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ART Tube MP/C Microphone Preamplifier and Compressor

ART Tube MP/C Microphone Preamplifier and Compressor

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The ART Tube MP/C (PreAmplifier/Compressor) is a multi-purpose tool for audio engineering and recording. Two independent circuits featuring a tube-based analog preamplifier and a VCA-less compressor with optical gain reduction control are housed in one, convenient desk-top chassis. Used as a mic/line preamp or as a DI (direct) box, the Tube MP/C is designed to work seamlessly with any recording, sound-reinforcement, or electronic instrument setup. ART's Tube MP/C circuitry is a hybrid design utilizing the most advanced, solid-state and tube technology.The ART Tube MP/C preamplifier's active balanced solid-state input provides extremely low noise and excellent common mode rejection. The 1/4-inch high-impedance input prevents loading of any connected device making the ART Tube MP/C perfect for DI or line-level applications. The preamplifier's second stage 12AX7a tube runs on a regulated DC voltage providing an additional 20 dB of gain.The compression circuit features a VCA-less design and utilizes optical electronics (Vactrol) coupled with a 12AX7a vacuum tube gain stage for superior musical performance.


- Tube-based mic/line preamplifier with up to 80 dB of gain
- Hand-selected 12AX7a tube
- Optical (VCA-less) compressor circuitry = transparent dynamics control
- 1/4-inch unbalanced inputs and outputs
- XLR balanced inputs and outputs
- Transformer isolated XLR output
- Selectable output range for Line/Instrument interface levels
- LED meters for Tube Warmth, Gain Reduction and Output level
- +48V phantom power
- Phase reversal switch
- Selectable release time settings
- > 90dB dynamic range
- Custom extruded aluminum chassis