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    TC Works Spark XL with TDM Support and Native Bundle

    Full TDM integration and audio restoration features.

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    TC Works Spark XL with TDM Support and Native Bundle Product Description

    Spark XL is a new hi-end version of Spark with full TDM integration and audio restoration features. Spark 2.0 offers powerful Multi-FX processing capabilities, audio editing and mastering in a way never before available. With its unique one-window-approach, Spark transparently combines all aspects of audio editing from file database to audio editor and play list to browser view Spark's Master View window is setting a new industry standard for FX processing with its unparalleled routing and processing capabilities.

    Whether you would like to edit a file, build a play list, beef up tracks with lots of realtime processing and effects, or even use the FX-Matrix independently in your sequencer - Spark has the tools you need!

    An additional FX window allows you to add up to 5 Pro Tools TDM Plug-Ins to your audio, in addition to any VST Plug-Ins you might have loaded into the standard Master View. For the first time, seamless integration of VST and TDM Plug-Ins is a reality, greatly simplifying 'hybrid' processing where VST and TDM Plug-Ins need to be applied to the same file. The TDM features can only be accessed, if current Pro Tools hardware is present.

    Spark XL comes with a high quality broadband De-noiser, allowing for realtime noise removal with 32 bit floating point accuracy. The De-noiser utilizes the 'fingerprint' method, so simply mark a section with noise, hit 'learn' and adjust the reduction to your requirements. The display makes it easy to adjust the process properly, visualizing the characteristics of the original, the noise floor and the processing result. The De-Noiser does not require Pro Tools hardware to run.

    Now Vinyl or digital clicks won't be as difficult to work with anymore: Spark XL's De-clicking algorithm removes those unwanted artifacts in real-time, again with 32 bit floating point accuracy. The large click detection display marks the clicks, with the 'Threshold' and 'Click' / 'Crackle' parameters you adjust the de-clicking process. You may even automate the 'Click' / 'Crackle' parameter for more ease of use when working on material with changing click characteristics. The De-Clicker does not require Pro Tools hardware to run.

    In Spark 2.0, T.C. has updated Spark to the second generation of their acclaimed Spark FXMachine. With Full MIDI support, and FXMachine sizes scalable to 99 by 99 plug-ins, the creative applications for the Spark FXMachine are truly endless. And of course the FXMachine is also a VST and MAS plug-in, so you can load complicated effects processes and even synthesizers right inside of your favorite VST or MAS application, without even launching Spark!

    The FXmachine is part of the Master View, Spark's second main window with all the master controls and FX-routing matrix. Everything you need for processing at a single glance! This extremely flexible FX-routing matrix is a creative power tool with endless possibilities for creative realtime sound manipulation, sound design and of course mastering processing. From Version 2, the Matrix size is freely adjustable, so you can create whatever size you need... your CPU power is the only limitation (with currently available machines, matrix sizes of 10 x 10 are the sensible limit)!

    Spark is compatible with 3rd party Plug-Ins, any VST-compatible Plug-In may be used inside the FXmachine.

    VST & MAS FXMachine
    You can use the whole Master View as a VST or MAS Plug-In by itself - opening the FX processing up to VST-compatible applications like Logic or Cubase, and allowing digital Performer users to access VST Plug-Ins. That is imited FX-Power right where you want it!

    Ultimate Speed
    The waiting is over - Spark 2.0's new virtual file engine results in a dramatic speed improvement of all the editing functions in Spark's Wave Editor and allows for instantaneous and unlimited undos! With this improvement many Spark functions are now processed at speeds which are exponentially faster for instant results. These true time savers will allow you to be faster and more productive.

    See What You Hear
    In Mastering, it is critical to also be able to see what you hear - two new analyzer Plug-Ins provide a Sonograph and 'classic' Metergraph view of the frequency spectrum.This way artifacts like monitor hum etc. can be visualized, simplifying the analysis and removal process dramatically, turning Spark into even more of a mastering tool that you won't want to work without!

    Touch Wah
    The TC Touchwah is just cool. TC Touchwah emulates those classic wah-wah pedals, but without the batteries. TC Touchwah is more than just a great audio effect; TC Touchwah even sends and receives MIDI controller data! Want to control your FXMachine synthesizers using audio? No problem: switch on Auto mode, and your synthesizers will be controlled by your audio files or even your real-time audio input!

    Wave Editor
    Virtual File Engine with instant cut, copy & paste

    Single channel editing

    Unlimited Undo/Redo

    Direct editing of split stereo files Markers (with 'On-the-fly' creation, even during record)

    Improved marker management

    Browser View
    The Browser is your integrated workspace: file database, audio editor and play list all in one easy to use display. A great time saver - no more menu surfing, and no more separate windows stopping your work flow because they never seem to be in the right place. Spark's Browser View will be a revelation to you! And the movable borderlines allow you to adapt the workspace to your requirements. Of course you can save all your files, FX, play list and window settings into a Project file for total recall!

    File View
    The Browser View's file database is completely integrated with the Waveform Editor - all Project-related files are listed here and are available at the click of a mouse button. Once generated, the waveform image is saved and is instantly available the next time you open a file into a project!

    Wave Editor
    The Wave Editor is where you perform off-line editing, processing, create markers and regions - all you expect from a professional wave editor - and a whole lot more! Version 2 offers independent Play and Edit cursors, as well as separate Left & Right channel editing, for an even greater flexibility. The Pencil allows you to draw changes into your waveform - a great tool for removing clicks.

    Off-line Processing: Normalize, Change Gain, DC Removal, Reverse, Sample-Rate Bit Depth conversion and Fades

    Off-line mode for VST-Plug-Ins allowing for easy selection-based processing

    Realtime and Offline Time Stretch and Pitch Correction

    Drag and drop of regions to the desktop supported: Instant file creation!

    Info Line with all important wave parameters at one glance

    Up to 40 realtime Plug-Ins during recording of files

    Drawing Tool and Eraser

    Play List
    Spark's Play List supplies you with a fast tool to build play lists of your regions and files, including realtime crossfades for super smooth transitions between the entries the list. Drag & Drop of regions from the File View is supported, and the selected ry is instantly displayed in the Wave Editor including display of markers and ions. Now you can even drag whole folders from the File View into the Play List! o new: the FXmachine may be processed into your Play List exports.

    DSP Processing
    Wouldn't it be great to apply VST Plug-Ins to a selection? You can! Simply make a selection, choose a function or Plug-In from the context sensitive menu, set the parameters, preview, process - and you are done! Naturally, Spark supports all key file formats from AIFF, SoundDesigner 2 to WAV and MP3.The Marker handling has also been vastly improved in Version 2 with features such as marker naming. Other processes include standard off-line features like Normalize, Reverse, Fades, DC Removal and high quality Resampling, to off line - and even realtime - Time Stretching. But there is more: The key to Spark's power is the FXmachine with its unsurpassed realtime capabilities!

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of TC Electronic products.

    TC Works Spark XL with TDM Support and Native Bundle Technical Description

    System Requirements
    Apple G3 or better, 17 in. color monitor (resolution 1024 x 768 or higher)

    128 MB RAM

    MacOS 8.6 or higher

    OMS for MIDI sampler communication

    SCSI card for fast sampler communication

    Optional audio card for optimal sound performance

    Optional Adaptec Toast or Adaptec Jam software and CD ROM burner required for CD burning

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of TC Electronic products.

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