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    Kemper Profiler PowerHead Modeling Amp

    NEW $2,225 - $2,694

    The Kemper Profiler PowerHead Profiling Guitar Amp Head adds a built in 600 Watt power amp to the Kemper Profiler concept, making it not only perfect for studio work, but also an incredibly powerful live rig. >More


    Kemper Profiler PowerRack Modeling Rack

    NEW $2,225 - $2,694

    The Kemper Profiler PowerRack Modeling Guitar Amplifier adds a built in 600 Watt power amp to the Kemper Profiler and packs it into a rackmountable unit for stage and studio use. >More


    Friedman BE-50 Deluxe Guitar Amp Head

    NEW $3,499.99
    NON-NEW $3,150

    By combining the evolutional tonal pallet of his BE and HBE circuits, as well as the chiming cleans of the Buxom Beauty in his all new BE-50 Deluxe all-tube amplifier head, Dave Friedman is unleashing his most flexible design yet. >More


    Marshall Studio Vintage Plexi 20

    NEW $1,299.99

    This Marshall Studio Vintage Plexi Guitar 20 Watt Amplifier Head delivers the unmistakable tone shaping and harmonics that are expected from the 1959SLP in a portable format. >More


    Orange Rockerverb MkIII Guitar Amp Head

    NEW $2,149

    Celebrating its 10th Anniversary last year, the Rockerverb Series demonstrates better than anything else that a workhorse amp can be a master of all trades. The original Rockerverb was actually Orange's first ever 'high gain' amplifier, with a unique voice that quickly became a firm favorite amongst the heavy crowd. >More


    Marshall DSL100HR Guitar Amplifier Head

    NEW $899.99
    NON-NEW $764.95

    The DSL amps are laden with Marshall tone, features and functionality for the novice, as well as pros performing on the world's biggest stages. >More


    Marshall Studio Classic JCM 800 Amp Head

    NEW $1,299.99
    NON-NEW $1,099

    The Marshall Studio Classic JCM 800 Guitar Amplifier Head delivers the full spectrum of JCM800 2203 tone from rich and full cleans to heavier driven aggressive sounds in a portable format. It has a master volume, versatile EQ settings including presence control, a preamp volume control, an added effects loop and DI out. >More


    PRS MT-15 Mark Tremonti Signature Amp

    NEW $649

    The PRS MT 15 is a commanding two channel amp with balanced aggression and articulation. Powered by 6L6 tubes, the MT 15 has a large, bold sound, so you can dig in heavy with rhythms but also get singing lead tones out of one amp. Whether recording, practicing, writing, or playing a small room, this amp has everything you need. >More


    Peavey Invective 120 Guitar Amp Head

    NEW $1,999.99

    Guitarists with heavier tastes looking for their next upgrade will find a sturdy solution in the Peavey invective.120 Head and invective 212 Cabinet. >More


    Victory VX100 The Super Kraken Amplifier

    NEW $1,919

    The Victory VX100 The Super Kraken Amplifier Head has morphed into an even more powerful beast via 100 massive watts of 6L6 power. >More


    Victory V30 The Countess MKII Guitar Amp

    NEW $1,279
    NON-NEW $1,087

    This Victory V30 The Countess MKII Guitar Amplifier Head, we’ve added an extra footswitchable crunch mode to the clean channel – developed for V130 The Super Countess – that offers a whole new palette of pushed clean, crunch and light overdrive tones to the party. >More


    Boss Katana-Head Guitar Amplifier Head

    NEW $349.99
    NON-NEW $296.95

    Compact and powerful, the 100-watt Katana-Head delivers sharply defined rock tones with rich, commanding presence. The amp also includes integrated access to a huge range of BOSS effects, which are customizable using the free BOSS Tone Studio editor software. >More


    Peavey 6505 Plus Guitar Amplifier Head

    NEW $1,299.99

    The 6505 is the relaunch of the 5150 Series, the immensely popular amplifiers Peavey designed with Edward Van Halen. The 6505 Plus features six 12AX7 preamp tubes and four 6L6GC power amp tubes, with presence and resonance controls and three-band EQ for taming their notorious tone. >More


    Orange CR120H Crush Guitar Amp Head

    NEW $449

    The high-power Orange CR120H Crush Guitar Amplifier Head heralds a dawn for Orange Amplifiers. These mark Orange's first foray into the world of high-power, solid-state amplifiers. >More


