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    Line 6 StageSource L2t Powered PA Speaker (800 Watts, 1x10")

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    Line 6 StageSource L2t Powered PA Speaker (800 Watts, 1x10") Product Description

    Line 6 StageSource L2t loudspeakers use massive DSP--unmatched in their class -- and huge power to deliver studio-quality live sound at every gig. Using six powerful DSP-based Smart Speaker modes, you can optimize the speaker's output for a variety of performance scenarios including front-of-house PA, floor monitor, personal PA, keyboard backline, acoustic guitar backline, or with a multi-effects guitar processor as a high-performance electric guitar speaker system. An onboard accelerometer and pole-mount sensors automatically detect the speaker's orientation and set the Smart Speaker mode accordingly.

    Integrated Multi-channel Mixer with Effects

    The L2t can function as a self-contained live sound solution. With a full-featured onboard mixer including multiple inputs for microphones, instruments, external mixers and MP3 players, L2t delivers all of the tools you need for great live sound.

    Fast Networking via L6 LINK

    In live sound situations where two or more speakers are needed, StageSource products use a proprietary digital networking protocol called L6 LINK(TM) to simplify setup. Loudspeakers will automatically self-configure, pan stereo signals, adjust Smart Speaker modes and perform system-wide optimization. Add StageSource L3s subwoofers to the mix and the system automatically sends them the summed signals and sets the crossovers. When combined, Line 6 live sound products form an intelligent ecosystem that sets up faster and helps you sound your best.

    Designed to Be Different

    The 800-watt, two-way, bi-amped speaker system and tour-grade plywood enclosure combine to deliver great power and reliability. The innovative multi-function design makes StageSource L2t perfect for a wide variety of applications--stacked on the floor or stage, pole-mounted, positioned horizontally as a floor monitor, used as instrument backline with Virtual Tilt-back, or flown with the integrated M10 suspension points.

    Orientation and Pole-mount Sensors

    StageSource L2t uses an internal accelerometer, optical sensors and DSP to accelerate setup and optimize the sound of your system. Based on the information the system detects, it selects the right Smart Speaker mode for the application, and automatically adjusts its performance.

    Integrated Feedback Suppression

    Since feedback can ruin a performance, StageSource L2t uses intelligent 12-band feedback suppression to identify the problem frequencies and adjust levels without affecting the overall sound.

    L2t feedback suppression continuously analyzes the audio signal, identifying frequencies that have the characteristics of feedback (steady frequencies with few overtones, rising in amplitude) and then applies a narrow notch filter to remove the offending frequency. L2t feedback suppression can remove up to 12 independent feedback frequencies. You can set the feedback analyzer to one of three modes, depending on how aggressively the analyzer will seek out potential feedback frequencies.

    Multi-function Design and Scalability

    Multi-function design combined with powerful Smart Speaker modes and digital networking provides true scalability whether you're using a single L2t as a standalone PA or multiple L2t and L2m speakers as main PA, monitors and backline. Add StageSource L3t/L3m loudspeakers and L3s subwoofers to customize a configuration that meets your live sound or installation needs.

    Road-ready Construction

    StageSource L2t is ready for whatever the road can throw at it. The robust enclosure is constructed of heavy-duty plywood and a tour-grade steel grille with protective screen backing that protects the drivers from impact damage.

    If you need to fly the speakers, each StageSource L2t features four professional M10 suspension points with a pull-back.

    The Dream Stage

    Mixers have remained essentially the same for decades. What began as a rack-mounted mic pre was eventually oriented vertically into a channel strip and became the basis of every mixer since the '60s. Even in the last decade as mixers went "digital," the format and approach stayed the same: rows and rows of channel strips often resulting in redundant hardware, and a need for a lot of technical understanding to get a great result.

    When musicians mix live sound, they generally do the minimum--bring up a level and maybe add some EQ. Some players study engineering, learn the lingo and become experts in that skill. For everyone else, there's a lot of unknown territory involved in getting a good sound live.

    Musicians spend so much time writing and recording, yet sadly leave much to chance during performance. The truth is that it's critical to sound great live if you want to be taken seriously. It's a challenge just to get things to work, not to mention dealing with all of the complexities in getting a good sound. Making music is a right-brain activity, yet musicians are constantly getting pulled into left-brain tasks like problem solving, analyzing and decoding:

    "What's wrong with that sound? Which frequency do I boost or cut to make it right?" "I wish I could get my acoustic guitar to sound better in this room..." "I wish I could get the vocal to sound more like the recording..."

    The StageScape M20d smart mixing system and StageSource loudspeakers offer a different approach. StageScape M20d was designed to bypass the complication of getting good live sound. Instead of keeping track of channel strips, StageScape puts the landscape of the stage in front of you using a graphical representation of, that's right... a stage. The M20d lets you think in musical terms like "light" and "dark" to dial in sounds. And instead of bringing along racks of outboard gear and making it all work together, everything is integrated within StageScape -- even recording to a USB drive or a computer.

    Musicians often buy a PA speaker only to find out that it can only do one thing well: amplify the output of a mixer. But as you start adding other musicians to the band or you move from electric to acoustic sets, you find out you need more gear, or you end up compromising your sound. Line 6 StageSource L2t is designed to be a lifesaver for the performing musician by providing an integrated professional live sound solution for a variety of common scenarios.

    And, if you use a StageScape mixer with StageSource loudspeakers, it gets even better. Using proprietary digital networking called L6 LINK(TM), the mixer and loudspeakers integrate into a smart system. The M20d will recognize which loudspeakers are being used as monitors and send them monitor feeds. Loudspeakers will automatically self-configure, pan stereo signals, adjust Smart Speaker modes and perform system-wide optimization.

