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Meinl HCS Bell, 8 Inch

Meinl HCS Bell, 8 Inch

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The Meinl HCS Bell is a medium weight durable brass bell with a traditional finish and professional lathe (crafted in Germany). This durable and versatile brass bell has a cutting stick response and creates a long sustaining "ping" that is great to use for different effects. With an 8-Inch diameter, the Meinl HCS Bell is an exceptional way to integrate a unique sound into your drum kit without taking up too much space. Mount this bell inverted and stacked over a crash or ride cymbal to achieve a sought after heavy bell riding effect without the need for an additional stand. Perfect for beginner drum set students and players, all Meinl HCS cymbals are made with a brass alloy that stands up to the brunt of sticks while maintaining a musical tone.