    Bugera 333XL-INFINIUM Guitar Amp Head

    NEW $649.99
    NON-NEW $549.95

    The Bugera 333XL / 333XL-212 is the big brother to the 333 Series, with four key additions. >More


    Victory V40H Deluxe Amplifier Head

    NEW $1,599
    NON-NEW $1,359

    This Victory V40H Deluxe Amplifier Head lives up to its name in stunning cream vinyl over traditional wooden cabinets with leather corners and handle for a modern-boutique look. >More


    Fuchs ODS Classic Dual Boost Amp Head

    NEW $2,795

    Bridging the pricing gap between the Casino Series and the ODS-II Series amps, the Fuchs ODS Classic Series amps continue the legacy of their flagship amp at a price within reach of the casual gigging musician. The original Overdrive Supreme (also known as the ODS) became an iconic amp over its near 17 year lifespan. >More


    Friedman Runt-50 Guitar Amplifier Head

    NEW $1,799
    NON-NEW $1,619

    The Runt-50 is a 50-watt all tube head that delivers Friedman's legendary tone in a versatile 2-channel amp. The Runt-50 power section is driven by two EL-34s, with four 12AX7s in the preamp. >More


    Marshall DSL20HR Guitar Amplifier Head

    NEW $499.99
    NON-NEW $449.95

    We are proud to announce that the next generation of the Marshall DSL series has arrived! The new DSL amps are laden with Marshall tone, features and functionality for the novice, as well as pros performing on the world's biggest stages. >More


    Orange Micro Dark Terror Mini Guitar Amp

    NEW $189


    Building on the overwhelming success of the acclaimed Dark Terror and Dual Dark amps, Orange distilled thousands of customer demands into a pint-sized valve hybrid head - the Micro Dark. >More


    Orange Rockerverb MkIII Guitar Amp Head

    NEW $1,999

    The Rockerverb 50 MKIII head combines over a decade of user feedback with numerous improvements to the design. In a first for the Rockerverb Series, the MKIIIs include selectable output power options to manipulate headroom and volume. This 50 Watt version switches down to 25W in half power mode, whilst the mains transformers have also been upgraded better low end response and articulation. The MKIII also features the same footswitchable attenuator that has been so popular with users of the Thunderverb and Dual Dark Series amps. >More


    Peavey 6505 Plus Mini Guitar Amp Head

    NEW $599.99

    Featuring an all tube preamp and power amp, the Peavey 6505 MH authentically produces the much loved tones of the legendary Peavey 6505 in a small, portable package. The 6505 MH has two channels that follow the same gain structure and voicing of its big brother! >More


    Marshall Origin50H Guitar Amplifier Head

    NEW $599.99

    This 50w head enables you to express your personality. The Origin50H delivers classic, rich and harmonic tones with a contemporary, sleek style. This all-valve amp has power reducing features making it ideal for different environments from performing on stage to recording in the studio. With an included footswitch, you can turn the gain boost and the FX loop on and off. >More


    Laney LA30BL Guitar Amplifier Head

    NEW $1,199

    The Laney LA30BL 30W head comes loaded with a classic tube complement of three 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL34 power-amp tubes. >More


    Orange Pedal Baby 100 Guitar Amp Head

    NEW $399

    The Orange Pedal Baby 100 is a 100W class A/B power amplifier, designed for the touring musician. Neutral-sounding but still flattering, it's perfect for guitarists running pedal boards, modellers or digital processors. Light, compact and built for the road; fly dates and changing venues are all taken in its stride. >More


    Marshall Mini Jubilee Guitar Amp Head

    NEW $1,299.95
    NON-NEW $1,169

    Inspired by the acclaimed 2555X series, the 2525H 'small box' head combine the classic Silver Jubilee preamp features and styling in a lower power, 'mini' design. >More


    Friedman BE-100 Deluxe Guitar Amplifier Head (100 Watts)

    NEW $3,799.99

    For over a decade Dave Friedman's "BE" circuit has been hailed as the epitome of British tone. In recent years, this tonal infusion has made the Friedman BE-100 the most popular and sought after 100-Watt boutique amp by a mile. The new BE-100 Deluxe, like its little brother the BE-50 Deluxe, takes this BE circuit to a whole new level. >More


