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    Miscellaneous Percussion 18 products


    Pearl Primero Steel Timbale Set

    NEW $289.99

    Set these up next to your congas and bongos or add them to your drum kit! The hardware design allows you to fit these timbales alongside any kit. The 13- and 14-inch sizes included in Pearl's PTS5134 timbales provide excellent accents to your music. The included stand tilts to the angle you need. The included 5-inch cowbell is an added bonus for the player who just wants more percussive options. >More


    Latin Percussion FX Rope Tuned Djembe

    NEW $209.99

    Latin Percussion FX rope tuned, all-weather djembes are made from a durable synthetic material is very lightweight, incredibly durable and sounds fantastic. The drum's synthetic head will not stretch, dry out or lose pitch. >More


    Remo Fiberskyn 3 Frame Drum

    NEW $18.99 - $29.99
    NON-NEW $12.95

    The Remo Fiberskyn 3 Frame Drum has a wide body shell and is provided with a thumb notch and four holes located around the circumference of the Acousticon shell. The four holes are placed in a manner allowing the use of many materials such as rope, string, leather or vinyl strips creating a handle to suspend the drum which increase the projection when struck with a mallet or hand. >More


    Latin Percussion Medium Pitch Jamblock

    NEW $28.99

    LP Jam Blocks are the modern versions of the age old wood blocks. Traditional wood blocks were fragile and could not stand up to the rigors of aggressive touring. Crafted from LP's exclusive plastic formulation, Jenigor, their research team designed LP Jam Blocks to have the rich sounds of wood blocks and the strength and durability to withstand even the hardest-hitting players. >More


    Latin Percussion Vibraslap II

    NEW $46.99
    NON-NEW $42.95

    The Vibra-Slap was the first of numerous patents granted to Latin Percussion. It has appeared in more recordings, soundtracks, and advertisements than any sound effect ever made. As with many other LP products, the Vibra-Slap was conceived as a dependable replacement for the original delicate rattling horse jawbone. >More


    Rhythm Tech Mountable Gig Tray

    NEW $34.99

    The Mountable Gig Tray a/k/a MGT is a clamp-on percussion tray which attaches to any stand in your set-up. Made of tough powder-coated steel and measuring 13 1/2 inches wide x 7 1/2 inches deep, the MGT has a soft, silent, no-slip Neoprene surface which keeps noise down when picking up and putting down instruments. >More


    Latin Percussion LP441 Loud Duoshake

    NEW $16.99

    The Latin Percussion LP441 Loud Duoshake Shaker is a dual shaker attached by rubber bands loud for live musical situations. The Softshake is LP’s softest sounding shaker and is perfect when a delicate rhythmic accent is needed. >More


    Latin Percussion Aspire LPA165 Clave

    NEW $7.99

    The Latin Percussion Aspire LPA165 Traditional Claves are exceptionally resonant with variable sound qualities. >More


    Rhythm Tech Studio Shaker Percussion

    NEW $7.99 - $8.99

    The Rhythm Tech Studio shaker features unique internal ridges that control the feel of the instrument and create a dry, crisp, present sound. >More


    Latin Percussion Piccolo Jam Block

    NEW $22.99

    The LP Piccolo Jam Block takes its place as the highest pitch in LP's series of 4 blocks. It emits a bright, almost "tuned" tone in the upper register and will be popular in orchestras, marching bands, and in percussion/drum set ups. From orchestral to film scoring to Latin and rock, the Piccolo Jam Block is a must-have voice. >More


    Remo Percussion Thunder Tube

    NEW $9.99

    Gently shake the Remo Thunder Tube, and the vibrations of the metal spring are transmitted to the drumhead -- creating a unique sound that exists somewhere between the metallic decay of a gong and the low gurgle of a didgeridoo. Easy to play, and capable of creating a wide dynamic range, the Thunder Tube adds creepy textures and whimsical warbles to your percussion bag of tricks. >More


    Rhythm Tech Live Percussion Shaker

    NEW $15.99

    The Live Shaker is 9 in. in length and is constructed from a seamless tube of hardened aluminum. It has a bright sound that's particularly suited for live use. >More


    Latin Percussion LP560 Jam Block

    NEW $29.99

    Enhance your music with the Latin Percussion LP560 Hand Held Jam Block. Available in black with a white striker, the LP560 makes the perfect clave sound. Includes striker. >More


    Latin Percussion LP441 Duoshake

    NEW $16.99

    The Latin Percussion LP441 Medium Duoshake Shaker is a dual shaker attached by rubber bands loud for live musical situations. >More


    Latin Percussion LP3504 Double Ganza

    NEW $54.99

    Great for samba, rock or Latin music! The Latin Percussion LP3504 Double Ganza Shaker is a high pitched Brazilian shaker made of aluminum construction. >More


    Latin Percussion Session Shaker

    NEW $14.99 - $18.99

    The Latin Percussion Session Shaker is great for a variety of musical applications. Its perfectly weighted for a controlled sound. >More


    Remo Rhythm Club Kids Floor Tom

    NEW $23.99
    NON-NEW $19.95

    The Remo Rhythm Club floor tom is a fun, affordable way to add the floor tom to your drum circle, classroom or any musical experience. The Rhythm Club floor tom is made to be played easily by a child's hands, no sharp or rough edges! >More


    Latin Percussion 016 Egg Shaker Trio Set

    NEW $7.49

    The Latin Percussion egg shaker set are shakers for all occasions! >More

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