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CBI Gold Rush Guitar Instrument Cable, 15 Foot

CBI Gold Rush Guitar Instrument Cable, 15 Foot

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The CBI Gold Rush Cable is the highest quality guitar cable you can buy! The Gold Rush design was developed by C.B.I.'s Vice-President Joan Brazinski, in an effort to combine high quality with style. Gold Rush cables are high quality Belden / C.B.I. 20-gauge instrument wire with gold-plated G & H Bigfoot 1/4 in. connectors. The "Gold Rush" is available in lengths of 6, 10, 15, 20, and 25 feet. C.B.I. offers the cables in 9 patterns using the same colors but different designs. The Gold Rush is one of the classiest looking guitar cables on the market, and is made from strictly top quality components. The "Gold Rush" sports a black and gold cloth metallic jacket. The jacket is designed for durability, flexibility, and it will not fray. The Gold Rush is Gibson Custom Shop's Guitar Cable Of Choice!FeaturesBelden / C.B.I. 20 Gauge Instrument Cables
- G & H Bigfoot 1/4 in. Gold Plated ConnectorsBlack and Metallic Designer Cloth JacketClassiest Looking Guitar Cables
- Top Quality Components