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    La Bella 14 products


    La Bella 900 Golden Superior Strings

    NEW $6.99

    With gold nylon treble and polished golden alloy basses, La Bella's 900 Golden Superior Classical guitar string set was made for the concert performer! The feel of the smooth surface on the bass strings promises squeakless transitioning between chords keeping unwanted noise to a minimum. >More


    La Bella 413P Classical Strings

    NEW $16.99

    A unique design, the La Bella 413P studio set has high-density nylon trebles and polished wound basses. The world's first noise free classical guitar strings. La Bella's stone grinding process helps eliminate the harsh squeaking when shifting positions or playing a glissando. >More


    La Bella 2001 Series Classical Strings

    NEW $8.99

    The 2001 series is quickly becoming the most popular classical guitar string in the world. Offered in a variety of tensions for both classical and flamenco players, La Bella 2001 series strings meet the demands of today's most professional guitarists. The 2001 series is the product of intense research and development. Company president Richard Mari Cocco Jr. developed a synthetic monofilament nylon material called Nylon 202. >More


    La Bella Classical Strings (Ball End)

    NEW $6.49

    La Bella's 830 Set features gold-covered bass strings, black treble strings, and a ball end. These are the quality strings you've come to expect from La Bella. >More


    La Bella Silk and Steel Acoustic Strings

    NEW $8.99

    La Bella Silk & Steel wound strings have silver-plated copper wire wound on pure silk filaments wrapped over a steel core. Preferred by finger-style guitarists for their great volume and mellow tone, these strings are meticulously hand-wound using a pure Italian silk underlay and have less tension than standard steel or bronze wound strings. >More


    La Bella Classical Strings (Tie End)

    NEW $6.99

    La Bella's Pacesetter Elite Set features silver-plated bass strings, white treble strings, and a tension of 35.60 kg/78.32lbs. These are the quality strings you've come to expect from La Bella. >More


    La Bella C800 Classical Acoustic Strings

    NEW $5.99

    C800 Criterion's are high quality classical guitar strings La Bella's known for at an unbeatable price. >More


    La Bella RQ80 Requinto String Set

    NEW $6.59

    Slightly smaller than a regular guitar, the Requinto is very popular in Mexico and used in "trios romanticos" for solos using a plectrum. The La Bella RQ80 Requinto String Set is the perfect set to outfit your instrument. >More


    La Bella CT750 Tres Strings

    NEW $5.99

    Also known simply as a Tres, this small Cuban guitar is distinguished by its tapered body and three double courses that are widely spaced out on its guitar-sized fingerboard. La Bella CT750 Cuban Tres Strings can swap in and tonally beautify any Tres. >More


    La Bella Classical Strings (High)

    NEW $6.99

    La Bella's Set 10PH features silver-plated bass strings, clear treble strings, and high tension. These are the quality strings you've come to expect from La Bella. >More


    La Bella 700C Cuatro De Puerto Rico

    NEW $7.99

    The La Bella 700C string pack features 5 courses of strings meant for use with a Cuatro de Puerto Rico guitar. >More


    La Bella VM300 Vihuela De Mexico Strings

    NEW $5.99

    The La Bella VM300 String Pack is meant for the vihuela de mexico. Used in "mariachi" music, this Mexican guitar has 5 nylon strings and is popular in Central America. >More


    La Bella PRT730 Tres String

    NEW $8.99

    The Puerto Rican Tres was created from the Cuban Tres. Unlike the Cuban variety, which has a guitar-like shape, the Puerto Rican Tres is shaped like a Puerto Rican Cuatro with cut outs. >More


    La Bella C750 Classical Strings

    NEW $5.99

    C750 Criterion Clear/Nylon Gold Alloy Classical Guitar Strings from La Bella are known for their unbeatable price and quality. >More

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