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    Mackie Onyx 24.4 Analog Mixer (24-Channel)

    The Mackie Oynx 24.4 24-channel analog mixer is a high-quality mid-size console perfect for the stage or the studio.

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    Product Rated 5.4 Out of 10 (3 ratings)

    Mackie Onyx 24 Mixer Product Description

    Until now, nightclubs, bands and houses of worship have had to choose between channel count and sound quality when looking for a reasonably priced mid-sized analog console. That was then, this is now. Introducing Mackie's flagship Onyx 4-Bus Series live sound consoles -- the standard in mid-format mixing. The Onyx 24.4 console upgrades the performance and functionality of the legendary Mackie SR24-4, while retaining the convenient 24-channel footprint. The greatly enhanced Onyx feature set includes 100mm Panasonic faders, premium mic preamps, completely redesigned analog circuitry, Perkins EQ, and a built-in assignable stereo compressor/limiter section -all at a price that won't break the bank.


    - 24-channel premium analog mixer
    - 24 Onyx microphone preamps
    - 4-band Perkins EQ
    - 6 x 2 matrix provides 2 additional mixes
    - 6 Aux sends with Pre/Post switches
    - 100mm Panasonic faders
    - Built-in stereo compressor/limiter

    Designed for Superior Sound

    After 15 years designing industry re-defining mixers, Mackie has assembled one of the most grizzled teams of analog engineers in the business. This team spared no expense developing the Onyx 4-Bus Series, pulling together the highest-quality components available--from premium op-amps to IC chips costing exponentially more than those used in previous designs. The summing bus circuitry was designed from the ground up to maximize headroom. And the entire signal chain was electronically balanced from input to output, offering big, full-range sound and lower noise than any mixer in this class. Most significantly, premium Onyx mic preamps, Perkins EQ circuitry, and a THAT Corporation 4301 assignable stereo compressor / limiter chip were custom tailored specifically for these consoles. It's a difference you'll hear right out of the box.

    Onyx Mic Preamps: "Boutique" Quality for the Everyone Else

    Although Mackie's previous-generation XDR mic preamps set high standards for both quality and performance, their acclaimed Onyx mic preamps offer even greater fidelity, headroom and transparency -as well as better radio frequency (RFI) rejection and wider dynamic range than ever before. With specs like 123dB total dynamic range, -129.5 dBm Equivalent Input Noise, and 0.0007% total harmonic distortion, Onyx preamps can hold their own against the "tweakiest" boutique standalone mic pres' as numerous magazine and online reviews have confirmed.

    Perkins EQ: "British" Sound with Greater Filter Control

    In developing EQ circuitry for Onyx, Mackie enlisted the aid of veteran audio engineer Cal Perkins. (For those of you who don't know Cal, he's been designing amazing audio gear since Greg Mackie was swiping copies of Popular Mechanics.) As a result of Cal's expertise, Perkins EQ circuitry takes the classic Wein Bridge circuit topology used in British mixing desks during the '60s and '70s, and gives it greater filter and phase shift control. The end result is a very effective and extremely musical 4-band EQ with sweepable low- and high-mids -perfect for the throes of live sound mixing.

    Assignable Onboard Stereo Compressor / Limiter Section

    Sound engineers have long used master compressor/limiters to smooth out live sound mixes, maximizing the performance of both great and not-so-great sound systems. So Mackie decided to integrate a high-quality master compressor/limiter chip from THAT Corporation into the Onyx 24.4. This assignable analog stereo compressor/limiter chip was designed and manufactured in the US by veteran analog engineers, offering true RMS Detection and Auto Make-up Gain for extremely accurate and musical results. It features independent Threshold, Ratio and Fast/Slow Attack controls, and can be assigned post-fader to the L/R main mix (for system limiting and protection) or pre-fader to Group 1 / 2 or 3 / 4 outputs (for grouped signal compression, like drums or background vocals). This reduces the hassle and expense of separate outboard processing.

    The Onyx 4-Bus Series Master Section

    The Onyx 4-Bus Series Master section provides everything you'd expect from a Mackie mixing console, and more. Designed with a practical and easy to understand layout, anyone from a Sunday morning volunteer operator to a seasoned professional engineer can quickly learn to operate the console, fully exploiting its outstanding capabilities.

    Balanced Mic/Line Direct Outputs

    On the rear of each Onyx console are DB-25 female connectors (in groups of eight), which can be used to route all mic/line signals to an external device. These connectors are configured with standard Tascam pin outs. All of these balanced direct outputs are pre-fader and switchable via internal jumpers as either pre- or post-EQ. These outputs are ideal for multi-track live recording.

    Channel Strip

    Mackie has combined the premium sound quality of the Onyx mic preamp and Perkins EQ with an extensive professional feature set-all packaged into an intuitive, ergonomic layout for maximum ease-of-use.

    More Bang for Your Buck

    The Onyx 24.4 was designed to bring large-format console features to smaller live sound applications. These features include 100mm Panasonic faders for maximum mixing resolution, analog direct ouputs for multi-track recording, and six pre/post switchable Aux sends for monitor output and effects routing. Plus, Aux inserts for adding graphic EQs to monitor mixes. Mackie has also added key features that any hardcore live engineer can appreciate, like a 6x2 Matrix Mixer that offers two additional Mix outputs for cry rooms, green rooms and other zoned outputs. (Or use the Matrix for broadcast or simple recording applications.)

    Over-Designed for Life on the Road

    Mackie knows live sound can be tough on equipment. (Hey, they use this stuff too.) That's why they designed the Onyx 4-Bus Series to handle anything the road dishes out. Chassis rigidity is maximized by vertical aluminum support beams spaced across the top of the console. And because these boards get moved around a lot, they designed comfortable carry handles right into the sides--even though they are portable enough to just tuck them under your arm and go.

    Two Dedicated Stereo Inputs

    The last two channels are for stereo signal like effects returns, stereo synthesizers or other two-track playback devices. These are full channel strips with appropriate 4-band fixed EQ, all 6 Aux sends and channel master section.

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Mackie products.

    Mackie Onyx 24 Mixer Catalog Description

    High-quality mid-sized consoles for stage or studio@Onyx preamps, 4-band EQ@6 aux sends, pre- or post-fader@4-segment channel metering; 100mm faders@Assignable stereo compressor/limiter@24 inputs total

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Mackie products.

    User Reviews for Mackie Onyx 24 Mixer

    Product Rated 5.4 Out of 10 (3 ratings)
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