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    Native Instruments Reaktor (Macintosh and Windows)

    Completely modular sound-design studio.

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    Native Instruments Reaktor (Macintosh and Windows) Product Description

    The Fusion of Synthesis, Sampling, Effects and Sequencing
    Reaktor 5 fuses all audio applications into a single, extremely versatile and powerful tool. Musicians, producers and sound designers are all catered to by the very broad range of instruments and sounds already included. Due to the open engine architecture, the potential for building your own highly individual instruments is endless. Whether you are using the instruments from the library or creating your own, the only limit is your imagination.
    Reaktor 5 is both a collection of hundreds of software instruments as well as complete studio environment for constructing entirely new and individual instruments.

    Reaktor 5 is both a collection of hundreds of software instruments as well as complete studio environment for constructing entirely new and individual instruments.

    Completely modular, real-time sound synthesis, sampling and effects software

    Huge collection of unique instruments and sounds

    Preset morphing and preset randomization

    Pre-designed building blocks for easy construction of individual instruments and effects

    The latest, high-end algorithms deliver pristine, top-quality sound

    Reaktor Core Technology allowing low level, custom module design

    New modules including anti-aliased oscillators, over-sampled structures and high-quality interpolation delays

    New Interface and \'skinability\' of all instrument control elements

    Multi-breakpoint envelopes with slope control, tempo grid and looping

    Live sampling and effect modules with auto-normalisation and tempo-synchronous beat juggling

    Ingenious Instruments
    Reaktor 5 is equipped with a vast library of more than 20 impressive and innovative instruments. Powerful samplers allow far reaching granular resynthesis and the innovative effects pave the way for profound sound manipulation. The stunning array of synthesizers delivers everything from rumbling basses to searing leads and beyond. The wide range of sequenced instruments and drum machines lets you create dynamic rhythms, melodies, chord sequences and more. From authentic emulations of classic gear to bizarre, otherworldly creations; from the conventional to the controversial - Reaktor delivers.

    Superior Sound, Perfect Performance
    Internationally known artists and designers have contributed to the extensive library of presets and instruments. Its unique sonic flexibility establishes Reaktor as the ultimate tool for musicians and producers working in studios both large and small. A particularly fast and immediate control of the sound guarantees musicians on stage a lively and inspiring performance. The unrivalled sound is made possible by the Reaktor Core Technology and new, highly advanced algorithms.

    Building a Better Future
    Reaktor is also an extraordinary sonic laboratory, its modular design releasing you from the constraints of more conventional setups. The extensive library of macros and modules combined with Reaktor's clear, uncomplicated interface turns the construction of sonic tools into an intuitive process. The instruments are now completely "skinable". All of the graphical elements can be fully customized, allowing totally individualized instrument design. The online Reaktor User Library offers an extensive platform on which an ever-growing global community exchanges a vast number of instruments and ideas.

    Reaktor Core Technology
    The fifth generation of this award-winning modular studio offers completely new dimensions in designing and producing custom instruments. Reaktor Core Technology delves deeper into modular construction than ever before. Develop your own individual modules; build unique filters, oscillators and fully personalize your library. Reaktor Core Technology benefits everyone. It is a visual audio development environment with integrated run-time compiler technology, allowing the creation of individual, high-performance low-level content.

    What's New in Reaktor 5
    The mighty Reaktor 5 has arrived and with it staggering new potential. The latest version of this completely modular studio exceeds all expectations and offers unrivalled possibilities.

    New Instruments Library
    Reaktor 5 is a complete music studio right out of the box, providing dozens of outstanding synthesizers, drum machines, sequenced instruments, live performance tools and effects.

    The newly developed library for Reaktor 5 includes more than 20 new sound tools and effects. The library offers highly innovative additions like the soundscape generator "Skrewell", the grain sampler "Splitter" and the drum machine "Aerobic", as well as several updated Reaktor classics including Carbon 2, Steampipe 2 and Spacemaster 2.

    Reaktor Core Technology
    Reaktor Core Technology breaks new grounds with regard to flexibility and power, allowing the creation of new types of instruments. The Reaktor Core Technology, new in Reaktor 5, has been over three years in the making and opens up a whole world of innovative sound generators, effects and more. A completely new layer of functionality that is seamlessly integrated into the Reaktor architecture, Core Technology now enables true low-level signal processing design, and allows for an unlimited range of custom modules including oscillators, filters, EQs, delays and more.

    The Reaktor Core layer incorporates a run-time compiler for increased efficiency. While offering vast potential as a visual low-level programming environment for professional instrument design and education, Reaktor Core Technology also gives musicians and producers access to a vast selection of advanced and highly inventive, ready-made sound generators, sequencers and effects.

    To ensure instruments designers immediately benefit from the new Core Technology, more than 40 new Core Cells are already included in the new core library, such as new filters, EQs, oscillators, delays and more. Last but not least, a comprehensive Core Technology manual simplifies exploring the new possibilities of this innovative feature.

