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Celestion G12T-75 Guitar Classic Series Guitar Speaker (75 Watts, 12 Inch), 16 Ohms

Celestion G12T-75 Guitar Classic Series Guitar Speaker (75 Watts, 12 Inch), 16 Ohms

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Think of your all time favorite guitar solo
- chances are it was played through Celestion loudspeakers. When a toughened G12 radio loudspeaker was combined with an early guitar amplifier back in the 50's, who could have imagined the sound would be so influential. But the soft, creamy overtones produced by an overloaded valve amp through a Celestion speaker had defined a whole style of sound; one that powered the emerging guitar heroes of the period and, during the next 4 decades, became the undisputed Voice of Rock 'n Roll.Be it Manchester Brit-pop, L.A. shred-metal, or Seattle grunge, it's more than likely coming at you through a Celestion. Most of the classic names in guitar amplification continue to rely on the unique tonal characteristics of Celestion loudspeakers to produce their trademark sounds.G12T-75 FeaturesExtremely versatile loudspeaker, found in many of the world's leading guitar amplifiers
- the best-selling guitar speaker of all time.Wide frequency response and high sensitivity.Suited to all musical styles, but excels in Rock, Metal, Thrash, and high-gain Indie.Especially suited with multi-effect units and rack systems.About the Classic SeriesBeginning with the legendary Celestion Blue, the world's first dedicated guitar loudspeaker, these Classic speakers have delivered many of the memorable guitar performances in contemporary music over the past 4 decades. Hand-built, using traditional methods to retain their unique tonal characteristics, the Classics are considered by leading guitarists and amp manufacturers as the finest guitar loudspeakers that money can buy.To experienced ears, each of the Celestion Classics is instantly recognizable: the Blue for its exceptional dynamic range, the Classic Lead for its presence, the Greenback for its warmth, the Vintage 30 for its definition, the G12H for its tight bottom end, and the G12T-75 for its pure, unadulterated grit. No wonder Celestion Classic loudspeakers are the guitar world's Number One choice. Six guitar loudspeakers that have come to define the voice of rock and roll. From authentic vintage reissues to cutting edge designs, each model has been created to perform in every conceivable situation. Highest quality materials and components ensure supreme reliability and unparalleled tone. Available in either 8
- or 16-Ohm impedance.The leading choice of classic names in guitar amplification.Now made in China.