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    Neutrik NL4FX Connector, 4-pole speakON

    NEW $7.99

    The Neutrik NL4FX is a 4 pole cable connector with chuck type strain relief and a dark grey bushing. The industry-standard for loudspeaker connections offer extremely reliable and robust cable connectors with a reliable locking system. >More


    Switchcraft Right Angle 1/4 in Connector

    NEW $3.99

    Switchcraft's 2-conductor right-angle audio phone plug is designed for OEMs and users of commercial phone plugs. The plugs offer large terminals for easy wiring, and only three pieces to assemble -- handle, insulator and finger/housing assembly and rugged reliability for stable, long-term, trouble-free operation. >More


    Neutrik NYS224 2-Conductor TS 1/4 Male

    NEW $1.99

    This is a 2-conductor mono 1/4 in. plug for a variety of uses. >More


    CBI XLR Male Panel Mount

    NEW $3.99

    The CBI XLR Male Panel Mounts can be seen in famous studios world-wide. Know for their industrial strength construction, durability and dependability get the brand known by pros worldwide, CBI. >More


    Neutrik NL4MP 4-Pole Panel Mount

    NEW $2.99

    The Neutrik NL4MP is 4-pole chassis connector with black D-size flange, countersunk thru holes, and 3/16-inch flat tabs. The Neutrik NL4MP is a state-of-the-art chassis connector for loudspeaker / amplifier applications. They feature a unique locking system, robust plastic housing and high current silver plated contacts. >More


    Neutrik NL4MMX Line Coupler

    NEW $7.99

    4-pole coupler. Links 2 NL2/4FC's together for cable extension. Can be permanently attached to NL2/4FC. >More


    Neutrik NC3FXX XLR Female Connector

    NEW $4.99 - $6.99

    The reliable Neutrik NC3FXX is a 3 pole female cable connector with black metal housing which is an industry standard. Easy to assemble, the NC3FXX connector has improved contact intregrity as well as cable strain relief. >More


    CBI XLR Female Panel Mount

    NEW $3.99

    If you're building boxes for a permanent installation, repairing a snake, hiding a permanent mount in a room, or otherwise in need of quality female XLR panel mounts, the CBI XLR Female Panel Mount will be perfect. >More


    Neutrik NC3MXX XLR Male Connector

    NEW $4.49 - $5.99

    Featuring excellent cable strain relief, the Neutrik NC3MXXB 3-pole male cable connector with black metal housing is the choice of professionals. >More


    Neutrik NP2X 1/4" TS Connector

    NEW $5.99

    When you need high quality components for your cable needs, turn to Neutrik. The NP2X 1/4 inch connector features nickel housing with nickel contacts. >More


    George L Right Angle 1/4 in Plug .155

    NEW $29.99

    George L's quick connect plugs are easy and quick to use. No soldering required! Redo your rig in just minutes and leave the soldering gun at home. >More


    CBI Banana Plug Connectors

    NEW $2.50

    Use this 2-conductor Banana plug connector for purposes such as connecting your PA speakers. >More


    George L's Straight 1/4 in Plug for .155

    NEW $31.99

    George L's Straight Quarter Inch Plugs for .155 Cable; Perfect for quick fixes or building your own cables! Keep some of these around for when you need to fix a cable right before a show. >More


    Hosa JMB-025 Jumbo 1/4" TS Connector

    NEW $3.95

    The Hosa JMB-025 Jumbo 1/4" TS Connector is designed to terminate coaxial cable for unbalanced and mono applications. It is ideal for large-diameter cable, including speaker wire. >More


    Neutrik NYS228 TRS Male Connector

    NEW $2.99

    This is a 3-conductor stereo 1/4 in. plug for a variety of uses. >More


    Hosa 1/4" TRS Connector

    NEW $3

    The Hosa 1/4" TS connector is designed to terminate coaxial cable for unbalanced mono applications. It is ideal for instrument cable and speaker wire. >More


    CBI XLR Male Plug

    NEW $1.99

    This high-quality, affordable XLR jack is ideal for replacing old, worn out connectors or if you're building cables. >More


    Hosa NC3FP-1 Neutrik P-Flange XLR Female

    NEW $4.99

    The Hosa NC3FP-1 is a XLR3F, P flange, Silver-plated Contacts, Nickel Housed Neutrik connector. >More


    Neutrik NP2RX 1/4-inch Right Angle Male

    NEW $4.99

    The heavy duty professional phone plug series improves on the design of the existing C series by offering the thinnest available A-gauge 1/4 inch plug with unique Neutrik chuck type strain relief on the market. The slimline shell with a width of 14.5 mm meets the most recent requirements for highest density jackfields (15.88mm jack pitch). The precise machined one-piece tip contact without rivets makes it unique and avoids hook up in a socket or break off the tip. The Plug X Series serves all applications such as guitar applications, audio cables, snakes, speakers, amplifiers and mixing desks. >More


    Neutrik NYS352 RCA Male Connector

    NEW $0.99

    Neutrik, as the world leader in electronic musical accessories, has set the stage for state of the art audio connector technology. An early understanding of the application of current technology has provided them strength in the marketplace. >More


    Neutrik 4-Pole Locking Line Connector

    NEW $6.99

    Extremely reliable and robust. 4-pole version includes 'Quick Lock' system. Neutrik unique chuck type strain relief. Cable connectors have solid contacts with screw-type terminals, a special stranded wire protection, and are solderable. Excellent price/performance ratio. >More


    Neutrik NC3MRC Male XLR Right Angle

    NEW $7.99

    The Neutrik NC3MRX is a compact, low profile, right-angle connector with Neutrik's "chuck-principle" cable clamp. It features 7 selectable cable outlet positions. >More


    Neutrik NC3FRC Right Angle Female XLR

    NEW $9.99

    The Neutrik NC3FRX is a 3-pole right-angle female cable connector, with nickel housing and silver contacts. The RX Series is the right angle version of the XX cable connector series. >More

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