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    Rane SIXTY-TWO Mixer for Serato Scratch

    NEW $1,999
    NON-NEW $1,659
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $999.50

    Rane and Serato are proud to introduce the Rane Sixty-Two Mixers for Serato Scratch Live. For more than a decade, artists have chosen innovative Rane instruments to advance their art and three generations of TTM series mixers have been the top pick for many of the world's best performers. These mixers more tightly integrate performers, music, software, and hardware. The artist adds the passion, imagination and skills. >More


    NI Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer

    NEW $799
    NON-NEW $649.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $399.50

    The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 is the world's first 2+2 DJ control mixer. Built tough for pro club use, the Z2 excels both as a state-of-the-art club mixer alongside turntables and CDJs, and as the hub of an advanced setup of Remix Decks and controllers. >More


    Pioneer DJM-900SRT DJ Mixer for Serato

    NEW $2,299
    NON-NEW $1,699
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $1,149.50

    The Pioneer DJM-900SRT Serato DJ Edition high performance digital mixer is designed especially for use with Serato DJ software. The DJM-900SRT mixer eliminates the need for an outboard sound card when used in conjunction with multiple players or turntables. >More


    Rane SIXTY-ONE Mixer for Serato Scratch

    NEW $1,399
    NON-NEW $1,099
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $699.50

    The Rane Sixty-One is a plug-and-play package supporting two-deck digital vinyl simulation, software effects and all the record and playback channels you need. The mixer is bundled with Serato Scratch Live and includes both ASIO and Core Audio drivers for use with other audio programs. Two Serato Control Vinyl Records and two Serato Control CDs are included. >More


    Pioneer DJM-900nexus DJ Mixer, 4-Channel

    NEW $1,999
    NON-NEW $1,429
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $999.50

    The Pioneer DJM-900nexus is a high performance digital mixer designed for today's professional DJ performers. An ideal combination with Pioneer's CDJ line of players, the Pioneer DJM-900nexus offers a multitude of features that includes a variety of onboard effects, increased sound quality, and direct PC or Mac connection to enable any DJ to perform to their utmost potential. >More


    Rane SIXTY-FOUR DJ Mixer

    NEW $2,199
    NON-NEW $1,819
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $1,099.50

    The Rane SIXTY-FOUR is a four-channel club mixer with dual USB ports, allowing for effortless DJ changeover and back-to-back performance. Comes with a range of built-in effects and supports Serato Noise Map Vinyl/CD control in Serato DJ. >More


    Pioneer DJM-750 4-Channel Mixer

    NEW $999
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $499.50

    Pioneer offers DJs of all levels the ability to create a wide spectrum of music and mixing arrangements with the introduction of its DJM-750 4-channel digital DJ mixer. >More


    Pioneer DJM-2000nexus DJ Mixer

    NEW $2,499
    NON-NEW $2,099
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $1,249.50

    With Pro DJ Link, the Pioneer DJM-2000nexus can be easily linked together (via LAN cables) with multiple Pro DJ Link enabled Pioneer CDJ players for the convenience of sharing a single music-filled SD card1 or USB storage. >More


    Behringer DDM4000 DJ Mixer with Sampler

    NEW $349.99
    NON-NEW $269.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $175.00

    The DDM4000 is a state-of-the-art 32-bit digital DJ mixer, jam-packed with creative tools, yet its intuitive layout will let you feel at home in an instant. Editing, storing and recalling your settings is simply a breeze! >More


    Pioneer DJM 850 Professional DJ Mixer

    NEW $1,499
    NON-NEW $1,249
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $749.50

    Pioneer DJ continues to make advancements in its lineup of DJ products with the launch of its DJM-850 Performance DJ mixer that brings more functionality for the growing number of DJs that utilize today's popular DJ software. >More


    Allen and Heath Xone 92 DJ Mixer

    NEW $1,499
    NON-NEW $1,199
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $749.50

