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Auralex 2" Studiofoam Wedgie 12x12 Tile (Gray, Single)

Auralex 2" Studiofoam Wedgie 12x12 Tile (Gray, Single)

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If you're not in headphones, there's inevitably a lot of physical space in between you and the sounds you're listening to -- and that space is probably distorting this sound more than you realize. Bring more accuracy to your hearing with the classic Auralex 2-inch Studiofoam Wedgies! Each Auralex Studiofoam Wedgie measures 1 foot on each side, and is 2 inches thick. They are flame-retardant and long-lasting, not to mention lightweight and easy to staple up on your walls, ceilings, and anywhere you need to kill acoustic reflections in your recording space or control room.

Tame Acoustic Reflections in Your Studio

As any audio engineer will tell you, there are very few rooms in the world that come ready-made with good acoustics for recording, mixing, or even recreational listening. Rooms are made of walls and corners -- and walls and corners create natural acoustic reflections and echoes, all of which color the sound that's coming out of your hi-fi speakers or instrument amps. That's why Auralex wedgies are one of the most useful purchases you can make as a music lover: they allow you to turn some of the nastiest, boomiest-sounding rooms into great places for performing, mixing, and/or listening.

Auralex Wedgies: The Easy Acoustic Treatment

How do you acoustically treat your home studio or practice space? Start by using Auralex wedgies to kill reflections behind and under your existing speakers or monitors. Then use three of them in each upper corner of the room to kill the annoying flutter echo that you didn't even notice until it was gone. Put a few on the wall behind the chair or couch where you listen to music. Use them to cover thin doors or plywood walls that bleed sounds from the outside. Let your ears be your guide!

The Difference Auralex Makes

Acoustic results can be dramatic, depending on where you're using the Auralex wedgies. In rooms that have been given a solid treatment, it's not uncommon to start hearing old songs and sounds as though for the first time. Subtle details and colors in the mix immediately become more apparent. The super high and low ends of the frequency spectrum also become more defined and workable. Most importantly, rooms that have been well treated usually offset the need for unnecessary volume raising -- ultimately protecting your ears from the danger of excessive volumes over long periods.

Also, putting up Auralex wedgies in your studio or practice space makes you, well, look smarter. Like you know about audio engineering and stuff. And who doesn't want to look smarter? Get a few, get a bunch.