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    DJ Headphones 29 products


    Pioneer HDJ2000MK2 DJ Headphones

    NEW $349

    The Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2 promises to deliver Pioneer DJ's exceptional sound quality from a redesigned body that provides a sleek and modern cosmetic look. The HDJ-2000MK2 incorporates large 50mm drivers and features low-volume air chambers for noise isolation and high quality construction to achieve maximum audio performance. >More


    Pioneer HDJ-1500 Professional DJ Headphones

    NEW $159

    Flawless sound. Impressive durability. Stunning design. Ruggedly built, with lightweight but durable magnesium alloy parts, the HDJ-1500s are perfectly designed to endure the rigors of frequent professional use. >More


    Beats Mixr On-Ear LE Headphones

    NEW $179.99
    NON-NEW $179.95


    With industrial-strength sound, and designed to be heard over parties, the Beats Mixr DJ headphones deliver extremely deep bass at extraordinarily high volume. Made for pros warming up the party -- especially DJs. >More


    Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphones

    NEW $299.95

    Take control of the club with Sennheiser's top-of-the-line DJ model - HD8 DJ. Designed for the most demanding users and punishing pro environments, they have been developed in conjunction with some of the world's top DJs. >More


    Pioneer HDJC70 DJ Headphones

    NEW $199

    The Pioneer HDJ-C70 professional on-ear headphones are intended for DJs who prefer a headset that is lightweight, extremely flexible, and can produce audio with more impactful bass and clear mid and high frequencies. >More


    Shure SRH750DJ PRO DJ Headphones

    NEW $149
    NON-NEW $134.95

    The SRH750DJ Headphones from Shure deliver world-class audio performance, comfort, and durability to professional DJs. High impedance and maximized power handling optimize the headphones for use on high-output DJ mixers. Comfortable, padded ear cups swivel 90 degrees and allow easy placement on one ear when mixing. Replaceable cable and included set of replacement ear pads ensure a long-lasting lifetime of use. Also includes a carrying bag and a threaded 1/4-inch (6.3 mm) gold-plated adapter. >More


    Pioneer HDJ-500 DJ Headphones

    NEW $89

    DJ headphones for home, on the go or at the club. The Pioneer HDJ-500 DJ headphones are designed for a flexible DJ lifestyle by adapting to both DJing at home, in the club or auditioning your dance music on the go. >More


    Stanton DJ Pro 500MC MKII Headphones

    NEW $59.99

    The Stanton DJ Pro 500MC MKII headphone is a single side, closed-back design with a heavy-duty driver with bass boost. The adjustable metal headband is protected with a soft vinyl-covered foam pad. The dual connection cable has 2 - 1/4 inch plugs: mono for the mic and stereo for the headphone. Each plug is color-coded for identification ease. The mic is a low-impedance dynamic type plus a free carrying pouch is included. >More


    Pioneer HDJ-700K DJ Headphones

    NEW $129

    Whether you're DJing at home, in the club or auditioning your music on the go, the HDJ-700s adapt to all contexts. Taking inspiration from our top-flight range, these headphones come in a sleek, lightweight aluminum design, outputting crisp and clear sound that's engineered to strongly reproduce low and mid-level frequencies. >More


    Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphones

    NON-NEW $224.95

    David Guetta challenged Beats by Dr. Dre to create the perfect set of world-class DJ headphones. After extensive design research, they created the lightest, loudest headphones ever...the Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphones. >More


    Numark HF150 Foldable DJ Headphones

    NEW $39

    With the rise in low-profile, highly portable DJ gear, it is entirely possible to work an entire show with a backpack full of stuff. Enter the Numark HF150, their most portable DJ headphone yet. With a unique collapsible design, the HF150 lets you travel light without sacrificing the sound quality you require. >More


    Numark HF350 Around-the-Ear Headphones

    NEW $99

    Numark HF350 headphones bring all the essential qualities of a pro DJ performance; stunning sound, classy aesthetics, and all-night stamina. Packed with acoustics worthy of a world-class recording studio, the HF350 is the sound source you can trust for high-pressure performance. >More


    Behringer HPX6000 DJ Headphones

    NEW $49.99

    Behringer HPX6000 Professional DJ Headphones provide amazing sound and stylish comfort at a price that will surprise you. >More


    AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ Headphones

    NEW $199.99

    With TMA-2 Modular AIAIAI created the next step for the 21st century headphone: a framework consisting of modular audio technology, which provides a vast range of options across sound, function, comfort, and design, resulting in your unique, personalized headphone. >More


    Gemini DJX-07 DJ Headphones

    NEW $49.99

    Gemini's DJX-07 Headphones provide accurate, high-quality sound reproduction for the most demanding DJ, audiophile or music enthusiast. >More