    The industry-standard Allen and Heath Xone 92 defines the sound of superclubs, with features to suit all DJ styles from breakbeat to techno, trance to house. From the MIDI output capability, which allows control of any DJ production software or devices such as the Korg Kaoss Pad, to the innovative way the two independent VCF filters can be used together, this mixer is a DJ's dream tool. For those who prefer to twist, the Allen and Heath XONE 92R is also available, with rotary instead of linear VCA faders. >More


    Behringer NOX303 DJ Mixer, 3-Channel

    NEW $199.99
    NON-NEW $179.95
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    Armed with many of the same features as the NOX202, the Behringer NOX303 features an additional input channel and VCA-controlled faders with fader start, which allows you to seamlessly integrate auto-start capable CD players. You get the outstanding phono and XENYX mic preamps, renowned for their superior sonic integrity and wide dynamic range, along with built-in USB connectivity. State-of-the-art, beat-syncable FX processing and balanced XLR Master Outputs round out this mighty middleweight. >More


    Rane TTM56S Performance Mixer

    NEW $849
    NON-NEW $699.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $424.50

    The TTM 56 has been the world's most popular performance mixer for many years. Rane takes performance mixer design as seriously as performing DJs take their art form. The TTM56S is flexible, durable, and feature packed. The audio quality of the TTM56S qualifies it for use in the most demanding live venue, recording studio or live broadcast applications. >More


    Pioneer DJM2000 4-Channel DJ Mixer

    NON-NEW $1,699

    With an innovative touch screen and arsenal of remixing FX, the DJM-2000 forms the ultimate club mixer. No less than six individual effects processors lay the foundation for hundreds of music manipulation combinations, so a DJ can always create their own unique sound. >More


    Behringer NOX606 USB DJ Mixer, 6-Channel

    NEW $299.99
    NON-NEW $224.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $150.00

    The full-featured Behringer NOX606 was designed for the DJ who wants everything right at his/her fingertips. With enough inputs to handle a mic, two turntables, two CD players and a USB device (MP3 player or computer), the NOX606 is ready for anything. In addition to the beat-syncable FX processor (which is fully assignable), two VCFs (Voltage Controlled Filters) and two LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) can be assigned to any channel or crossfader side for mind-blowing filter and modulation effects. >More


    Denon DNX500 Professional Rack DJ Mixer

    NEW $449
    NON-NEW $369.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $224.50

    The DN-X500 is a professional 4U 19" rack-mountable analog matrix mixer that has eight line and two phono inputs which can be freely assigned to any of four channels. Four smooth 60 mm VCA channel faders provide level control, and a responsive 45 mm VCA crossfader with contour adjustment. Independent PFL channel meters help DJs to optimize and match levels for each source, ensuring a smooth transition between sources when crossfading. >More


    Behringer DJX900USB USB DJ Mixer

    NEW $249.99
    NON-NEW $179.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $125.00

    What do you get when you merge the highly successful Behringer PRO MIXER DJX750 with the super-smooth infinium "contact-free" optical crossfader and built-in USB connectivity? You get the DJ mixer that's sure to set the industry standard -- the BEHRINGER DJX900USB. >More


    Behringer DX2000USB Pro USB DJ Mixer

    NEW $299.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $150.00

    These days a DJ gig can command a lot more than a mic and a couple of turntables. You may need to accommodate a multimedia presentation, a variety of audio platforms (vinyl, CDs, mp3) and multiple mics--all at the same event! That's why Behringer is proud to present the 7-channel DX2000USB with its built-in USB/audio interface--an invaluable tool for the DJ-of-all-trades. >More


    Behringer NOX404 USB DJ Mixer, 2-Channel

    NEW $179.99
    NON-NEW $139.95
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    Much like an NOX202 on steroids, the 2-channel Behringer NOX404 ups the ante with a switchable FX Loop and adjustable fader curves per channel for the ultimate in control and versatility. Connectivity options include Mic, Line and USB sources, so you can bring all your tunes to the party. And the stereo AUX IN section, complete with Level control, is like getting an extra channel for free! Balanced XLR Outputs and the beat-syncable FX processor make this brawler the logical choice for the on-the-go mix-master. >More


