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    Line 6 FM4 Filter/Synth Stompbox Modeler Pedal

    True Bypass switching. 4 completely programmable presets.

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    Line 6 FM4 Filter/Synth Modeler Pedal Product Description

    The first great sounding professional guitar effects pedals designed to deliver a wide range of cutting edge and legendary effects tones in a programmable stomp box format.

    Tired of the same old effects? You say you want something a little bit... different? The FM4 Filter Modeler, part of Line 6's award winning line of Stompbox Modelers, gives you an array of vintage and modern effects from just a wee bit odd to full frontal freaky! From the gentle auto-wah of an envelope filter to the complete wackiness of mutated VCO controlled ring modulators, FM4 can get as strange as you wanna be.

    Offering an awesome collection of vintage filter and monophonic synth effects, 24-bit processing, and true bypass, the FM4 features 16 models of classic and collectible filters and synths. With 4 programmable presets, the FM4 gives guitarists easy access to a set of world-class tones and controls for customization.


    - 4 completely programmable presets available at the tap of a toe. No more need for multiple pedals for multiple effects.
    - True Bypass switching, so your direct tone is exactly that; direct from your guitar to your amp.
    - Expression Pedal Input - for real-time control of all effect settings. Also the ability to morph between settings lets you create effects not possible with the originals.
    - Nothing but knobs. No menus, no multiple button contortionist gymnastic moves, just twist and go.
    - Stereo inputs and outputs
    - Runs from batteries (Heck, they even include a set) or optional power adapter.

    After Line6 finished designing POD, Flextone, AX2, Spider, and Amp Farm, they weren't content to sit, rest, and read all the raves from reviewers and users. Not at Line 6; they were spending all their time thinking about what they could build to make a guitar player's life even more fun than it normally is. One day, it came to them: Why not design the first great sounding pedals with models of all the most in demand, classic, hard to find effects, make it fully programmable, and put it into a heavy duty, pro-quality, true bypass stompbox? So they did.

    Each pedal is designed to give you the best choices for classic and modern effects; The DL4 Delay Modeler gives you not only instant access to the most desired delay sounds, but to delays you had never dreamed of. The FM4 Filter Modeler sends you off the world of strange and interesting filter and monophonic synthesizer sounds, from auto-wahs to garishly bizarre, never-before-heard synth effects. The optional EX1 Expression pedal even gives you the power to morph between settings on all the pedals.

    So get on the good foot, with Line 6 modeling stompboxes, 'cause tone is a terrible thing to waste.

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Line 6 products.

    Line 6 FM4 Technical Description

    - Digital Effects: 16
    - Factory Presets: 20
    - User Programmable Channels: 4
    - Controls: Effect Selector, Freq, Q, Speed, Mode, Mix
    - Additional Controls: Expression Pedal (optional)
    - Mono/Stereo: Stereo in/Stereo out
    - Chassis Color: Purple

    Model List
    - Tron Down: Mu-Tron III
    - Tron Up: Mu-Tron III
    - Seeker: Z-Vex Seek Wah
    - Obi-Wah: Oberheim Voltage Controlled Filter
    - Voice Box: Vocoders, Vocals, Surgical Tubing
    - V-Tron: Voice Box meets Mu-Tron III
    - Throbber: Electrix Filter Factory
    - Spin Cycle: Craig Anderton's Wah/Anti-Wah
    - Comet Trails: Too Much Mountain Dew (really!)
    - Slow Filter: Just what it says...
    - Octisynth: Eight-Armed denizens of the Deep (Octopi)
    - Synth-O-Matic: A collection of Vintage Analog Synths
    - Attack Synth: Korg X911 Guitar Synth
    - Synth String: Roland GR700 Guitar Synth
    - Growler: GR700 meets Mu-Tron III
    - Q Filter: Your very own Parked Wah!

    Fender, Marshall, Vox, and other amplifier and effect models are all trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely for the purpose of describing certain tones modeled after some of the most popular sounds of these classic effects.

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Line 6 products.

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