    Graphical User Interface
    The user interface of Reaktor 5 has been optimized resulting in a much faster and more transparent workflow for instrument users and creators alike. Mac users will doubtlessly enjoy the more apple-like feeling of the OS X version.
    Instruments can now be connected within the panel, no need to dive into the structure. This applies to both Audio and MIDI routing.

    A reworked Screensets mechanism has been implemented - so called Panel sets. These enable Reaktor to be set up for particular, indiviudal working styles considerably speeding up processes. Essentially, these Panel sets allow ultra fast access to custom views of Reaktor projects - particularly useful, for example, for setups that have been tuned for different instances, such as studios or stages.

    Sequencing within Reaktor
    A new set of instruments make it easy to create sequenced sounds. Already included are some new sequencers such as a "Piano Roll Editor" and two new drum sequencers.

    Connections between instruments have been simplified by the "connection on panel" feature and more powerful by "send/receive internal com" modules. This allows automation data to be sent from one instrument to another, much in the same manner that AU/VST host programs do.

    Breakpoint Envelopes
    Anyone who has ever used FM7 doubtlessly lays great worth on the versatile multi-breakpoint envelopes. This flexible and extremely useful feature has now been implemented within Reaktor's modular environment. Use these incredibly versatile and intuitive envelopes to breathe life into your rhythms, sounds and music.

    Specialist and Expert Features
    A number of additions and enhancements have been made to facilitate the experts amongst us in their instrument construction endeavours:

    Macro Stacks: allow for a slicker instrument design, the larger instruments will be replaced by leaner more powerful ones.

    Improved Internal Connections: Routing event signals within instruments has been greatly improved by the new "Send Internal Com" and "Receive internal Com" modules.

    MIDI Message Modules: There is a new source and destination module for all MIDI channel messages (Note On/Off, Pitchbend, Control Change, Program Change, Channel Aftertouch, Poly Aftertouch)

    Voice Lock and MIDI Slave Mode: allows instruments to be tied to one another.

    Enhanced Snap Value Module: The existing Snap Value module can now be set to the polyphonic mode, making the input and output polyphonic.

    Snap Value Array Module: This module can store and recall arrays of float values to/from the edit buffer and snapshots.

    Poly Display and Multi Display Module: Both modules allow multiple graphical objects to be generated and manipulated.The advantage of the Multi Display is that it can run inside instruments with any number of voices. The Poly Display has the advantage that it does not need a dedicated index and the structures are a little simpler.

    Mouse Area Module: This module is similar to the mouse sensitive part of the Multi Picture. It has been extended for additional mouse events and modes. In many cases it will be an invisible overlay for other modules like the Multi Display, but it can have its own outline or fill color and can indicate selection or mouse activity.

    Sound Generators
    The sound generators and samplers category includes a wide range of sonic tools to create unique soundscapes, grooves and deep sample and loop transformations.

    Skrewell -- Sound Design Workstation
    Skrewell is a visual sound design workstation whose soundscapes can range from meditative atmospheres to crackling harshness.

    Its sound engine uses eight parallel oscillator sections (channels) that blend into a single, complex signal. This unique construction means that its intuitive interface is unlike that of any classic additive/subtractive synthesizer.

    Spacedrone -- Atmospheric Pad Generator
    SpaceDrone generates atmospheric pads which range from light rain or howling wind noises to deep and uncanny space sounds. Technically, the instrument is based on 96 parallel voices spread across the frequency spectrum. Each voice consists of a noise generator; the signal's amplitude is shaped by an envelope, its frequency content gets modified by a bandpass filter and is then positioned in the stereo field.

    Sample Transformer
    L3 -- Sophisticated Drum Loop Recycler
    L3 is a sequenced drum loop recycler: Load a loop, click some stuff, mangle the loop. The instrument's panel can be broken down into three sections. The top section contains a pattern sequencer and global controls for pattern length and tempo swing. The middle section has the main step sequencer where patterns can be remixed (up to eight patterns can be programmed and arranged per snapshot). The lower section contains the sample playback engine controls (including the sampler window where loops are loaded).

    Random Step Shifter -- Intuitive Loop Rearranger
    Random Step Shifter uses intelligent pseudo-random principles to cut-up and rearrange sample loops in real-time whilst keeping tempo. There's an intuitive three-part sequencer that triggers sample playback. It also modulates sample selection, positional offset, and playback pitch. In addition, these modulations can be mangled by various pseudo-random sequences. This instrument will create new sample loops for you very easily! You can load in any loop and create countless variations!

    Splitter -- Sequenced Beat Producer
    Splitter is a small but sonically flexible sequenced sample-player. Geared towards granular beat production, it can also be used for melodies or padwork. The main idea behind this sequencer / sample-player combo are the 16 sample slots. You can assign different fragments of the selected sample with individual settings for all parameters to the different slots above the waveform display. You can also assign individual MIDI notes.

