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    Aquarian 18 products


    Aquarian Super-Kick II Bass Drumhead

    NEW $42.99 - $57.99

    A clear, 2-ply bass drumhead. This 2-ply version provides extra durability and a more focused sound. >More


    Aquarian Performance-2 Clear Drum Head

    NEW $12.99 - $79.99

    A clear, two-ply drumhead manufactured with Aquarian's Vacuum Process which eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles between the two plies. Remember that big, fat, low tom tom sound you heard on the classic rock and roll records? The sound that you could never get on your own? Now you can! Performance II drumheads were designed for "loose" tuning to get the depth and punch with no "over-ring." This drumhead is sealed around the edge to create that really deep sound on the tom toms. >More


    Aquarian Cymbal Spring Protector

    NEW $10.99 - $11.99

    These patented cymbal holders mount on any cymbal stand. The free movement of the Cymbal Spring helps to absorb impact to protect the edge and center hole of the cymbal. >More


    Aquarian Regulator Bass Head with Hole

    NEW $46.99

    These single ply, resonant bass drumheads feature Aquarian's patented "Floating Muffling System." They are perfect companions for the Super-Kick and Impact series batter heads. This Regulator heads is available with a 4 3/4 in. hole off set. >More


    Aquarian Hi-Energy Snare Head

    NEW $17.99

    The Aquarian Hi-Energy snare drumhead delivers the power and durability required by heavy hitters. The Hi-Energy head is a clear, single-ply drumhead with an extremely thin layer of Power Dot material that is bonded to the entire surface of the head. It is reinforced in the center with a small Power Dot. Designed for heavy hitters who want a powerful sound and a lot of durability. >More


    Aquarian Super-Kick I Bass Drumhead

    NEW $37.99

    A clear, single-ply, medium weight bass drumhead. The Super-Kick series features Aquarian's patented "Floating Muffling System". A narrow felt muffle ring is attached to the backside of the drumhead to produce a low-end, well-defined punchy sound. >More


    Aquarian Classic Snare Bottom Drumhead

    NEW $11.99

    A clear, single-ply, thin weight snare side drumhead. >More


    Aquarian Studio Drum Rings Set

    NEW $11.99

    The 1 in. width of each muffling ring achieves that great studio sound without choking the drum. >More


    Aquarian DK-P2 Double Kick Pad

    NEW $6.99

    The Aquarian Double Kick Pad helps extend the life of the bass drumhead while helping to produce a punchy, focused sound. This impact pad is made from a heavier version of Aquarian's Power Dot material designed to be strong yet flexible so that it can move with the head. >More


    Aquarian Texture Coated StudioX Head

    NEW $13.99

    A coated, 10 mil single ply, Studio-X drumhead. Aquarian's Satin Finish texture coating gives the drumhead a firm attack and extra warmth. >More


    Aquarian toneTAB Reusable Drumhead Tone Modifier

    NEW $6.99

    The toneTAB is a drumhead tone modifier that makes it easy to "fine tune" the tone and resonance of any drum, in any room, for any playing situation. Eliminate specific frequencies and control the length of decay of a drum by experimenting with the placement of the removable and reusable toneTABS at different locations on the drumhead. >More


    Aquarian Ultimate Snare Tune-Up Kit

    NEW $25.99

    T-Kit is a collection of simple and practical solutions for helping you fine-tune your drum sound, maintain and extend the life of your drumheads, and temporarily fix things when they break! >More


    Aquarian Super-2 Coated Snare Drumhead

    NEW $19.99

    They have great attack, projection and depth unlike any other drumheads. The patented Safe-T-Loc hoop prevents the head from slipping and the Sound Curve collar design provides "Responsive Tuning." With Responsive Tuning, one turn of the drum key and Super-2 heads react. A free tuning sheet is enclosed with each Super-2 drumhead. >More


    Aquarian Regulator Ported Drumhead

    NEW $40.99

    Aquarian Regulator series Bass Drum Heads are single ply, resonant bass drumheads featuring Aquarian's patented Floating Muffling System. >More


    Aquarian KP-1 Single Kick Pad

    NEW $5.99

    The Aquarian Single kick pad helps extend the life of the bass drumhead while helping to produce a punchy, focused sound. This impact pad is made from a heavier version of Aquarian's Power Dot material designed to be strong yet flexible so that it can move with the head. >More


    Aquarian kickPATCH Bass Drum Head Repair Patch

    NEW $11.99

    What do you do when your bass drum beater breaks thru your bass drum head in the middle of a set? The kickPATCH fixes minimally broken bass drum heads in seconds with a permanent patch that will get you thru the gig! >More


    Aquarian Dura-Dot Reusable Tone Modifier

    NEW $6.99

    The 4.5" and 5.5" duraDOT drumhead tone modifiers are made to help shape snare and tom head frequencies with an added focused stick attack. The duraDOT also adds durability and longevity to your drumhead. >More


    Aquarian Texture Coated Power Dot Snare

    NEW $14.99

    A coated, single-ply, medium weight drumhead that features Aquarian's durable Satin Finish texture coating. The Power Dot is adhered to the underneath side of the head. This is one of the best all around snare drumheads ever designed. Full sound, sensitivity and durability make it suitable for a wide variety of musical styles. >More

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