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    Cajons 21 products


    Meinl Headliner Series Mahogany Cajon

    NEW $109.99 - $155.99

    The Meinl Headliner Cajon delivers the classic cajon sound at an affordable price and can be used in Flamenco or World Music. It is also very useful during unplugged gigs for delivering the rhythmic foundation for a whole band when a full drum set can't be used. For more sound options, the top corners of the cajon can be adjusted, allowing the player to customize the amount of snap desired. >More


    Latin Percussion LP1428NY Cajon

    NEW $89.99

    The City Series Black Box Cajon from Latin Percussion features a Baltic Birch front plate and fixed internal snares. Dimensions are 19 inches high, 11 inches wide and 10-1/8 inches deep. >More


    Pearl PCJ-3000B Wedge Tri-Side Cajon

    NEW $249.99

    The Pearl PCJ-3000B Wedge Tri-Side Cajon features a wood grain Artisan II finish, this three-sided cajon is designed to provide the most comfortable playing position by having two matching striking plates that are easily played by each hand while sitting in an upright position. >More

    Latin Percussion 646 City Series Congas

    NEW $299.99

    Latin Percussion is proud to introduce the LP646 City Wood Congas. Each pair of City Congas features 10 inch and 11 inch drums crafted from Siam oak. Measuring at 28 inches tall, City Series Congas come complete with height-adjustable conga stand. >More


    Pearl PBC512CC Club Cajon

    NEW $109.99

    The Pearl PBC512CC Club Cajon features all wood construction with fixed snares and a rear facing bass port that deepens the lows. >More


    Pearl Boom Box Fiberglass Cajon

    NEW $179.99

    Pearl's Boom Box Cajon is creates never-before-heard low-end frequencies from a Fiberglass cajon! This cajon features the high-quality construction you expect from Pearl, with a fixed snare system and a built-in bass port for subsonic frequencies you have to hear to believe! Finished in a rich Artisan Red Mahogany, this is a perfect addition to any drummer or percussionists' rig. Features fiberglass shell. >More


    Pearl PBC-1914SBS Sonic Boom Buzz Cajon

    NEW $289.99

    Sister to the popular Sonic Boom Cajon, the Buzz adds fixed snares and a resonant Artisan Walnut front plate. This beautiful cajon really has the deep bass and punchy snare crack you need to emulate a drum set. >More


    GonBops Alex Acuna Special Edition Cajon

    NEW $269

    The GonBops Alex Acuna special edition cajon is Gon Bops' most popular selling product bar none! >More


    Pearl PBC512TF Two-Face Cajon

    NEW $224.99
    NON-NEW $164.95

    The Pearl two-face dual surface cajon has two distinct personalities. The professional quality wood construction box drum is ported on the side with two different playing faces on the front and back. One face is 5mm thick offering a more mellow woody sound, while the reverse face is 3mm thick and gives all the punch, thump, and crack you could ask for. >More


    Meinl Headliner Stained White Ash Cajon

    NEW $119.99

    The Meinl Headliner Series cajons deliver the classic cajon sound at an affordable price and can be used in Flamenco or world music. They are also very useful during unplugged gigs for delivering the rhythmic foundation for a whole band when a full drum set can't be used. >More


    Latin Percussion LP1510 Cajon Hi-Hats

    NEW $89.99

    Exclusive LP designed cajon mounted hi-hats. Extremely durable base allows for adjustable tension. Can be played open or closed for a traditional hi-hat wash. Allows for stick free playing with specially designed striker. >More


    Pearl PBC507 Primero Box Cajon

    NEW $129.99

    Pearl's Primero Box Cajon is packed with quality features at an affordable price. Made from Asiatic Pine and finished in Gypsy Brown matte lacquer, it features fully adjustable snares that can be played "on" for Spanish Flamenco-style or "off" for Peruvian-style playing. The front plate is designed for maximum bass and super-sensitive snare response. >More


    Meinl String Cajon

    NEW $169.99

    Meinl Cajons feature a built in adjustable sizzle effect. Strings which touch the frontplate on the inside and span from top to bottom, deliver a sensitive rattle that can be adjusted to fit various musical applications. >More


    Toca Bongo Flip Cajon

    NEW $64.99

    The Toca Bongo Flip Cajon is a multi-purpose, multi-sided instrument. A bongo cajon that flips over to a snare. Features fixed internal snares and wearable lap strap for secure playing. >More


    Gon Bops El Toro Snare Cajon, with Bag

    NEW $219

    Named for highly-acclaimed percussionist Efrain Toro, the El Toro Cajon looks and sounds simply stunning. Crafted from select Peruvian Mohena wood, it also features inner guitar strings for authentic Flamenco Cajon tone. >More


    Pearl PBC507JC Primero Jingle Box Cajon

    NEW $179.99

    The Primero Jingle is a wood version of the Jingle Cajon and features built in Platinela and tambourine jingles that allow you to sound like an entire percussion section. >More


    Pearl CentiGRADE Cajon

    NEW $279.99

    The Pearl CentiGRADE Cajon is designed for maximum player comfort. The cajon's unique design features a front faceplate with 100 degrees of angle which allows the player to sit with proper posture and reduces stress on the lower back. >More


    Gon Bops Commuter Fold-Up Cajon

    NEW $299

    Introducing the Gon Bops Commuter, a great-sounding, fully-collapsible Cajon that fits smartly into a backpack for transport to gigs, rehearsals and sessions. Ideal for urban musicians who commute by bike, public transportation or small vehicle, the Commuter also fits easily into overhead luggage compartments for frequent flyers. >More


    Pearl PCJ629 Jingle Cajon

    NEW $169.99

    The Pearl PCJ629 Jingle Cajon is an extremely exciting Pearl exclusive. Sounding like an entire percussion section with the most unique Cajon ever and utilizing adjustable Brazilian and Tambourine style jingles to complement your sound. Both percussionists and drummers appreciate the Cajon for its diversity of sound. They also work perfectly during unplugged gigs or sessions. >More


    Pearl Afterburner Cajon

    NEW $199.99

    Made in the USA. The Pearl Afterburner cajon features dual rear-firing ports that resemble the exhaust on a classic hot rod and delivers the same low end rumble. The 100% Birch body has a premium grain natural finish. >More


    Gon Bops Fiesta Mahogany Snare Cajon

    NEW $99

    Gon Bops Fiesta Mahogany Snare Cajon give you a great and traditional sound without the price of a super expensive custom hand made instrument. This great instrument has a low price that is intended for the student section, as well as any addition for hardcore musicians. >More

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