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Audix DP Quad Drum Microphone Package with Case

Audix DP Quad Drum Microphone Package with Case

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The Audix DP-Quad Pro drum pack provides the most drum kit coverage using the least amount of hardware and mic channels. Loaded with Audix's best pro series mics, the DP-Quad allows the drummer to individually mic the bass drum (D6) and snare (i5) while using the twin ADX51 condensers as overheads to mic the rest of the drums and cymbals. Both sound companies and studios have used this very popular miking plan because it delivers a very balanced, natural, and powerful drum sound while still providing individual control over the bass drum, snare, and kit for volume and EQ adjustments. With the Audix DP-Quad set up and sound check are quick and easy, it uses only four mixer channels, and when the mics are not being used to mic a drumset the i5 can be used on bass/guitar cabs and the ADX51's are excellent acoustic guitar-piano-percussion mics. Truly, the Audix DP-Quad is the most versatile, most professional drum pack available anywhere near the price.

DP-Quad Pro Drum Pack contains:

- 1
- D6 bass drum mic
- 1
- i5 snare-tom mic
- 1
- D-Vice drum rim clip for i5
- 2
- ADX51 pencil condenser mics
- 2
- Windscreens for ADX51 pencil condenser mics
- 3
- Mic clips for ADX51 and D6
- 1
- Foam lined, aluminum road case


- All-in-one solution for miking drums
- Instrument-specific mics for optimal results
- Rugged Audix quality
- Great for stage and studio
- Road case included