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    On-Stage Velcro Cable Ties

    NEW $2.99

    The perfect way to contain your unruly cables. Provides an easy, neat way to secure your guitar, mic and power cords. These fabric strips feature Velcro style closures to hold your coiled cables in place. Ties can remain on cable at all times. >More


    Hosa LBL466 Cable Label

    NEW $9.45

    HOSA knows one thing and that is how to best serve a musician. If you find yourself struggling on stage or in your recording studio over which cable goes where and what's connected to what, you'll know why you need these Cable Labels >More


    Hosa WTI-148G Tie Hook Loop Organizer

    NEW $4.45 - $70

    Good cable management is important to good sound quality. Hosa Wire Tie Hook and Loop Organizers make it easy to keep signal and power cables separated and kink free for a stronger signal chain. >More


    Hosa Black Cable Organizer - 10 feet

    NEW $9.95

    Hosa's WHD-Series Cable-Organizer tubing is flexible plastic tubing that is slit longitudinally to allow cables to enter or exit anywhere along its length. Perfect for the keyboardist, whose cable "spaghetti" usually faces the audience, or for anywhere that cable tangles could benefit from some serious organization. >More


    Hosa Astro Grip Cable Organizer Tape

    NEW $19.95

    Hook-and-Loop fasteners have never been easier or more convenient. Hosa's Astro-Grip universal hook-and-loop cable organizer is a continuous strap with hooks on one side and loops on the other. Simply cut the length you need for the job at hand, reducing waste! >More


    Hosa LBL-505 Scribble Strip Console Tape

    NEW $16.95

    Hosa's LBL-505 Scribble Strip console tape makes it easy to keep track of a mixer's input assignments so you can focus on the mix. A snap to apply and just as easy to remove, no mix engineer should be without a roll. >More


    Defender Compact Drop-Over Protector

    NEW $59.99

    The Defender COMPACT drop-over cable protector is a durable light-duty solution to guard cable lines and prevent tripping hazards. Featuring a ribbed surface for excellent traction and integrated dovetail connectors Defender COMPACT drop-over cable ramps are suitable for pedestrian traffic in offices, shopping malls, conference facilities, trade shows and markets as well as stage and studio applications. >More


    Planet Waves PW-ECT-10 Cable Ties

    NEW $8.99

    These Planet Waves cable ties are for 1/4-inch diameter cables and power cords. Planet Waves elastic cable ties are the perfect solution for keeping your cables neat and in proper working order. >More


    Defender MINI Cable Crossover Protector

    NEW $129.99

    The Defender MINI cable crossovers are also available with either a black or yellow lid and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The flat, compact, 3-channel cable crossover with integrated connector plugs and non-slip base provides optimum support on a wide variety of floors. Separately available end ramps (male/female) ensure safe and orderly insertion and removal of cables. >More

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