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Darkglass Microtubes 900 V2 Bass Amplifier Head

Darkglass Microtubes 900 V2 Bass Amplifier Head

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The Darkglass Microtubes 900 v2 features both of Darkglass' celebrated Microtubes engines. From the powerful dynamic saturation circuit from the B3K to the classic overdriven tone from the Vintage Microtubes, clean, vintage and aggressive metal tones are only a stomp away.Either of Darkglass' signature drive engines adds incredible girth and size to the overdriven signal, but the addition of a studio-grade VCA compressor adds an extra layer of control and the ultra-quiet 6-band graphic equalizer will help sculpt the tone from aggressive and overdriven, to crystal clear clean.Whatever your tone needs may be, Microtubes 900 V2 features all the options the modern, professional bassist needs in a compact, sleek and powerful format. But there is more! Microtubes 900 V2 also features MIDI for channel switching, and muting programmability, impulse response cabinet simulation, with up to three different storable virtual cabinets, auxiliary input, and headphone output, making the Microtubes 900 v2 not only among the most complete amplifier solutions for the touring musician, but also the ideal tools for silent practicing.


- Dual 1/4" Speakon combo jacks
- Dual XLR outputs. Latency compensated simultaneous Post DI with digital cabinet simulation and clean, Pre DI
- Headphone output with cabinet simulation and volume control
- 3.5mm Auxiliary input
- Three impulse response slots, selectable via the Cab Select switch. Impulses are loaded with the Darkglass Suite
- MIDI input for remote switching, fully configurable with the DG Suite
- Micro-USB connector for PC/Mac connection with Darkglass Suite
- Ultra-quiet 6-band graphic EQ
- Built-in adjustable studio-grade VCA compression, programmable on/off per channel in Darkglass Suite
- Effects loop compatible with typical bass guitar pedals and line level devices
- Intelligent fan control to reduce noise when playing quietly
- Analog preamp with switchable Vintage Microtubes and Microtubes B3K drive circuits
- Passive/active input switch
- Ground lift switch for DI outputs
- 900 W RMS Class D power amplifier
- Supplied with Intelligent Footswitch
- Fully compatible with existing Darkglass Intelligent and Super Intelligent
- Footswitches
- Super Intelligent Footswitch sold separately