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    K&M Spider Pro Dual-Tier Keyboard Stand

    NEW $349.99

    The "Spider Pro" is the further development of the "Spider" keyboard stand. The "Spider Pro" is equipped with a pair of extendable support arms, as well as an additional pair of extendable support arms with a 15-degree tilt angle. The "Spider Pro" can be fitted with additional support arms for a third keyboard. The "Spider Pro" also has a 3/8" or 5/8" threaded connection for attaching microphone booms. >More


    K&M Omega Table Style Keyboard Stand

    NEW $209.99

    The K&M Omega Table Style Keyboard Stand features compact steel tubing construction and large round floor protectors make this attractive keyboard stand significantly more stable. >More


    K&M 18993 Rick 20 Keyboard Stand

    NEW $109.99

    K&M 18993 Rick 20 Double-X Keyboard Stand is a comfortable and extremely sturdy X-stand for stage pianos. The new design of the double brace stand tubes provides for perceptible stability and safety. The ergonomic clamping lever makes it easy to setup and collapse the keyboard stand. >More


    K&M 14761 Acoustic Performer Stand

    NEW $299.99

    The K&M 14761 Acoustic Guitar Performer Stand allows acoustic guitars to be played exactly where they need to be. Features include 2-way height adjustment and a felt-lined instrument support arm. >More


    K&M Guardian 3 Plus 1 Multi-Guitar Stand

    NEW $199.99

    The K&M Guardian 3 Plus 1 Multi-Guitar Stand keeps one acoustic and 3 electric guitars safe, saves span style space and keeps instruments clearly arranged for musicians. >More


    K&M 21459 Speaker Stand Package

    NEW $159.99

    Two Konig and Meyer 21450 speaker stands and one convenient carry bag are included in this outstanding package! >More


    K&M 17515 Guardian Series Multi Guitar

    NEW $189.99 - $229.99
    NON-NEW $174.95

    The Konig & Meyer 17515 Guardian Series Multi Guitar Stand safely secures your favorite guitars, saves space and allows you an easy overview of your guitars. Ideal for use in the studio, on stage in a shop or at home. No matter whether you have acoustic, electrical or bass guitars, the special instrument-compatible supports protectively hold your guitars. >More


    K&M KM21360 Ring Lock Speaker Pole

    NEW $70
    NON-NEW $62.95

    The K&M 21360 distance rod Ring Lock pole is a steel connecting rod for satellite systems. Both ends on on the pole fitted with a unique patented expanding mandrel system for a tight and firm fit for the base and satellite speaker. Moveable plastic splints separate the speaker from the stand creating a vibration-free connection. This pole also features an easy to use ring lock. >More


    K&M 21430 Overhead Tripod Mic Boom Stand

    NEW $400

    Mobile heavy steel microphone stand for studio or stage. 10 kg cast metal base, low centre of gravity for high level safety with 3 lockable castor wheels. Rod combination extends to over 2 m with additional locking mechanism. Extendable boom arm with a 3 kg counterweight and 5/8 inch connecting thread. Additional mini boom arm with 5/8 - and 3/8 - inch connecting thread, fully adjustable regardless of the position of the main boom arm, e.g. to use with studio microphones. >More


    K&M 21367 Adjustable Ring Lock M20 Pole

    NEW $109.99

    This K&M 21367 Adjustable Ring Lock M20 Sub Pole is a high quality, height adjustable distance rod that is a guarantee for a secure, stable and quiet connection to satellite systems. >More


    K&M 23910 Microphone Stand Adapter

    NEW $19.99

    The Koenig and Meyer Quick Release Adapter makes quickly switching of microphones or other accessories on stage or in studio easier. The adapter consists of two components. >More


    K&M 235/1 Stereo Microphone Bar

    NEW $21.99

    Easily mount two mics in one stand. Perfect for use with stereo pairs or for percussion micing. Fits any 5/8-inch - 27 male thread. Made in Germany. >More


    K&M 17541 A-Frame Guitar Stand

    NEW $47.99

    The K&M 17541 A-Frame guitar stand is stable, sturdy, simple and easy to adjust and fold. Width adjusts from 8.66 to 13.78". >More


    K&M KM21336 Adjustable Speaker Pole

    NEW $70

    The K&M 21336 distance rod is a connecting rod for satellite systems it features a spring-loaded locking screw and a safety bolt. The K7M 21336 is constructed out of Steel tubing. >More


    K&M 14077 Keyboard Bench

    NEW $169.99

    The K&M 14077 Keyboard Bench is extremely, with sturdy tubular steel. This bench is height-adjustable, features a wobble-free design, is collapsible for easy transport, and features a White imitation leather seat. >More


    K&M 21460 Aluminum Speaker Stand

    NEW $159.99

    The world-wide acclaimed speaker stand has been upgraded by the K&M 21460 Aluminum Speaker Stand. All clamps are now high quality zinc die-cast. The leg construction and large fixed foot end caps enhance safety and stability even further. >More


    K&M 14760 Performer Stand

    NEW $299.99

    The K&M 14760 electric guitar performer stand is convenient for performing. It features a 2-way height adjustment, and felt-lined instrument support arm. Angle and length adjusts to your needs. >More

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