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Barefoot Buttons

Barefoot Buttons Version 1 Tallboy, Silver

Barefoot Buttons Version 1 Tallboy, Silver

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Barefoot Buttons are the solution to your pedal footswitch problems! Barefoot Buttons fit on most major switches and triggers, making your effects pedals easier and more comfortable to use, while increasing engagement accuracy. These simple-to-install buttons are a must for all musicians who use pedals.Tallboys are the perfect solution when you need a little more height on a switch. The extra clearance makes it easier to get in those tight spots. When there are 2 switches next to each other, the Tallboy keeps you from engaging the wrong switch.The Version 1 size works well in a variety of situations, providing increased surface area to engage your switches. \tThe Tallboy provides approximately 1/2" of height clearance once installed.


- Version 1 fits common 3PDT switches (approx. 3/8" or 10mm in diameter)
- Made of anodized aircraft grade aluminum or acrylic. Note: When installing Barefoot Buttons made of acrylic, please tighten set screws lightly.