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    61-Key Keyboard Controllers 26 products


    Akai MPK61 MIDI Controller Keyboard

    NEW $299.99
    NON-NEW $269.95

    The MPK61 is a keyboard performance MIDI controller that expands the popular MPK line. Each MPK controller combines a piano-style keybed with a bank of genuine Akai Professional MPC pads, assignable Q-Link controllers and key technologies from the iconic MPC family of music production workstations. >More


    Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 Keyboard Controller, 61-Key

    NEW $699 - $1,499

    With main parameters of every Komplete Instrument pre-mapped to touch-sensitive controller knobs and a high-quality Fatar keybed, the Komplete Kontrol S61 from NI brings your favorite sofware instruments to life! >More


    Arturia KeyLab 61 USB MIDI Keyboard

    NEW $399
    NON-NEW $319.95


    The Arturia KeyLab 61 is a 61-note MIDI keyboard with velocity and aftertouch-sensitive keys that is designed to easily integrate into any studio and stage environment. >More


    Akai MPK261 Performance Keyboard

    NEW $499.99

    Engineered to be an all-in-one controller solution, the Akai Professional MPK261 is a performance pad and keyboard controller that combines deep software integration, enhanced workflow, and core technologies from the iconic line of MPC workstations. >More


    Akai Advance 61 USB MIDI Controller

    NEW $599
    NON-NEW $494.95

    The Akai Professional Advance 61 MIDI controller keyboard gives you unprecedented playability and unrestricted manipulation of any virtual instrument with Akai's exclusive interactive, full-color display, complemented by performance-friendly hardware controls. >More


    M-Audio Code 61 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller, 61-Key

    NEW $399
    NON-NEW $359.95

    The M-Audio Code 61 is a premium, versatile keyboard controller. It has a velocity and aftertouch sensitive keybed, 8 assignable faders, knobs, and button controls, an X/Y control pad, Transport controls and responds to Huey, Mackie and ASCII commands It ships with a suite of full version Virtual Instruments too. >More


    Nektar Panorama P6 Keyboard Controller

    NEW $599.99
    NON-NEW $479.95

    The Nektar Panorama P6 is an incredible keyboard controller instrument with the most intuitive workflow you have ever seen. Spectacular and deep integration with Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro and Reason puts the spotlight on performance and creativity. >More


    M-Audio Axiom AIR 61 USB MIDI Keyboard

    NEW $399.99
    NON-NEW $399.95

    Take command of your studio while achieving higher levels of musical expression with Axiom AIR 61 from M-Audio. Offering unprecedented control, Axiom AIR 61 brings together unmatched ease-of-use plus empowering software to form the ultimate studio centerpiece. >More


    Novation Impulse 61 Keyboard Controller

    NEW $399.99
    NON-NEW $309.95

    Impulse is a range of professional USB/MIDI controllers. As well as a precision keyboard, drums pads and a full control surface, it comes with an updated version of Novation's award-winning Automap control software - Automap 4 - which makes getting hands-on with your DAW/plug-ins fast and simple. Impulse also comes with Ableton Live Lite, Novation's Bass Station synth and a Loopmasters sample pack. >More


    Roland A-800PRO Keyboard Controller

    NEW $399
    NON-NEW $299.95

    If you're looking for keyboard controllers that you can use in the studio, on-stage, or anywhere you feel inspired, look no further than the Roland A-800PRO. Combining the best of Roland engineering with Cakewalk's legendary ease-of-use, the Roland A-800PRO has the features and feel you need to get the most out of your music performances and productions. >More


    Novation Launchkey 61 USB MIDI Keyboard

    NEW $199.99

    The Novation Launchkey 61 USB Keyboard Controller has up to 50 physical controls including 16 velocity-sensitive multi-color trigger pads. As well as enabling hands-on control of your DAW's mixer, instruments and effects, Launchkey is an integrated software/hardware instrument. >More


    Novation Launchkey 61 MK2 USB MIDI Keyb.

