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NUX Stageman Floor Acoustic Preamp Pedal with Looper

NUX Stageman Floor Acoustic Preamp Pedal with Looper

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The NUX Stageman Floor is an analog acoustic preamp with digital effects and looper function. The Stageman Floor features a highly sensitive 3-band EQ with MID scoop toggle switch, adjustable notch filter, and input gain control. It provides enormous headroom which delivers all-natural sound.

High-Quality Effects, Easy Control

The Stageman Floor is equipped with Chorus and Reverb effects designed to be controlled by only one knob. When you tweak the chorus or reverb knob from 0 to 10 it adjusts multiple parameters with a perfect balance. And the chorus switch has another function, while you push and hold, it will activate the freeze effect until you release it.

Notch Filter

You can turn ON the notch filter and adjust the frequency to clean the notch sound caused by a guitar pick or nails.

Versatile Preamp

There are Gain and 3-band EQ controls on the pedal. You can adjust the signal power by using the Gain knob. It has Bass, Middle and Treble controls, so that depending on the amplifier/speaker characteristic, playing style and acoustic guitar's body type, you can tune your sound the way you like.You can optimize the preamp input according to your guitar pickup type, you can set Piezo or Magnetic for better signal processing. And it has the FX Loop input, so that you can use a TRS cable and connect any effect unit to Stageman Floor. Its also great for various acoustic instruments like the violin, mandolin, banjo and many more.

Record, Jam, Create!

Push the both Chorus and Preamp footswitches and Stageman Floor turns into a looper pedal with 60 seconds recording capacity and unlimited overdubs. It's ready-to-jam at anytime, anywhere! In Looper mode the Preamp Footswitch controls the looper functions; Record/Play/Stop and Overdub. Reverb Knob controls the Loop volume level.


- Input Gain Control
- 3-band EQ (Bass, Middle and Treble)
- Middle Frequency Scoop Toggle
- Notch Filter ON/OFF Toggle Switch with Precision Adjustment Control
- Effects: Chorus, Reverb and Freeze
- Input Optimization Toggle for Piezo or Magnetic Pickups
- 60 Seconds Looper
- XLR DI Output
- 1/4" TRS Send / Return Inputs
- 1/8" Aux-in
- 1/8" Headphones Out
- USB Input for firmware updates (Micro B USB 2.0)