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    Whirlwind ISOXL Transformer

    NEW $48

    Professional quality compact transformer in an XLR male/female tube for quick fix line isolation. The shield is lifted from input to output. >More


    Audio-Technica CP8201 Transformer

    NEW $12.99

    This Lo-Z to Hi-Z Transformer matches low-impedance microphones to high-impedance electronic inputs while maintaining high frequency response. It also permits use of long microphone cables, still reducing noise pickup. >More


    Hosa MIT-435 Lo-Z to Hi-Z Transformer

    NEW $19.95

    Plug a standard XLR microphone into an 1/4" instrument input with the Hosa MIT-435 XLR Female Lo-Z to 1/4-inch TS Hi-Z Transformer. >More


    Hosa MIT-129 Female TS 1/4" to XLR Male

    NEW $19.95

    The Hosa MIT-129 female TS 1/4-inch to XLR male impedance transformer is designed to match 50K output impedance to 200R input impedance. >More


    Hosa MIT-156 Impedance Matcher XLR-3F to

    NEW $23.45

    The Hosa MIT-156 Impedance Matcher Transformer is designed to match 600R output impedance to 2.5K input impedance. It may be used to connect a microphone to a portable recording device, camcorder, or PC. >More


    Whirlwind Little IMP Matcher

    NEW $14.99

    Some mixers have high-impedance 1/4" inputs that don't work with standard low-impedance XLR microphones. This inline impedance-matching transformer is the solution for making that connection, with a female XLR jack and a male 1/4" TS plug. >More


    Hosa ATT-448 XLR Input Attenuator

    NEW $23.45

    The Hosa ATT-448 Input Attenuator adaptor is designed to add attenuation to a dynamic microphone. >More


    Hosa MIT-176 XLR Female to Female TS

    NEW $27.95

    The Hosa MIT-176 XLR female to female TS 1/4-inch impedance transformer is designed to match 200R output impedance to 50K input impedance. >More


    Whirlwind ISOPOD XLR to Mini TRS

    NEW $56

    Housed in a high impact nylon casing, the ISOPOD safely sums to mono and transformer isolates unbalanced 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo connections to balanced, XLR. Nominal insertion loss = -6 dB. >More


    Shure A95UF Impedance Transformer

    NEW $39.95
    NON-NEW $34.95

    This reversible transformer matches low- or high-impedance microphones to high- or low-impedance inputs. The transformer permits use of very long microphone cables with either low- or high-impedance microphones. However, when connecting a high-impedance microphone, limit the cable length between the microphone and the transformer to 4.6 m (15 ft). The cable from the transformer to the low-impedance input can be any desired length. >More


    Shure A95U Impedance Transformer

    NEW $39.99

    This reversible transformer matches low or high-impedance microphones to high or low-impedance inputs. The transformer permits use of very long microphone cables with either low or high-impedance microphones. >More

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