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K&M 21367 Adjustable Ring Lock M20 Sub Pole

K&M 21367 Adjustable Ring Lock M20 Sub Pole

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This K&M 21367 Adjustable Ring Lock M20 Sub Pole is a high quality, height adjustable distance rod that is a guarantee for a secure, stable and quiet connection to satellite systems. The height is adjusted by an easy-to-use spring-loaded bolt and locking screw. The distance rod is connected to the subwoofer using the M20 threaded bolt. The unique patented expanding mandrel system provides a stable, tight and firm fit for satellite speakers. The movable plastic splints provide for a vibration-free connection between the rod and the speaker. Connecting the speaker is easy and is done using the handy ring lock
- which is simply placed in position and screwed on.


- Patented expanding mandrel system
- Ring Lock
- Vibration-free connection due to moveable plastic splints
- M20 bolt for precise and vertical fit