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    Hosa GFT447 Gaffer's Tape

    NEW $11.25 - $37.95

    Gaffer's tape is a real stage tape -- not to be confused with duct tape. Gaffer's tape is made with a fine cloth weave that leaves little to no adhesive residue behind once it's removed. Duct tape, on the other hand, leaves that sticky, gummy residue. Hosa now offers musicians and stage hands real gaffer's tape -- and best of all, it comes in black. >More


    Fender Bar Stool

    NEW $69.95

    Fender's 24-inch Shorty Bar Stool is perfect for sitting and playing, and you don't have to fall quite so far either! This baby will make you feel like you're in a place where, well, everybody knows your name! Cheers! Some assembly required. >More


    EVH Eddie Van Halen Bar Stool

    NEW $99.99

    Perfect for practice or performance this 24 inch tall bar stool is branded with the iconic EVH logo. As functional as it is comfortable. Assembly required. All tools and parts included. >More


    American DJ Stage Tape

    NEW $14.95 - $24.95

    The American DJ Stage Tape is a must-have accessory for any venue, band, DJ, theater or any other live performance application. >More


    Hosa D5S-6 DeoxIT Contact Cleaner

    NEW $14.99

    DeoxIT is a fast-acting deoxidizing solution designed for use as a general treatment for connectors, contacts, and other metal surfaces. More than a contact cleaner, DeoxIT chemically improves electrical connections. >More


    Whirlwind Console Marking Tape

    NEW $11.99

    Look ma! No residue! Use this 1 in. wide tape for marking channels. Specially designed for consoles. >More


    Gibson Branded Vinyl Stickers

    NEW $9.99

    One of Gibson's most highly-requested items is now available - perfect for players and fans alike. Two Sheets of die-cut vinyl stickers made for both indoor and outdoor use. >More


    Hosa CAIG DeoxIT FaderLube, 5% Spray

    NEW $14.99

    Hosa CAIG DeoxIT FaderLube (formerly CaiLube) is a precision lubricant designed for use on conductive plastic and carbon compound controls. It is also ideal for use on conductive membrane switches and components. >More


    Gibson Logo Barstool

    NEW $89.99

    Everyone has been screaming for these - and Gibson listened! Gibson is proud to offer the constantly-in-demand Gibson Barstools. These barstools come with a 24 inch aluminum, 4-legged base and a slick black vinyl swivel top. Some assembly is required. >More


    Hosa D100S2 CAIG DeoxIT Contact Cleaner

    NEW $15.99

    The Hosa DeoxIT is a fast-acting deoxidizing solution designed for use as a general treatment for connectors, contacts, and other metal surfaces. >More


    Revolve Rescue 1350 Battery Charger

    NEW $29.99

    Never run out of power again with the Revolve Rescue 1350 Portable Battery Charger and Cables! The Rescue 1350 will charge thousands of devices such as iPhone, Curve/Bold, Droid, EVO, Kindle, iPod, GoPro, Garmin, or anything that charges via USB. >More


    JBL MTC2P Wall Mount Kit for Control 2P

    NEW $21

    The Control 2P Master Speaker and Extension Speaker can be wall-mounted using the optional MTC2P mounting kit. >More


    Revolve xeMini Universal Charger

    NEW $69.99
    NON-NEW $29.95

    The Revolve xeMini Universal Battery Charger is offered as a must have accessory for nearly any piece of rechargeable equipment. Perfect for travelers, busy parents, outdoor enthusiasts, students, and more! >More


    Hosa CAIG DeoxIT GOLD Contact Enhancer

    NEW $19.99

    Hosa CAIG DeoxIT GOLD (formerly ProGold) is a unique conditioning solution designed for use in critical applications where only slight cleaning action is necessary. It is intended for use on recently cleaned surfaces only. >More


    Fender Stuffed Stocking Gift Pack

    NEW $24.99

    Not just for musicians, anyone can celebrate the holidays with this festive stuffed Fender Stocking. Emblazoned with an embroidered Fender logo across the top, this fluffy festive holiday stocking offers all the genuine Fender(R) gear you need to please the fan in your family. >More


    Ansmann Battery Charge Station

    NEW $39.99

    The Ansmann Energy 8 Plus is the current upgrade to the Ansmann Energy Series. Like its "big brother" the Energy 16 charger, the Energy 8 Plus recharge station offers the most advanced charging control available today for all the most commonly used sizes of Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium batteries used in electronic appliances. >More


    Hosa IBT-300 Drive Audio Receiver

    NEW $39.95

    Hosa Drive is the best way to hook up your music -- anywhere. Designed with mobility in mind, each product enables today's smartphones and media players to interface with home stereos, car audio systems, or even mixing consoles. >More


    Hosa Goby Labs GLS104

    NEW $7.99

    The Hosa Goby Labs Microphone Sanitizer's anti-bacterial formula kills 99.99% of the germs that cause odors on microphones and gear. >More


    Direct Sound EX-CB1 Carry Bag

    NEW $4.99

    Protect your Extreme Isolation headphones with this padded carry bag. While the Extreme headphones protect your hearing during the gig or jam session, now transport and maintain your headphones in perfect condition. The carry bag has a shoulder strap for easy transportation and heavy duty zippers. >More


    Hosa Goby Labs GSC102 Screen Cleaner

    NEW $5.99

    The Hosa Goby Labs Screen Cleaner is no ordinary screen cleaner. This anti-static formula lifts dust, fingerprints, and other contaminants from all screen surfaces, including smartphones and tablets, without dripping or streaking. >More


    Hosa Goby Labs GLH104 Headphone Cleaner

    NEW $7.99

    Mpm always told us to wash behind the ears. The Hosa Goby Labs Headphone Cleaner protects you from those who didn't listen. >More


    Ansmann Battery Charge Station

    NEW $149.99

    The Energy 16 Plus from Ansmann allows you to recharge AAA, AA, C, D, 9V rechargeable batteries as well as 2 USB devices. The Energy 16 plus also boast two 5V, 1 Amp USB charging ports compatible with, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other 5V USB electronics. >More


    Revolve xeMicro Hybrid Charger

    NEW $39.99

    Revolve's xeMicro replaces your existing charger for over 3,000 devices, like iPhone, BlackBerry, EVO, Droid, Kindle, iPod & more. Use retractable prongs to simultaneously charge two devices at once from an AC wall outlet, or take it with you and charge on the go from the xeMicro's 1, 350 mAh internal battery. Plus, use the hand-squeeze dynamo to generate emergency power wherever you are! Includes USB micro cable. >More


    Hosa CCS2000 DustALL Air Dust Cleaner

    NEW $13.99

    The Hosa DustALL is a general purpose cleaner designed to quickly and safely remove dust, lint, and particles from hard to reach places on instruments, computers, and anywhere dust is a problem. >More


    Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro Battery Charger

    NEW $49.99

    The Powerline 4 Pro from Ansmann is a multifunction charger for up to 4 AA or AAA NiMH batteries as well as USB devices. This completely programmable charger will charge, refresh and test cells individually. >More


    Revolve xeGEO Universal Charger

    NEW $39.99

    Revolve's xeGeo is a compact travel charger and battery backup that works in over 100 countries. It replaces your existing charger and is compatible with over 3,000 devices, like iPhone, BlackBerry, EVO, Droid, Kindle, iPod & more. Use the retractable prongs to simultaneously charge up to two devices at once from an AC wall outlet (EU, UK, US, or AUS), or take it with you and charge on the go from the xeGeo's internal 800 mAh internal battery. >More

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