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    Whirlwind MC20 Microphone Cable

    NEW $10.99 - $169.99

    For those who want Whirlwind quality in an economical package -- this imported microphone cable is built to Whirlwind's own specifications. XLR to XLR. Balanced. >More


    Whirlwind IMP2 Direct Box

    NEW $53

    An economical Direct Box that converts a line or instrument level unbalanced signal to a low impedance balanced signal. The input is Hi-Z bridging and the output is provided with a ground lift switch. Utilizes the TRHL transformer. >More


    Whirlwind EGC 20 Guitar Instrument Cable

    NEW $10.99 - $52.99

    Get Whirlwind quality in an economical package! This flexible, low-noise cable is a great deal. Features include high quality connectors. >More


    Whirlwind PCUSB Direct Box

    NEW $150

    The Whirlwind PCUSB USB converts the digital audio from USB outputs to high quality analog, stereo, balanced audio for easy connection to PA systems, mixing boards, etc. >More


    Whirlwind DIRECT2 Dual Direct Box

    NEW $125

    Perfect for converting unbalanced signals from stereo keyboards, acoustic guitar preamps, CD and tape players, computer sound cards, etc. The DIRECT2 combines features found on two of Whirlwind's DIRECTOR direct boxes in one unit. >More


    Whirlwind SPLIT6 1x6 Line Level Splitter

    NEW $79.99

    Split your line level signal up to 6 times with the Split 6 by Whirlwind. This handy box features 1 female XLR input wired to 6 male XLR outputs. >More


    Whirlwind EDB1 Direct Box

    NEW $40

    The EDB1 direct box offers rugged construction while maintaining exceptional sound quality. Features include a pad switch for connecting to "hot" signal sources and a ground lift switch. Metal construction is solid, and sound quality is excellent. >More


    Whirlwind Selector A/B Pedal

    NEW $119

    With the flick of your ankle, you can switch from one guitar to the other, with only one amp, and no popping, crackling, or noise at all. Or you can have 2 amps and one guitar, and switch between them at will. >More


    Whirlwind Rochester Gold Box Distortion

    NEW $99.95
    NON-NEW $84.95

    This classic hand-wired tank of a box delivers a wide range of sonic distortion from a subtle, warm, tube-driven tone to balls-to-the-walls searing hot overdrive, with that vintage sustain and classic tone you grew up with. >More


    Whirlwind FXEQBP Perfect Ten Graphic EQ

    NEW $217

    The Whirlwind FXEQBP Perfect Ten Graphic EQ Bass Pedal opens up a whole new world for bass players. This unbelievably clean 10-band EQ has made it possible for bass players to tailor their tone with a level of precision and clarity that hasn't existed in a pedal until now. >More


    Whirlwind Rochester Orange Box Phaser

    NEW $138
    NON-NEW $123.95

    The Whirlwind Orange Box phaser is the swirling edgy phaser that started it all! The Orange Box phaser pedal is a handwired classic that features select resistors paired with hand matched components to achieve the same smooth and warm modulation as the original. The Orange Box phaser pedal provides gobs of thick rich tone. This little box can be heard on more hit albums than any other FX box in history-hands down. >More


    Whirlwind Selector XL Active A/B Pedal

    NEW $231

    The Whirlwind Selector XL is a programmable footswitch device that provides two signal paths for a microphone with independent muting of each path. Switching between outputs is completely silent and noise free. >More


    Whirlwind FXEQ10P Perfect Ten 10-Band EQ

    NEW $217
    NON-NEW $184.95

    Whirlwind's 10-band equalizer FX pedal for guitar and keyboards, the Whirlwind FXEQ10P Perfect Ten 10-Band EQ Pedal was designed by Tony Gambacurta, affectionately referred to as the Guru of modern EQs. Gambacurta has been designing audio products for over 35 years at MXR, ART and Whirlwind. >More


    Whirlwind Console Marking Tape

    NEW $11.99

    Look ma! No residue! Use this 1 in. wide tape for marking channels. Specially designed for consoles. >More


    Whirlwind Cab Driver Speaker Checker

    NEW $223

    The Whirlwind Cab Driver is a test device for checking the operation of the speaker components within enclosures. A pink noise signal source is sent through pushbutton selectors to an assortment of speaker connectors, including Speakon NL8 and NL4, 1/4" TS and banana jacks. >More


    Whirlwind MicMute PM Microphone Switcher

    NEW $80

    The Whirlwind MicMute PM is configured as Push to Mute switches, meaning that the input signal is normally on, passing through the box. When the switch is depressed and held down, the signal is turned off or muted. The signal is reconnected as soon as the switch is released. >More


    Whirlwind SP1X3 1x3 Microphone Splitter

    NEW $119.99

    The Whirlwind SP1X3 provides one direct and two transformer isolated outputs, respectively, from a mic level input. >More


    Whirlwind Little IMP Matcher

    NEW $14.99

    Some mixers have high-impedance 1/4" inputs that don't work with standard low-impedance XLR microphones. This inline impedance-matching transformer is the solution for making that connection, with a female XLR jack and a male 1/4" TS plug. >More


    Whirlwind Rochester Red Box Compressor

    NEW $149
    NON-NEW $134.95

    The Whirlwind Red Box Compressor is a true classic and can be heard in almost every great rock recording of the 70s and 80s. The Red Box compressor pedal is best known for its crisp percussive attack when applied to a clean guitar as well as it lush rich sustain when soloing. >More


    Whirlwind ISOXL Transformer

    NEW $48

    Professional quality compact transformer in an XLR male/female tube for quick fix line isolation. The shield is lifted from input to output. >More


    Whirlwind ISOPOD XLR to Mini TRS

    NEW $56

    Housed in a high impact nylon casing, the ISOPOD safely sums to mono and transformer isolates unbalanced 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo connections to balanced, XLR. Nominal insertion loss = -6 dB. >More


    Whirlwind IMP JT Passive Direct Box

    NEW $162

    This top of the line passive DI features a Jensen transformer renowned for wide frequency response and superior noise reduction. >More


    Whirlwind HATT4 Headphone Amplifier

    NEW $291

    The Whirlwind HATT4 is a sonically superior, four-output stereo headphone amplifier. The outputs deliver clean, high-power signal capable of driving any modern type of earbuds or headphones. >More


    Whirlwind FXBOMBP The Bomb Boost Pedal

    NEW $112
    NON-NEW $94.95

    Whirlwind's The Bomb 26 dB Boost Pedal couldn't be simpler: one knob dials your volume boost from 1 to 11, taking you from a gentle increase in volume and gain for those subtle acoustic solos, all the way to eleven, giving you as much boost as you can handle! >More

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