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    Gibraltar 9608MB Motorcycle Drum Throne

    NEW $164.99

    The Gibraltar 9608MB Motorcycle-top double-braced drum throne is an oversized motorcycle seat drum throne with an adjustable backrest. The 9608MB lets you sit in the driver's seat of comfort and durability. >More


    Gibraltar 6608 Motorcycle Drum Throne

    NEW $64.99

    The Gibraltar 6608 Motorcycle top double-braced drum throne is made from top grade foam for maximum comfort. The 6608 drum throne can adjust from 18 to 24 inches in height with a direct in height adjustment mechanism with memory lock. >More


    Ahead Spinal G Deluxe Drum Throne

    NEW $199.99

    Support your body geometry in ergokinetic comfort with Big Bang Distribution's proprietary series of Ahead premium-quality drum thrones. Ahead drum thrones offer style, stability and adjustability. >More


    Roc N Soc MS Manual Spindle Base Throne

    NEW $159.99

    This innovative cycle seat shape from Roc N Soc helps to prevent leg fatigue during the most demanding rehearsals and performances. The hand-sculptured cushion made of high grade foam ensures that you'll never bottom-out. >More


    Roland Spin Up Double-Braced Drum Throne

    NEW $89.99

    Designed for the professional, the Roland RDT-RVD drum throne delivers maximum comfort without the loss of support. Roland's proprietary blend of foam provides a forgiving core that relieves typical pressure points. >More


    Tama HT850BC 1st Chair Ergo Rider Throne

    NEW $199.99

    Superior comfort and durability for gigging drummers and hobbyists alike! An uncomfortable seat can take your mind off your playing. The Tama HT850BC drum throne helps you put all your energy and attention to what really matters! >More


    Cannon Percussion UP197 Drum Throne

    NEW $32.99

    A rock-solid seat with thick padding, the Cannon Percussion UP197 Round double-braced drum throne is a heavy-duty throne offering strength and comfort. The strong tripod legs are double-braced and capped with fat rubber feet for stability. The seat is generously padded to give you a comfortable ride. >More


    Tama HT130 Double Braced Drum Throne

    NEW $54.99

    The Tama HT130 Double Braced Drum Throne re-sets the standard for affordable drum thrones. Showcasing their renowned penchant for strength and security, Tama upgraded the height adjustment mechanism on the HT130 standard throne by increasing the surface area of the pipe-gripping clamp. >More


    Mapex T775A Drum Throne

    NEW $159

    The Mapex T775A Four Point Support throne provides comfort and stability for every gig. Playing and sounding your best plus feeling comfortable and secure while you play is every bit as important. The heavy-duty four-leg design keeps you completely stable and perfectly balanced while playing. The threaded steel spindle allows precise height adjustment from 18 to 26 inches. A memory lock secures your desired seat height so you're completely comfortable every time you play. >More


    Mapex T750A Double-Braced Drum Throne

    NEW $94.99

    Mapex thrones are durable, stable and comfortable. >More


    Tama HT550 Glide Rider Saddle Hydraulix

    NEW $169.99

    After detailed investigations into shape, material, stretch of cloth, and method of sewing, Tama release the HT550 Glide Rider Saddle Hydraulix Drum Throne. >More


    Gibraltar 9608HM Hydraulic Moto Throne

    NEW $144.99

    Gibraltar's Hydraulic Moto Style Throne features a plush oversized Moto Seat, easy hydraulic adjustment, and a hydraulic Tube Height Adjustment with easy to reach adjustment handle. >More


    Tama HT530BCN 1st Chair Glide Rider

    NEW $149.99

    TAMA's 1st Chair drum thrones were designed with core comfort in mind. Several features have been developed in order to increase stabilization of the throne, and thereby the core, for maximum comfort and enhanced performance. >More


    DW 3100 Double-Braced Drum Throne

    NEW $89.99

    An affordable throne that's not short on quality. A heavy-duty steel tripod base and solid ear casting are designed to last for years and a durable vinyl covered solid foam seat top offer excellent support and comfort. >More


    Pacific Drums DT700 Throne Double Braced

    NEW $54.99

    Heavy duty drum thrones don't have to come in heavy packages. The Pacific Drums DT700 drum throne has enough bracing to handle the heaviest sitters and none of the unnecessary weight to make it hard to lug around. >More


    Mapex T570A Fixed Base Drum Throne

    NEW $74.99

    With its 14" x 4" round cushioned top, the Mapex T570A Fixed Double-Braced Base Drum Throne packs premium level comfort into an economical price. The wide double-braced tripod base make it stable while the steel height adjustment tube with memory lock make it durable and secure enough for anyone. >More


    Gibraltar 9608 Round Top Drum Throne

    NEW $89.99

    The Gibraltar 9608 round-top double-braced drum throne provides professional features and top grade materials. >More


    Roc N Soc Nitro Base Original Throne

    NEW $184.99

    The Roc-N-Soc Nitro drum thrones are compact and incredibly comfortable thrones with a nitrogen gas shock absorber. This feature adds to all other comforts for a player who may desire a little bounce in the seat. >More


    Pearl D50 Lightweight Drum Throne

    NEW $29.99

    Compact and portable, the Pearl D50 drum throne is comfortable and can handle the rigors of the road. The Pearl D50 throne is double-braced to provide stability night after night. >More


    KAT Electronic Drum Kit Expansion Pack

    NEW $89.99

    The KAT KT2EP4 Expansion Pack gives you all the items you'll want to add to start fully enjoying your KAT digital drum kit. These accessories work with both the KAT KT1 and KT2 Digital Drum Kits. >More


    Tama HT550BCN Hydraulic Drum Throne

    NEW $169.99

    Tama's HT550BCN 1st Chair drum thrones was designed with core comfort in mind. Several new features have been developed in order to increase stabilization of the throne, and thereby the core, for maximum comfort and enhanced performance. >More


    Roc N Soc WB Add-On Throne Back Rest Kit

    NEW $54.99

    This Roc N Soc back rest can be added to any Roc N Soc drum throne for improved back support. >More


    Latin Percussion LP1445 Padded Throne

    NEW $19.99

    Add comfort to your cajon without sacrificing the sound with the Latin Percussion LP1445 Padded Cajon Throne. This padded seat provides added comfort which comes in handy on those extra-long gigs that have you playing for hours on end. >More


    On Stage MDT2 DrumFire Drum Throne

    NEW $47.99

    The On-Stage MDT2 DrumFire double-braced drum throne features a soft, foam-cushioned seat and double-braced tripod legs, which offer strength and stability. Unlike lesser designs, the MDT2 is secure, without any wiggling, thanks to a spider-shaped insert at the base of the height-adjustable shaft. >More

    Gon Bops Cajon Seat Pad/Holster

    NEW $27.99

    Provides a comfortable, non-slip seat with pockets for your brushes, mallets, smaller hand percussion instruments and electronics or mobile device. Also offers protection from scratches or dings for your cajon. >More


    Pacific Drums 800 Series Drum Throne

    NEW $79.99

    The Pacific 800 Series Drum Throne features double braced legs, a medium-weight base, contoured wing screws, oversized rubber feet and generous padding on a round seat. It is ready to provide strength, durability, and flexibility everytime you are ready to play. >More

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