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Audio-Technica CP8201 Lo-Z to Hi-Z Transformer

Audio-Technica CP8201 Lo-Z to Hi-Z Transformer

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Connect an XLR microphone cable to an 1/4" instrument jack with Audio-Technica's CP8201 impedance-matching transformer. This handy adapter converts standard XLR low-impedance signals to high-impedance instrument-level signals, allowing you to plug XLR mics into guitar amps, pedalboards, or any 1/4" instrument input.This impedance-matching transformer is designed to match 200-ohm output impedance to 50K-ohm input impedance. With an input impedance of 200 ohms and output impedance of 50,000 ohms, it's the perfect adapter for connecting a microphone to a Hi-Z instrument jack, such as the 1/4" jack on a guitar amplifier or guitar effects pedal.Note: This adapter does not pass phantom power, since it uses a two-conductor 1/4" TS plug. It cannot be used with condenser microphones that require external phantom power to operate.


- Lo-Z to Hi-Z Transformer matches low-impedance microphones to high-impedance instrument jacks
- Reduces noise and hum caused by impedance-mismatched connections
- Maintains high-frequency response of signals that is reduced by an impedance mismatch

About Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica has been dedicated to advancing the art and technology of electro-acoustic design and manufacturing since 1962. From a beginning in state-of-the-art phono cartridges, A-T has expanded over the years into high-performance headphones, microphones, mixers, and electronic products for home and professional use. In each area the goal has been to create innovative, problem-solving products. The results of these engineering and production efforts can be seen in the effective use of A-T products in a broad spectrum of applications.