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Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Multi-Pack

Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Multi-Pack

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The Ernie Ball Wonder Wipe Combo pack with 6 packs of Fretboard, Polish and String cleaner instrument care wipes.
- Fretboard Conditioner
- Nourish your Neck in Minutes! Unique blend of orange, jojoba and linseed oils eliminate dirt and grime off your fretboard in one easy swipe!
- String Cleaner
- Clean & Extend the Life of Your Strings in One Easy Swipe! This lubricating formula eliminates acid, dirt, and grime while maximizing the life and tone of your strings.
- Instrument Polish
- Brilliant Shine and Protection In One Easy Swipe! This chemically engineered formula eliminates unwanted haze and streak marks while preserving your instrument's original appeal.


- 6 wipes, all bases covered
- Fretboard Conditioner cleans and conditions your fretboard
- Body Polish preserve's your instrument's original appeal
- String Cleaner eliminates acid, dirt, and grime