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Mojotone Solderless Strat Blender Guitar Wiring Harness

Mojotone Solderless Strat Blender Guitar Wiring Harness

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Do you like swapping pickups, or maybe you don't want to solder because you're afraid of messing things up? The Mojotone Solderless Strat Blender Guitar Wiring Harness provide the easiest solution and most reliable connections with a simple push and release of a button. All while offering a superior quality electronic upgrade for your guitar. No bulky plugs or add-ons are needed for our solderless harness to work. Just strip back your existing wires from your pickups and guitar, insert them into our solderless connector, and you're done!


- Push-in solderless wire connection for easy installation and quick pickup swaps!
- Vintage quality USA branded components (Switchcraft, Mojotone, CRL, and CTS)!
- USA made CRL Switch! It's the most reliable and smoothest feeling switch ever made and hasn't changed since the 50's.
- Smooth custom taper, CTS industrial potentiometers with solid brass bushings and the tightest tolerances available.
- Handcrafted and hermetically sealed Mojotone Vitamin T oil-filled tone caps!
- Hand-wired point-to-point by Mojotone in the USA!