    Vectory -- Agressive Granular Goove Machine
    Vectory is an aggressive sample destruction unit. It consists of a sampler (on the left side) with vast re-arranging capacities. The signal is fed into a grain multi-effect (on the right side) that re-synthesizes the sound. This structure is optimized for live use, with low-level Reaktor Core DSP, but is also ideal for producing aggressive beats in the Studio. Complete settings for sample loops, re-arrangements, and grain effects can be recalled by moving the markers within the large square selection displays - changes occur instantly and with no audio drop-out. The effect unit even offers morphing between two settings.

    Sample Player
    Beatslicer 2 -- Advanced Loop Slicer
    BeatSlicer 2 will separate any waveform into smaller component 'slices', which can then be individually tweaked by adjusting pitch, envelope and FX settings. BeatSlicer 2 is designed primarily for drum-loop manipulation, but the extensive range of parameters offers creative possibilities for any material.

    Memory Drum 2 -- Drum Sampler for Single Drum Sounds
    Memory Drum 2 is an advanced sampler that enables the independent configuration of up to 128 samples in a compact, easy-to-use interface. Specifically designed for drum sampling, it features an attack-hold-decay envelope, a range of effects, multiple output channels, and complex modulation options. The intuitive interface allows drum kits to be constructed quickly and easily, whilst the extensive range of sound-design options offer vast creative possibilities for generating new sounds from your existing samples.

    The 4 new Reaktor sequencers are constructed using the new Multi Displays and Mouse Area Modules, resulting in very convenient sequencers which are straightforward to use. These sequencers are designed to control your desired Reaktor synths and drum machines. Wire it up!

    SQP - Classic Matrix Sequencer
    The SQP is a piano roll-style (matrix) sequencer covering a very wide midi note-range. You can enter notes via the mouse or record incoming MIDI notes. If you want to input longer events with the mouse, just click and drag the start or end of an existing note. Move events by clicking and dragging them around. When [Select] is on you can move selected events as a group. Its built-in song sequencer makes it possible to switch from pattern to pattern. Combine this instrument with your favourite Reaktor synth and you're ready to go!

    The SQ16 sequencer delivers classic step-sequencing in a very useable package. It features 16 notes tracks with velocity control plus additional modulation tracks, a song mode, and the ability to record incoming MIDI notes.

    SQ 8x8
    The SQ 8x8 is a small step-sequencer with a twist. You put events in a grid and drag a rectangle around a group of them by right-clicking and dragging (ctrl-click when you're on a Mac). This rectangle defines the sequencer's loop area, controlling what gets played line-wise. You can change this area in realtime. Think of it as a two-dimensional loop-bar. Some nice realtime step-shifting and shuffle features are also part of the package.

    The is your standard building block for rhythmic step-sequencing. It sports a clean interface: 4 patterns with 8 tracks (consisting of 64 steps each). You also get variable looping, shuffle, reverse play, and multiple viewing options. On top of that, you can chain 16 patterns together into a song.

    Fatblaster 2 -- Final-Stage Mastering Tool
    The great final-stage mastering tool FlatBlaster 2 has been rebuilt using the new Reaktor Core features. This patch combines 4 frequency-specific compressors with a full-spectrum peak-limiter to produce a high-end package for your multiband dynamics shaping needs. As it does not introduce any delay it is not limited to mastering use but can also be applied on a per channel basis. The separately compressed bands get mixed together and then processed by a full-band peak limiter.

    Space Master 2 -- High-Quality Reverb
    The well-known Space Master series of reverb modellers has been updated for Reaktor 5. Based on several diffusion delays, Space Master 2 can produce a wide array of high-quality natural or experimental ambiences. The patch's efficient set of reverb parameters include an early reflections section, a late reflections module and a post EQ. Dials for main reverb time, control of balance between the two reflection stages, and between dry and wet signal round off the controls.

    Lurker -- Hybrid Effect Machine
    Lurker is a hybrid effect capable of classic phaser sounds, spring reverbs and feedback echoes -- but most of all it transforms any incoming signal into stunning rhythmic sequences, mangling pitches and re-arranging the sound. This is technically possible because all those effects are based on a delay unit (and this instrument is an extremely versatile one). Four internal sequencer tracks are the most prominent feature. They allow for fast, visual creation of musical patterns that you can use to modulate parameters such as delay times of the 2 independent delay units.

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    Native Instruments Reaktor (Macintosh and Windows) Technical Description

    Import and Compatibility: AIFF, WAV

    Interfaces: Audio Units, VST, RTAS, DXi, Open Sound Control, Core Audio, ASIO, DirectSound

    System Requirements
    Mac OS 10.2.6, G4 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM

    Windows XP, P III 1 GHz, Athlon XP 1.33 GHz, 512 MB RAM

    Reaktor only runs on processors supporting SSE or AltiVec.

    Recommended System
    Mac OS 10.3 or higher, G4 1.67 GHz, 512 MB RAM

    Windows XP, P4 2 GHz, Pentium-M 1.5 GHz, 512 MB RAM

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Native Instruments products.

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