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    Waves Q-Clone Sampling EQ Plug-In (Macintosh and Windows)

    Captures the sound of your hardware EQ. Use this freely across multiple tracks.

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    Waves Q-Clone Sampling EQ Plug-In (Macintosh and Windows) Product Description

    Q-Clone is a revolutionary new product utilizing unique technology that lets you use your outboard hardware equalizer in a completely new way. By capturing the sound of your own gear, Q-Clone allows you to use that sound freely throughout your session, adjusting the sound of each track just as you would if you had dozens of that same hardware equalizer.

    Real Knobs, Real Hardware Sound
    Let's be clear: we're not talking about mousing around on a plug-in 'simulation' with 'virtual' knobs. You're using YOUR gear, not a software version of it. Turn the knobs on your classic box - Q-Clone captures and holds the exact sound in real time.

    Q-Clone has two components: Q-Capture, which is used to capture the sound of your hardware, and Q-Clone, which shows you the equalization curve of your hardware and provides other functions. Q-Capture constantly samples the hardware unit's sound, tracking every twist you make on your gear's knobs in real time. The calibration feature lets you tune Q-Capture precisely to your unit's headroom and dB range.

    Put Your Hardware EQ on as Many Tracks as You Like - Simultaneously!
    Even the most well-equipped studios have a limited supply of outboard EQs, which limits the channels you can put them on. That limitation disappears with Q-Clone. It's like opening a closet and finding stacks and stacks (e.g. up to 24 instances of Q-Clone on a Mac G5 dual 2.5 with Pro Tools or 25 instances of Q-Clone on PC P4 3.6 with Pro Tools) of your favorite box--enough for every channel and more.

    Put Q-Capture on an Aux track or dedicated audio track (depending on the DAW). Put Q-Clone on any of the other tracks that you want to process with your hardware EQ.

    Save and Recall the Sound of Your Outboard Unit Inside Your DAW Session
    No more writing down the settings on your box to get the same sound when you return to the mix. Q-Clone holds your sound right there when your session opens.

    Even more, save MULTIPLE settings as presets and instantly load, A/B and adjust them.

    Q-Clone shows you the EQ curve your hardware unit is creating. The Add feature lets you equalize that equalization - like have two of your hardware units chained together. And the Trim adjustment ensures that gain is under control.

    Create Unlimited Hardware Chains
    If your sound involves putting two EQs in a chain, Q-Clone can clone that composition sound, too. Using the Add feature, you can apply new equalization to a track that's already been equalized. Or create an 8-band EQ version out of your 4-band favorite hardware. Save the whole as a preset, and get your signature sound without even having the hardware present.

    Have Your Outboard EQ and Eat it Too
    There's no substitute for the sound and feel of working with a classic analog equalizer. Keep the sound and feel of your hardware, keep your hands on the knobs, and augment those tenfold with Q-Clone.

    It's So Easy
    The Q-Clone package consists of two components: Q-Capture and Q-Clone. Using them is easy:

    1. Set up Q-Capture so it sends its special capturing signal through your audio interface to your outboard hardware EQ unit and returns the equalized signal back.

    2. Open Q-Clone on the first track you want to EQ. Adjust the knobs on your hardware EQ unit until you get the sound you want.

    3. On the Q-Clone plug-in, hit the Hold button, and the EQ for that track will now remain just as you set it, while you repeat the process on as many tracks as your computer can handle.

    You can change and reset the equalization on each track as often as you need, and save the results as a preset. Using the Add button, you can also make adjustments on top of the original setting - like having the signal running through two of your EQ units at once. And Q-Clone comes with presets captured from a selection of world-class hardware equalizers. Q-Clone is available separately and is not included in any bundle.

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Waves products.

    Technical Description

    This product requires an iLok USB Smart Key (not included) and internet access.

    System Requirements

    Mac OS X
    Digidesign: Supports RTAS and HTDM only on Pro-tools 6.7cs5

    VST: Only Cubasesx 3/Nuendo 3

    Audio Units: Full Support in Logic 7 only

    MAS: Full Support

    Digidesign: Supports RTAS and HTDM only on Pro-tools 6.7cs5

    VST: Cubase sx 3.0.1/Nuendo 3

    DirectX: On Sonar 3.1.1 Cubase sx 3.0.1 and Nuendo 3

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Waves products.

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