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BeatBuddy Cabli Cable Organizer

BeatBuddy Cabli Cable Organizer

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First thought up during a gig, the BeatBuddy Cabli is the answer to a problem every musician faces: Annoying cables. With a design that winds up both ends of a cable at once, the Cabli is faster than any other method of putting away a cable. And it doesn't just make putting away cables a breeze. It also protects them and keeps them organized during transport. This extends the life of your cable and makes it easy to set up for the next gig or practice.Each Cabli holds any XLR or 1/4" cable up to 30 feet long.


- Never worry about cable slack again.
- Wrap a cable twice as fast.
- Long cables take up less space.
- Extend the lifespan of your cables.
- Works with your favorite cable.
- Stay organized, look more professional.
- Pinch preventer ensures your cables won't be bent too tightly, protecting cables from damage.
- Design automatically detangles as you wind.
- Handle and elastic strap makes it comfortable and easy to wind up long cables.
- Hang on your cable rack or gig bag with included cloth hang ring.Note: Cable not included.