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Creative Tunings

Creative Tunings SpiderCapo Alternative Tuning Capo

Creative Tunings SpiderCapo Alternative Tuning Capo

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The SpiderCapo (patent No. 7,563,969) allows you to capo each string individually, making hundreds of open string tunings possible, without de-tuning your guitar.


- Fits all guitar fingerboards
- Unlimited application for all styles of music
- An invaluable creative tool for singer/songwriters
- Weighs less than an ounce

With the SpiderCapo you can:

- Change tunings without de-tuning your guitar
- Play all the bar chords and riffs you already know, plus multiple chord inversions not possible with standard tuning
- Change tunings while playing
- Finger above and below the capo
- Play melodies with open string accompaniment
- Use easily in live performance
- Explore unlimited creative possibilities for tunings, keys, harmonies, and texturesImprove your capobility with the Spider, the capo for beginners and geniuses alike. The complete partial capo.