    Stanton DJ Pro 1000 MKIIS Headphones

    NEW $59.99

    The DJ PRO 1000 MKIIS offers the combined benefits of light weight comfort and accurate wide-frequency sound reproduction. For full deep bass, the DJ PRO 1000 MKII S features high efficiency, heavy duty drivers. The removable cord aids in field replacement and is available in straight or coiled versions. >More


    Stanton DJ Pro 3000 MKII Headphones

    NEW $99.99

    The Stanton DJ Pro 3000 MKII DJ headphones are capable of reproducing a wide frequency range clearly and accurately. Featuring a pair of 50mm Neodymium drivers capable of handling the high headphone output of most DJ mixers (and the low frequency response needed for precise mixing) are in a class of their own. Additional features are high pass and low pass filters, a detachable cord and cool blue LEDs. >More


    Stanton DJ Pro 300 Headphone

    NEW $39.99

    The DJ Pro 300 is a lightweight, comfortable single-sided headphone. It features high efficiency 40mm heavy-duty drivers. Comes complete with detachable 10 foot cord (3m) with 1/4 inch plug. >More


    AKG K67 DJ High-Performance Headphones

    NEW $49

    Designed for DJs and electronic music producers, the K67 DJ high-performance headphones are ideal for both stage and studio. The compact on-ear design provides excellent isolation and noise attenuation, while large 40mm drivers deliver high sound pressure levels so you can hear every detail of the mix. >More


    Gemini DJX-03 DJ Headphones

    NEW $14.99

    The Gemini DJX03 features high quality material and light weight, assuring comfortable usage, but above all, the DJX03 provides the user with a clear and natural sound, and warm and rich bass. >More


    Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700Mk2 Headphones

    NEW $149.99
    NON-NEW $89.95

    Surround your senses with Audio-Technica's sophisticated technology and superior components of the ATH-PRO700MK2 headphones. Experience the clear, well-defined trebles, and rich bass response. The 50/90-degree earpiece swiveling capability provides a perfect fit for every monitoring application. >More


    Sennheiser HD-205II DJ Headphones

    NEW $69.95

    The Sennheiser HD205-II provides studio-grade detail and frequency response coupled with brilliant shielding of ambient noise. The rotatable ear cup as well as the single-sided cable make them a professional companion for DJ's and home recording. Unlike competitive models, the earcup rotates while maintaining earpad contact on your head for stability and comfort without leaking noise into adjacent microphones. The HD 205-II comes with a convenient protective pouch and locking 1/4" adapter for storage and transportation. >More


    American Audio HP550 DJ Headphones

    NEW $49.99

    American Audio HP550 headphones are comfortable, sturdy high-powered headphones with a mini-jack connection. The flexible housing design allows for double or single ear monitoring. Fold them up for easy transport! >More


    Numark HF325 On-Ear DJ Headphones

    NEW $89

    Hard working DJs require headphones for airtight performances. A quality set of headphones can be the difference between a good show and a great one. Numark's HF325 packs an incredible amount of sound quality into a compact, noise isolating design that won't hog all of the space in your gig bag. >More


    AKG K167 DJ High-Performance Headphones

    NEW $79

    Designed for professional DJs and electronic music producers, AKG K167 DJ headphones feature an over-ear, closed-back design for serious comfort and maximum noise rejection. The large 40mm drivers deliver high sound pressure levels with impressive audio quality -- even on the loudest club stages. >More


    AKG by TIESTO K167 Pro Headphones

    NON-NEW $89.95

    The AKG by TIESTO K167 is an over-ear, closed-back design headphone for high comfort and maximum noise rejection. Suitable for multiple applications, from the stage to the studio, DJs, music enthusiasts and TIESTO fans will enjoy the stunning design and impressive sound quality, even in loud environments. >More


    Vestax HMX5 Premium DJ Headphones

    NEW $79.99

    The HMX-05 has been engineered to meet Vestax's exacting requirements in audio quality. The large 40mm drivers have been selected to provide crisp high frequency reproduction, while also handling bass and sub-bass frequencies with ease, making for a serious low-end. >More


    UltraSone Signature DJ Headphones

    NEW $999

    Something all passionate DJs have in common is the desire for an exceptional set of headphones. These unique Ultrasone Signature DJ headphones are the product of this background knowledge, our many years of experience in the professional music business and our passion for high-quality products. >More


    Stanton DJ Pro 2000 Headphones

    NEW $89.99

    The DJ PRO 2000 is a high-quality stereo headphone designed for the professional DJ. Its DJ-friendly features include a rotating ear-cup design, detachable 3m coiled cord, 90 degree (elbow) 1/4 inch connector, and a convenient folding design. >More

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