    NEW $249.99

    The MK2 version of Novation's essential 61-note USB keyboard controller for Ableton Live, with 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pads, 8 knobs, dedicated navigation and control buttons, and software for Mac and PC, including Ableton Live Lite. >More


    M-Audio Oxygen 61 IV

    NEW $229

    M-Audio pioneered the portable MIDI controller market with the Oxygen series of keyboard controllers. Today, M-Audio continues to be a leader of this technology by developing intuitive controllers for software-based music production and performance. >More


    M-Audio Keystation 61 MKII

    NEW $169.99

    Step into computer-based music creation and performance with the Keystation 61 keyboard controller from M-Audio. Keystation 61 is a simple, powerful MIDI controller designed for sequencing music and playing virtual instruments on your Mac or PC. >More


    Behringer UMX610 USB MIDI Controller

    NEW $179.99
    NON-NEW $159.95

    The UMX MIDI Controller is an extremely flexible master keyboard with a control section for a wide range of applications. Do you need independent control of hardware synthesizers or general MIDI sound modules? How about control over effects devices? Maybe you just want to operate sequencing software or computer plug-ins from a convenient remote location? UMX Series controllers provide total flexibility and tremendous ease of use, allowing you to realize your ideas intuitively. >More


    Nektar Impact iX61 Keyboard Controller

    NEW $119.99
    NON-NEW $96.95

    The Nektar Impact iX61 offers standard USB keyboard controller functionality as well as pre-mapped Nektar DAW integration with 11 DAWs. The 61 note full-size keyboard features pitch bend, modulation wheel and a footswitch jack for connecting sustain pedal. >More


    Novation 61SL Mk2 61 Key USB Keyboard

    NON-NEW $339.95

    SL Mk II has been designed to equip the modern DAW user with every dimension of hardware control, enabling a hands-on approach to navigating software, mixing and controlling plug-ins. It represents extraordinary value as a controller, integrating a DAW control surface with a quality semi-weighted keyboard (with after-touch) and the most intuitive plug-in mapping capabilities available - presided over by Automap 3 PRO; unquestionably the most advanced control software on the market. >More


    Nektar Impact LX61 USB MIDI Keyboard

    NEW $199.99

    The Nektar Impact LX range of budget USB MIDI controller delivers performance way above its class. From the 61 note velocity sensitive keyboard, 8 velocity sensitive pads to the rubberized fader caps and low-profile design, Impact LX61 feels, looks, performs and is supported like a class act. >More


    Alesis VI61 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

    NEW $279

    The Alesis VI61 is an advanced USB/MIDI keyboard MIDI controller that lets you take command of your music software with a series of pads, knobs, and buttons. With 61 velocity-sensitive semi-weighted keys with aftertouch and Octave Up/Down buttons, you can expand the keyboard to the full melodic range and play bass lines, chords, and melodies. >More


    Korg microKEY61 USB MIDI Keyboard

    NEW $189.99
    NON-NEW $169.95

    The Korg microKEY61 provides a full five octaves while fitting in the same horizontal space as a full-sized 49-key model. The 61-key model is ideal for use in the home studio, while still satisfying the needs of a performing musician. >More


    Alesis V61 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

    NEW $169
    NON-NEW $154.95

    The Alesis V61 is a powerful, intuitive MIDI controller that lets you take command of your music software with a series of pads, knobs, and buttons. With 61 full-size velocity-sensitive keys and Octave Up/Down buttons, you can expand the keyboard to the full melodic range and play bass lines, chords, and melodies. >More


    ROLI Seaboard GRAND Stage Keyboard

    NEW $2,999.99

    The Seaboard GRAND is a radically new musical instrument that reimagines the piano keyboard as a soft, continuous surface and puts expression back at your fingertips >More


    Arturia Keylab 61 Bitwig Producers Pack

    NEW $499

    The Advanced Producer Pack is the result of a partnership between two of the most innovative manufacturers on the market: Arturia and Bitwig. It includes a Keylab Controller + the full version of Bitwig Studio + Mini V. >More


    Behringer MOTOR 61 USB MIDI Controller

    NEW $399.99

    The MOTOR 61 master keyboard controller allows you to take total command over your virtual instruments and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Featuring amazingly-smooth action, motorized faders and touch-sensitive pads, the MOTOR 61 provides an unparalleled level of control for the ultimate creative expression. >More


    Samson Carbon 61 USB MIDI Keyboard

    NEW $129.99

    The Samson Carbon 61 USB MIDI Controller makes musical performance and production accessible to everyone. >More


    Moog 962 Duophonic 61-Key Keyboard

    price too low to show!

    Add the Moog 962 duophonic 61-note keyboard controller to complete your Moog modular system. Built in finishes to match Moog's reissued System 55, System 35, and Model 15 modulars, this keyboard has 2-voice polyphony -- it lets you play two notes at once to control multiple oscillators via its CV/Gate outputs. >More

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