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DiMarzio DP172 Twang King Neck Pickup, Chrome

DiMarzio DP172 Twang King Neck Pickup, Chrome

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When DiMarzio decided to go for the vintage Tele sound, the creation of the DiMarzio DP172 Twang King Neck Pickup came to life. DiMarzio wanted pickups that captured the best elements of their favorite Broadcaster and Telecaster sounds -
- and then some. The Twang King pickups have unequalled response to pick attack: light playing produces a soft, quiet tone and hard picking creates a harder, louder, and more dynamic sound than any comparable single-coil. DiMarzio accomplished this with a combination of controlled-tension coil-winding, special wire, and hand-calibrated magnets. The neck pickup comes with a chrome cover, and is wax-potted twice for squeal-free performance.


- 2 Conductor Wiring
- Alnico 5 Magnet
- mV 89 Output
- 6.22 K ohm DC Resistance
- In Production since 1995