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Black Lion Audio

Black Lion Audio MicroClock MKIII XB Word Clock

Black Lion Audio MicroClock MKIII XB Word Clock

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The Black Lion Audio MicroClock MKIII XB is the most accurate clock on the market...period. After more than a year of testing in studio environments, Black Lion Audio is pleased to announce the Micro Clock MKIII XB.Based on the successful Micro Clock MKIII, the XB version represents everything we have learned to date, regarding clocking and brings it to a greater level of precision.The XB version of the Micro Clock MKIII is designed for environments where audio image precision is key to the success of the project. The XB shares the same physical layout and outputs as the standard Micro Clock MKIII. Where the Micro Clock MKIII standard boasts jitter accuracy of 1.9 pico seconds, the Micro Clock MKIII-XB has an industry-leading jitter accuracy measured at .6 pico seconds.The Black Lion Micro Clock MKIII-XB test units have already been clocking studios in Berlin, LA, NYC and London. They have also served duty clocking digital consoles at several major festivals.