction distortion
    - Waveguide design provides amazing detail and imaging
    - Front-firing port provides low freq extension without boundary coupling
    - New speaker voicing for even more accurate frequency response
    - Peak SPL: 109 dB
    - Frequency Response 45 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 1.5 dB)

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of KRK products.

    KRK RP8G2 Rokit Powered G2 Technical Description

    - Woofer: 8-inch Glass Aramid Composite Woofer
    - Tweeter: 1-inch Neodymium Soft Dome Tweeter with Ferro Fluid
    - Input: XLR, RCA & 1/4-inch TRS - 10k Ohm, Balanced / Unbalanced
    - Amplification: 140 Watt Bi-amp Dynamic Power, 24 dB Octave Filters
    - Frequency Response: 45Hz - 20kHz
    - Video Shielding: Yes
    - Dimensions (H x W x D): 15 x 10 7/16 x 13 inches
    - Shipping Weight: 30 lbs

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of KRK products.

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