    Stanton RM416 Rackmount DJ Mixer

    NEW $299
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $149.50

    The RM.416 is Stanton's next addition to the RM (Rack Mount) series of mixers. With four traditional channels coupled with three microphone inputs the RM.416 is a perfect mixer for the most demanding mobile or club DJ. In addition to a vast array of traditional connectivity the RM features a USB connection for either playing music from your favorite DJ application or recording your mix in real time. >More


    DJ-Tech DIF1S V2 DJ Mixer, 2-Channel

    NEW $179.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The DJ-Tech DIF-1S features the mini innoFADER from Audio Innovate as the cross fader. Inherited from the original innoFADER, it provides smooth and robust feeling for scratch DJs. The contactless design gives a long life of over 4,000,000 cycles! >More


    Pioneer DJM700 DJ Mixer with Digital I/O

    NON-NEW $749.95

    Introducing the DJM-700; the newest addition to Pioneer's range of professional DJ mixers. Delivering breathtaking scope for creativity, consummate clarity and a world first in terms of its Effect Frequency Filter, the new DJM-700 is dramatically different. >More


    Stanton M203 DJ Mixer, 2-Channel

    NEW $99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Stanton M203 is an entry-level 2-channel performance mixer, conceived with the singular goal of breaking all barriers in terms of what DJ's have come to expect in its price class. The clean and intuitive layout was designed by working DJs with the goal of giving aspiring DJs a comfortable layout with a minimum of fuss - yet even experienced pros will be able to appreciate the instantly familiar look and feel of the M203. >More


    Allen and Heath Xone:23 DJ Mixer

    NEW $299
    NON-NEW $249.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $149.50

    The Allen and Heath Xone:23 is a 2+2 channel DJ mixer packed with pro features that would normally be found in the booth of a top-rated club, including an enhanced version of the legendary Xone filter with resonance control, VCA faders, 3 band total kill EQ, illuminated switches, crossfader curve selector and styling inspired by the flagship Xone:DB4. >More


    Behringer DJX750 5-Channel DJ Mixer

    NEW $199.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    Need an analog DJ mixer for your dance club? Don't want to settle for some run-of-the-mill DJ desk you'll outgrow in just a few weeks? The Pro Mixer DJX750 DJ Mixer merges intuitive operation with built-in digital effects processing for clean, transparent sound that will set your dance floor on fire! >More


    Behringer NOX101 Pro DJ Mixer

    NEW $79.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    Whether you're just getting your DJ rig together, or you're looking for an extremely easy to operate mixer,the Behringer NOX101 DJ Mixer was designed specifically for you. >More


    Numark M6 USB DJ Mixer

    NEW $149
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Numark M6 enables you to step up to a four-channel mixer. This club-style design not only works with any standard audio sources including turntables and CD players, but it also has a USB computer connection. >More


    Behringer NOX202 DJ Mixer, 2-Channel

    NEW $149.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    If the Behringer NOX202 had a middle name it would be "easy." The Behringer NOX202's intuitive layout makes it easy to operate right out of the box. Beneath its elegant exterior lies the heart of a 2-channel DJ battle mixer complete with a beat-syncable FX section, 3-band channel EQ and full-kill filters. Premium-grade phono preamps, along with our legendary XENYX mic preamps, ensure the ultimate in signal integrity and punch. And thanks to NOX202's onboard USB audio interface you can add your MP3s to the mix with just the flick of a switch. The NOX202 is a veritable killer in its weight class! >More


    Rane Sixty-Eight Mixer with Serato Live

    NEW $2,599
    NON-NEW $2,179.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $1,299.50


    Rane and Serato welcome the Rane Sixty-Eight, the ultimate club mixer. Two computers, two USB ports, up to four decks and a range of effects. Introducing the first Scratch Live compatible DJ mixer that allows two computers to be connected simultaneously. >More


