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    Red Witch Tremolo Pedal and Medusa Chorus

    The reissued Medusa has a smaller, more compact housing, the same size as current Red Witch products.

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    Red Witch Medusa Chorus and Tremolo Pedal Product Description

    A little history...

    The original issue of Medusas consisted of just 74 units that were made by hand. Regarded by many as being the sweetest sounding Chorus pedal ever made, the units soon gained legendary status.

    The new and improved Medusa

    The reissued Medusa has a smaller, more compact housing, the same size as current Red Witch products. So you get all the tone without the real estate costs! It features a potentiometer for the voice control, instead of the original 5-way switch - giving you almost limitless options of delicious Chorus flavor.


    • Mono and Stereo outputs

    • Potentiometer for the voice control gives you almost limitless chorus sounds

    • Unique ChorusTrem effect gives both the chorus and tremolo effects in synch

    • True bypass footswitch keeps your guitar tone exactly the same

    • Bright red LED that pulses in time with the speed of the effect

    The Medusa vs The Empress

    The sound of the Medusa's Chorus has a different flavor to that of its sister, the Empress Chorus.Plus the reissued Medusa features the addition of two effects, Tremolo and the unique ChorusTrem.


    ChorusTrem is a unique Medusa effect that is not offered by any other pedal on the market. ChorusTrem is when the Chorus effect and the Tremolo effect occur simultaneously and in synch, Chorus pulse at the same time as the volume shift of the Tremolo, Or "synched amplitude and pitch modulation" for those of you who like impressing the ladies with your technical lexicon.

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Red Witch products.

    Red Witch Medusa Chorus and Tremolo Pedal Technical Description

    • Guise: This three position rotary switch allows you to chooseChorus mode (fully c/clockwise), Tremolo mode (middle position) or ChorusTrem mode (fully clockwise).

    • Velocity: This controls the speed of the Chorus pulse and Tremolo rise and fall, both effects are synched to the one control.

    • Iridescence: This lets you determine the flavor of the chorus; fully c/clockwise for sweet and pristine, a very subtle, shimmery sound right through to fully clockwise for marshland, super low-fi, swamp Chorus.

    • Bathos: The depth control on the Chorus; fully c/clockwise is the deepest, back it off for a more subtle sound.

    • Blend: This control adjusts the mix between clean signal and Chorus signal.

    • Magnitude: When in Tremolo mode this knob adjusts the depth of the Tremolo. The sweet spot is approximately half way, further c/clockwise and the Trem gets squashed, further clockwise and the Trem disappears.

    • Footswitch: This is true bypass, which means when the pedal is not engaged there is no signal degradation or tone sucking, the pedal just becomes part of your guitar cable.

    • LED: A glorious ruby red super bright LED, which pulses in time with the speed.

    • Left Hand Side Top Socket: The mono output. Use this when you're in a mono set-up, when in stereo it carries the wet signal.

    • Left Hand Side Bottom Socket: The stereo output. By inserting a plug into this socket the unit automatically switches into stereo mode. The stereo output carries the dry signal and the mono output carries the wet. The unit can only function in stereo mode whilst in Chorus or ChorusTrem mode - not Tremolo mode.

    • Right Hand Side Top Socket: Input here please

    • Right Hand Side Bottom Socket: The expression pedal socket.

    • Power Adapter: The Medusa can run on either a 9-volt battery or an external power source. A BOSS styled PSA power supply is ideal, barrel positive 9.6 volts dc regulated.

    • Internal knick knackery: There is an internal trimpot that controls a clean boost. Adjust the trimmer to bring the Medusa's effected signal above, below or at parity with unity gain. Handy!

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Red Witch products.

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