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    Moog Music Little Phatty II Stage Edition Analog Synthesizer Keyboard

    Squelch, flim, Zoooom, and more with the legendary Little Phatty II Stage Edition by Moog which adds MIDI over USB and MIDI clock sync to control other equipment without worrying about CVs anymore.

    This product has been discontinued or is no longer sold by SameDayMusic.

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    Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II Analog Synthesizer Product Description

    Feel the power of a genuine Moog analog synth with the Little Phatty Stage II. Like the Stage and Tribute Edition before it, the Little Phatty Stage II puts the performer in control of a 100% analog signal path. Features include two ultra stable Voltage Controlled Oscillators, a Voltage Controlled Filter and other versatile tools like an external audio input, CV and KB gate inputs, and a full MIDI controller. With so many features and so much power coming together in a single performance synth, there's no limit to the hypnotic sounds the Little Phatty Stage II can produce.

    "The Little Phatty not only has its own signature killer sounds, but the ability to use it's innovative interface as a versatile general MIDI controller make it an incredible tool for both performance and the studio."
    -Cyril Lance, Engineering Manager

    In addition to the classic Moog analog synth design, the Stage II boasts innovative and useful features including MIDI over USB, MIDI Clock Sync, an Arpeggiator, Tap Tempo and a stylish black finish. The updated MIDI over USB makes this performance and sound sculpting tool even more powerful. Combined with its warm analog sound, ability to process external audio and its intuitive performance, sound design and control features, the Stage II makes a great addition to any rig, from full-on analog to a laptop/softsynth setup. You can also connect it directly to a computer and run the Little Phatty Editor/Librarian.

    MIDI Clock Sync allows you to synchronize the LFO and arpeggiator rate to the tempo of your MIDI sequencer, drum machine or software. Sample and hold, triangle, square, sawtooth and ramp wave modulations can now be perfectly timed with your rhythm tracks and the arpeggiator.

    The arpeggiator is a great performance feature with applications for musicians in all genres. Its wide variety of uses is sure to find a place in any style, and of course it also syncs to MIDI clock. Tap Tempo brings LFO and arpeggiator tempo sync functionality to situations in which there is no MIDI clock.

    The distinctive black finish is a real eye-catcher that emphasizes the unique nature of the Little Phatty Stage II.

    Power Supply: Power Cord (Included)

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Moog Music products.

    Moog Music Little Phatty II Stage Edition Technical Description

    Features include:
    -- MIDI over USB
    -- MIDI Clock Sync
    -- Arpeggiator
    -- Tap Tempo
    -- Black finish
    -- Cutting edge sound bank

    Synth Engine:
    - Sound Sources are two ultra-stable analog VCOs. Parameters for the VCOs are:
    -- Osc. 1 Octave: 16', 8', 4', 2'
    -- Osc. 1 Wave: Continuously variable from triangle through saw and square to skinny pulse.
    -- Osc. 1 Level
    -- Glide Rate
    -- Osc. 1 to 2 Sync On/Off
    -- Osc. 2 Frequency
    -- Osc. 2 Octave: 16', 8', 4', 2'
    -- Osc. 2 Wave: Continuously variable from triangle through saw and square to skinny pulse.
    -- Osc. 2 Level
    -- Fine Tune (for both Oscillators, located at the bottom left of the panel)

    Sound Modifiers include a single VCLPF: 24 dB /Oct Moog Ladder filter, with filter Overload control and a single Output VCA. Filter parameters are:
    - Cutoff
    - Resonance
    - Kb. Control Amount (how much the Key CV modulates the Filter)
    - Filter Env. Amount (how much +/- the filter envelope modulates the filter)
    - Overload
    - An Envelope Generator section provides two ADSR EGRs: one to modulate the Filter (Filter EGR) and one to modulate the VCA (Volume EGR). For each EGR, the parameters are:
    - Attack
    - Decay
    - Sustain
    - Release

    The Modulation section contains a 4-waveform LFO, and a 1x2 Mod Buss with 8 possible mod sources and 4 possible destinations. Its parameters are:
    - LFO Rate
    - Mod Source: (LFO triangle, LFO square, LFO sawtooth, LFO ramp, Filt. EGR or Sample and Hold, and Osc. 2 or Noise)
    - Mod Amount (the amount of modulation w/ the mod wheel all the way forward)
    - Mod Destination (Pitch, Osc. 2, Filter, Wave)

    The User Interface (UI) section is described in the UI spec, below the LCD and UI controls are the following:
    - Performance controls:
    - 37-note keyboard
    - Spring-loaded pitch wheel
    - Mod Wheel
    - Glide On/Off
    - Octave Down
    - Octave Up

    To the right of the front panel is the Output section. There is a Master Volume control, an Output On/Off switch, a Headphone Volume control, and a headphone output jack (1/4" TRS)

    - The side of the instrument houses the I/O of the instrument.
    - Power In (100-250VAC, 50-60 Hz)
    - Power On/Off
    - Audio Out
    - Ext. Audio In (accepts +4dBu line level signal)
    - Pitch CV In (1 V/Oct)
    - Filter CV In
    - Volume CV In
    - Keyboard Gate In
    - MIDI In
    - MIDI Out
    - USB

    Dimensions and Weight:
    - 26.75x14.75x6.75 in.
    - 22 lb

    Basic Editing of sounds

    - Sound editing of continuous parameters (like Filter Cutoff) is done from the front panel by enabling a parameter with its switch (its LED becomes illuminated), and then adjusting its value control. There are 4 value controls, one for each section: Modulation, Oscillators, Filter, and Envelopes. Each is surrounded by a ring of 15 LEDs that show approximately the stored or edited value of the current parameter. The value controls are analog, and when a parameter is activated, the analog control signal is switched to directly control that parameter (RAC or Real Analog Control). For each section, only one continuous parameter can be activated at a time for editing. For parameters that have multiple possibilities (such as Mod Source) pressing that switch advances through the possible Mod sources. For On/Off type switches like Osc. Sync, the LEDs are On when that parameter is on or Off when the parameter is off.

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Moog Music products.

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