    Numark M2 DJ Mixer

    NEW $89
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Numark M2 is a two-channel DJ scratch mixer with all the essentials to hit the stage in Numark style. >More


    Allen and Heath Xone 42 USB DJ Mixer

    NEW $899
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $449.50

    The Allen and Heath Xone 42 is a progressive 4-channel DJ mixer designed for DJ's of all abilities and experience from top pro DJ's to bedroom enthusiasts who want a compact quality mixer with pro features to mix any source - whether vinyl, CD or MP3. >More


    Epsilon INNO-Mix2 DJ Mixer

    NEW $249.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $125.00

    Epsilon INNO-Mix2 is an ultra compact Pro DJ Battle Mixer with a built-in mini iNNO-Fader cross-fader. This professional 2-channel SCRATCH mixer is built to work for over 4 million cycles with contactless design delivering butter smooth, precise and fast transitioning between channels. >More


    Behringer VMX100USB Pro DJ USB Mixer

    NEW $99.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The VMX1000USB, VMX300USB, VMX200USB and VMX100USB DJ Mixers are built to connect directly to your computer and take your music straight into the digital realm. In an instant, these mixers allow you to record and play any digital music file with your PC or Mac computer with no setup drivers required! You also get a massive software bundle to transform your computer into a full-fledged music production and editing studio. >More


    Numark M101 DJ Mixer, 2-Channel

    NEW $79.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Numark M101 is a highly adaptable two-channel mixer for DJs. The Numark M101 lets mobile DJs get up and running quickly regardless of what gear you bring to the gig. Whether for weddings, parties, clubs and everything in-between, the Numark M101 is a perfect mixer for beginners and seasoned DJs alike who want a durable two-channel solution. >More


    Allen and Heath Xone:DB2 DJ Mixer

    NEW $1,499
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $749.50

    The Allen and Heath DB2 boasts twin chainable FX engines, four stereo channels, full Input matrix, and unique Trimodal EQ system. With its built in USB soundcard, MIDI control, Xone Filters and X:LINK connectivity, the Xone:DB2 unleashes the DJ's creativity. >More


    VocoPro KJ-7808RV KJ/DJ/VJ Mixer

    NEW $499
    NON-NEW $299.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $249.50

    The KJ-7808RV is a professional KJ/DJ/VJ Mixer with DSP Mic Effect and Digital Key Control and built In 7 band graphic equalizer. >More


    Numark M101USB USB DJ Mixer, 2-Channel

    NEW $89.99 - $99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    DJs always need a dependable mixer. The Numark M101USB fits the bill perfectly as a highly adaptable two-channel mixer for virtually any DJ. The Numark M101USB lets you get up and running quickly whether you're using a computer, turntables or CDs. The Numark M101USB is right at home at weddings, parties, clubs and everything in-between. >More


    Vestax PMC-05ProIV Black Pro DJ Mixer

    NON-NEW $559.95

    The Vestax PMC-05ProIV 2-Channel 05 Series DJ Mixer compliments the history of the 05 series DJ mixers with its straightforward 2-channel layout, flexible controls CF-X2 digital crossfader, MIDI control and the sound quality professionals expect. >More


    Pioneer DJM350 Pro 2-Channel DJ Mixer

    NON-NEW $539.95

    The Pioneer DJM-350 mixer inherits similar functions and operability of the popular Pioneer DJM series of mixers often experienced in the club scene. The mixer is equipped with four kinds of effects as well as an isolated 3-band equalizer--all of which allow the DJ to make a one-of-a-kind mix. The front USB port allows users to record their DJ mixes onto USB storage devices, check their own mix and take it with them to listen on other devices. >More


    Gemini MM1 Compact DJ Mixer

    NEW $49.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    Good things do come in small packages! The Gemini MM1 offers practical features in an extremely compact design. This supremely portable 2-channel stereo mixer gives DJs the control they demand at a price they can afford. >More

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