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    POSSE Audio Personal Monitor System

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    Posse Audio Personal On Stage Sound Environment Monitor System Product Description

    The Posse Audio Personal On Stage Sound Environment Monitor System is the ultimate, easy to use personal monitor controller for live and studio use! The POSSE system allows you to customize your ear monitors in the comfort of your home or studio. Then, you can bring POSSE to any venue you play and always have the greatest confidence in how you sound, because you are taking your mix with you!

    Posse Kit Includes:

    - Floorbox
    - Mic Stand Box
    - 6-foot MIDI Cable (to connect floorbox and mic stand box)
    - 6-foot HDMI Cable
    - Earbuds
    - 3-foot Guitar Cable (to plug into belt box)
    - Belt Box
    - Power Supply
    - External Condenser Microphone
    - User Manual
    - Totebag

    Setup Options

    The Posse personal monitor mixer is inserted between the performer's vocal mic and/or instrument, and the house PA system. Because Posse taps the audio signal path invisibly, it has no effect on the signal that passes to the house mix. The performer can adjust their mix without affecting what the audience and the other band members hear.

    Any performer from a violinist in an orchestra to a drummer in a rock band, or a trumpet player in a big band to a solo singer/songwriter, will be stunned by the improved monitoring ability of the Posse personal monitor mixer.


    - Comes with a line of sight built in tuner
    - No more feedback from floor monitors
    - No more being at the mercy of the soundman
    - No more blown out vocal chords because you can now hear yourself
    - Control singing pitch while listening to a stereo mix with both headphones on
    - Transparent to house systems
    - Two built in stereo condenser mics to blend in ambient sound
    - 5 individual controls, mic, instrument, ambient, aux and a master volume
    - Mini stereo output for recording to a digital recorder
    - A/C powered or works for 12 hours on one 9 volt battery
    - Mini stereo input for MP3 player to send break music through the system
    - Works with wired ears (included) or your own wireless in-ear system
    - Built-in ambient mics create a complete personal sound environment you can control yourself on-stage
    - Designed by musicians for musicians

    Real-World Application Examples:

    Solo Singer/Acoustic Guitarist, Live Venue
    The performer plugs instrument and earphones into the Belt Box. Using the controls on the Stand Box, the VOC, INST, ROOM and AUX knobs can be individually adjusted to create a great personalized mix. The Instrument Mic (included) can be plugged into the Stand Box to add a natural quality to the Instrument Out and the earphone mix. A favorite mix can be carried with you from gig to gig.

    Solo Singer/Keyboardist, Live Venue
    Same as above, except the Keyboard plugs directly into the POSSE Floor Box. This allows for a stereo feed to the earphone mix. The output to the board is mono but the performer's earphones get the full stereo effect. If a stereo send to the board is desired, the keyboard outs plug into Direct Boxes (D.I.s) as you would normally do and the D.I. 'THRU' jacks are connected to the POSSE, INST IN's. In this application the Belt Box is being used as an earphone extension only.

    Band Member, Live Venue
    This setup utilizes the Auxiliary returns. The mix that would normally be sent to the performer's stage monitors is sent to the AUX IN(s) (mono or stereo) on the Floor Box. A mix of any, or all, of the other band members can then be sent to the POSSE where it can be added to the performers own VOC, INST and ROOM signals, via the AUX knob on the Stand Box.

    A Performer using Outboard FX on their instrument
    A guitarist, for example, using a pedal board, preamp, volume pedal, etc. can still use the Belt Box as configured in example 1, above. The Floor Box has an output called, TO INST FX that sends the Instrument signal to the input of the FX unit. The output of the FX unit then goes to the INST IN(s) (Stereo or Mono) on the Floor Box. With this setup, the effected signal goes to the house and your earphones. If the player is using onstage amps that they need to hear, they can turn the ROOM knob to change the live amp level.

    Studio Singer and/or Instrumentalist
    This setup takes special advantage of the POSSE's Room Mic feature. When recording a vocal, many singers uncover one ear while singing to improve control of their pitch and performance quality. By mixing in a bit of the stereo Room Mics, we've discovered that a comfortable level can be found without removing one of the headphone earpieces. Having the stereo room sound mixed back into your earphones allows you to sing to the full energy of the stereo track. It's more fun. In a small studio with limited cue mixes, the POSSE lets you customize your own mix by adding a bit more of your Vocal or Instrument level to a shared headphone mix. It's built-in-tuner and the POSSE's ability to serve as a 'Direct Box' can be invaluable in a small studio environment.

    Private Practicing at Home
    Using the POSSE to practice allows you to monitor yourself without disturbing others in the house or neighborhood. If you want to practice to recorded music, or any outside musical source (loops, MIDI etc) , it can be fed into the AUX IN's on the Floor Box. Your live signal, Instrument and/or Vocal, can be mixed with the Auxiliary tracks, using the Stand Box knobs. Bringing up the ROOM volume will keep anyone from sneaking up on you.

    Orchestra and Big Band self-monitoring
    On a crowded stage, an Orchestral or Big Band player can use the POSSE to single themselves out in the swarm of sound that can confront them. In a stage setup that has no mics or just a few to catch the whole group, a player with the POSSE can set up a small mic stand in front of themselves, plug the Acoustic Mic (included) into the Stand Box, play into the Acoustic mic and mix themselves and the rest of the group (ROOM), in their earphones. Turning on the tuner and turning down the ROOM mics could be a great help when trying to tune. Alternately, a clip-on Mic or a pickup (not included) can be plugged into the INST IN for a similar result.

    Recording Performances
    In all applications the POSSE can be used to record your performances. We've included a REC OUT jack on the POSSE Floor Box. This sends the same mix that you hear in your earphones to your recording device. Using a stereo recorder, ( set to 'Voice', not 'Conference') like the small digital stereo recorders that have several hours of recording time, you can easily and inexpensively capture all of your performances. Unlike a mix taken directly from the house mixer, this one includes the stereo ROOM mics.... It makes all the difference. You can also use the REC OUT as a 'playback in.' The audio coming into this jack will be routed to the headphones and not to the house system. Any recorded music that you want to go to the house, including these live recorded tracks, can be played back through the MUSIC IN input. It gets to the House system by way of the INST OUT.

    Using the POSSE with Wireless Systems
    Wireless transmitters will connect and work well with POSSE. The dimensions of the Floor Box allow a transmitter and/or receiver to rest squarely on top or underneath the Floor Box. The primary advantage of installing a wireless system using the POSSE (as opposed to installing it at the House PA mixing board) is that you can install and operate it yourself. Not being reliant on the house sound person can be a great advantage.

    Zero Latency with any Digital System using POSSE
    With POSSE, you can monitor a live performance before it gets to the digital recorder, resulting in zero latency. If the performer wants reverb added to their live experience it can be routed back from the digital workstation via the headphone mix being sent to POSSE's stereo AUX INs.

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Posse Audio products.

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