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DiMarzio DP422 Paul Gilbert Injector Pickup, Aged White, Neck

DiMarzio DP422 Paul Gilbert Injector Pickup, Aged White, Neck

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DiMarzio DP422 Paul Gilbert Injector Pickup

DiMarzio; first heard about Paul Gilbert in the 1980s. Billy Sheehan told them about an amazing 18-year-old who had recently arrived in California and had blown everyone away with his musicianship, speed, and awesome technical ability in Racer X. Naturally, DiMarzio; immediately asked Paul to become a DiMarzio; endorser. It was the start of a great relationship.Recently, Paul has been heavily into DiMarzio; Area; pickups. He's also been playing a lot of Racer X-style instrumentals, so the time was right for signature Paul Gilbert single-coil sized DiMarzio; pickups. The outcome of their teamwork is the Injector; Neck and Bridge Model pickups. You can hear it on Paul's CD, Fuzz Universe. Recommended For: Neck, can also be used in Bridge and Middle positionsTech Talk: The Injector; Neck Model has a modern rather than a vintage sound. It's warmer and louder (160mV output) than a typical vintage single-coil and of course it's hum-canceling. It's also faster. The Injector; Neck Model tracks high-speed solos at high gain without becoming either thin or muddy, and has a very full, well-balanced, clean sound. It has about 40% less magnet-pull than standard single-coils, and this is essential for the superior speed and dynamic range with which this pickup responds to pick attack.Paul's setup on the guitar he played on Fuzz Universe was Injector; Neck Model in the neck, Area 67; in the middle and Injector; Bridge Model in the bridge. The Injector; is a lot louder and warmer than the Area 67; but the combination produces varied tonal colors in the 2 and 4 positions, with the Area 67; alone providing vintage tone and the Injector; Neck & Bridge for heavier sounds.