    Both StageScape and StageSource products were designed to be a smarter, faster way to get great live sound and stay in the creative zone. Whether you play small acoustic shows or have a full band, playing live will never be the same.


    - Smart Speaker Modes for great live sound in any live sound situation
    - Multi-channel mixer with 3-band EQ, Smart Effects and acoustic guitar modeling
    - Multi-function design for true scalability
    - L6 LINK(TM) digital networking for multi-speaker setups
    - 800-watt, 2-way, bi-amped speaker system
    - Multi-band feedback suppression
    - On-board accelerometer and pole-mount sensors
    - Virtual Tilt-back projects speaker's output upwards in backline mode
    - Tour-grade plywood enclosure with M10 suspension points
    - Retractable handle for easy portability

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Line 6 products.

    Line 6 StageSource L2t Powered PA Speaker (800 Watts, 1x10") Technical Description

    - System Type: 10", 2-way, bi-amplified loudspeaker system
    - Frequency Range (-10dB): 44Hz to 19kHz, (Reference/P.A. Speaker Mode, free-field)
    - Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 51Hz to 18kHz, (Reference/P.A. Speaker Mode, free-field)
    - Maximum SPL Output: 128dB peak @ 1 meter (unweighted, measured indoors with music program material)
    - Coverage Pattern (-6dB): 100 horizontal x 50 vertical
    - Directivity Factor (Q): 9.2 (averaged 1kHz to 16kHz)
    - Directivity Index (DI): 9.6dB (averaged 1kHz to 16kHz)
    - Crossover Frequencies: LF to HF Crossover - variable, 2.2kHz to 7.0kHz (Speaker Mode dependent)
    - Low-Frequency Transducer: 10" extended range woofer, 2" diameter voice coil, 4Ohm impedance
    - High-Frequency Transducer: 1" exit compression driver, 1.4" diameter voice coil and diaphragm, 8Ohm impedance

    Electrical - Rear Panel:
    - Input Types: Line-level XLR-1/4", balanced Stereo RCA, unbalanced L6 LINK XLR
    - Input Impedance: 100 kOhm balanced 20 kOhm balanced N/A
    - Max Input Levels: +20dBu +16dBV N/A
    - Onset of Limiting: +6dBu input (Reference/P.A. Speaker Mode, Master Level control at center-detent)
    - -6dBu input (Reference/P.A. Speaker Mode, Master Level control at maximum)
    - Output Types: Balanced Loop Thru XLR Balanced Mix Out XLR L6 LINK XLR
    - Output Impedances: Source-dependent 680Ohm balanced N/A
    - Controls: Feedback Suppression On/Off/Mode, Master Level, Speaker Mode
    - Indicators:
    - Signal Present/Clip, Feedback Suppression On/Off/Mode, Limit, 6x Speaker Mode, L6 LINK Status

    Electrical - Side Panel:
    - Input Type: 2x mic/instrument XLR-1/4", balanced
    - Input Impedance (each input): 2.63 kOhm balanced (Pad = 0dB), 23.7 kOhm balanced (Pad = 20dB)
    - Gain Range (each input): -infinity to +57dB (Pad = 0dB); -infinity to +37dB (Pad = 20dB)
    - Max Input Level: +25dBu (Gain at minimum 'on' position, 20dB pad on)
    - Controls: 2x Gain, 20dB Pad, LF Level, MF Freq & Level, HF Level, Mod Level, Reverb Level, Feedback Suppression On/Off/Mode, 1x Dual Mono/Stereo Link Mode, Acoustic Modeling Amount, On/Off
    - Indicators: 2x Signal Present/Clip, 2x Feedback Suppression On/Off/Mode, 1x Acoustic Modeling On/Off

    Power Amplification and Supply:
    - Output Channel: HF LF
    - Power Amplifier Type: Class AB Class D
    - Peak Output Power1: 175 watts 655 watts
    - Power Supply Voltage Range: 100 - 240 VAC, +/- 10%, 50/60Hz , automatic voltage selection
    - Power Consumption: 250 watts (1/8th power)
    - Cooling: Digitally-controlled, variable-speed 50 mm fan
    - Protection: Output overcurrent, overtemperature, DC fault
    - 1 1kHz sine wave input, 1% THD+N unweighted into the nominal load impedance, single channel driven, before the onset of limiting.

    Digital Signal Processing:
    - Speaker Modes: Reference/P.A., Playback, Floor Monitor, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
    - On-board Effects: Reverb, Modulation, Feedback Suppression, Acoustic Modeling
    - Transducer Protection: Excursion limiting, thermal limiting
    - Digital Networking: L6 LINK intelligent speaker networking system
    - Sensors:
    - Speaker orientation, pole sensor, power amp temperature, power supply, temperature

    - Enclosure:
    - 15 mm enclosure, 18 mm baffle, multi-ply hardwood, textured black paint, bass, reflex design
    - Floor Monitor Upward Angle: 60 using kickstands, 30 using handle
    - Suspension Points: M10 x 1.5 threaded inserts, qty: 4
    - Pullback Point: M10 x 1.5 threaded insert, qty: 1
    - Grille: 18-gauge perforated steel, black powder coat finish
    - Pole Cup: 35 mm pole cup with sensor
    - Dimensions (HxWxD): 23.75" (603 mm) x 12.25" (312 mm) x 12.25" (312 mm)
    - Weight: 39.1 lb (17.7 kg)

    Accessory Part Numbers:
    - Speaker Bag: 98-037-0002
    - Short Pole: 98-037-0003
    - Long Pole: 98-037-0004
    - Eyebolt Suspension Kit: 98-037-0005

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Line 6 products.

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