    Randall RD100H Guitar Amplifier Head

    NEW $999.99

    The Randall RD100H Guitar Amplifier is a 3-Channel, 100-watt, all tube (12AX7/6L6) head with Tube Boost Mode, Speaker emulated XLR direct output with ground lift, Class A Discrete instrument level FX loop, 4 function footswitch. >More


    Marshall JVM205H 2-Channel Guitar Amp

    NEW $1,799.99
    NON-NEW $1,529

    The JVM Series from Marshall is the most comprehensive range of professional, all-valve amplifiers ever offered. The JVM205H head is a 2-Channel 50 Watts tone buster. No other multi-channel, multi-mode amplifier delivers the amazing all-valve tone offered by the JVM at any price. Multiple, all-valve voicings provide an amazing array of tones which are accessible from the front-panel switches, MIDI or via the revolutionary technology of the supplied footswitch. Hailed as a breakthrough in amplification by the world's guitar press, the JVM Series offers a powerstage built on the peerless EL34 designs responsible for the legendary Marshall roar. >More


    Randall RG1003H Guitar Amplifier Head

    NEW $329.99

    Returning to the original high performance FET circuits that Don Randall founded the Randall company on, the RG1003H delivers high gain tone with a tight response. The 3-channel 100 watt head features crunchy distortion and a tight punishing low end. >More


    Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini Guitar Amp

    NEW $1,499

    Dave Friedman’s Dirty Shirley Mini is a 20 Watt Head version of the popular full sized Dirty Shirley which was designed for guitarists that want a vintage “Classic Rock” tone inspired by British tube amps from the 60’s and 70’s but in a compact size and weight. >More


    Seymour Duncan PowerStage 170 Pedal

    NEW $399

    The Seymour Duncan PowerStage 170 is a game-changing product for guitar players that have dreamed of the day their entire rig can live on their pedal board. Maybe you love your tube amp but don't want to lug it around. >More


    Victory RK50 Richie Kotzen Signature

    NEW $1,299

    This creation of the Victory RK50 Richie Kotzen Signature Guitar Amplifier Head comes from a rekindling of a long-standing friendship between the celebrated American rocker and Victory Amplification chief designer, Martin Kidd. >More


    Randall RD45 Diavlo Guitar Amp Head

    NEW $659.99
    NON-NEW $593.95

    The Randall RD45H Diavlo Guitar Amplifier Head is the perfect size head for virtually any venue. The 45 watts of all tube power is a great medium for players who need more than 20 watts but don't require the excessiveness of a 100-watt head. >More


    Line 6 Spider V 240HC MkII Amplif

    NEW $499.99

    The Line 6 240-watt Spider V 240HC MkII amp head enables you to rage onstage when paired with the matching Spider V 4x12 MkII speaker cabinet or other speaker cabinet of your choice. Even hipper, built-in 4" speakers and tweeters enable it to be used as a standalone 50-watt stereo combo amp for practice or even mid-volume band rehearsals. >More


    Orange OR15 Guitar Amplifier Head

    NEW $699
    NON-NEW $628.95

    The Orange OR15H offers an alternative specification for those looking for a 15-watt Class A guitar amp, still delivering the vintage Orange tone and for the first time offering the 'Pics Only' styling in a 'smaller' package, also with three band EQ and valve FX loop. >More


    Victory VX The Kraken Amplifier Head

    NEW $1,239

    The Victory VX The Kraken Amplifier Head two-channel monster starts with classic British-inspired rhythm tones in Gain I mode. >More


    Victory DP40 Danish Pete Duchess 40 Head

    NEW $1,239

    This special-edition Victory DP40 The Duchess in arresting purple, with a slightly tweaked reverb section for Danish Pete! V40 The Duchess is a single-channel valve amp that's all about maximum tone with minimum confusion. >More


    Laney Ironheart IRT Studio Guitar Amp

    NEW $699
    NON-NEW $594.95

    The Laney Ironheart IRT Studio Guitar Amplifier Head features the same great IRONHEART tones as the bigger heads but in a low wattage studio package with some neat features added. >More


    Friedman Small Box Guitar Amp

    NEW $2,799
    NON-NEW $2,519

    Dave Friedman's Smallbox, 50 Watt Head was designed for guitarists that want the classic tones reminiscent of great vintage plexis as well as Friedman's more modern high gain offerings. >More

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