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DW Drum Workshop

Drum Workshop SP505 Hi-Hat Clutch

Drum Workshop SP505 Hi-Hat Clutch

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While a wide assortment of DW Pedal Upgrades such as the Delta Hinge, Pedal Plate, Remote Hi-Hat Cables, and Delta Hi-Hat Linkage are designed to allow drummers to take advantage of DW's ongoing pedal improvements by retrofitting their existing pedals. DW Accessories like Toe-Stops, Wide Footboard Adapters, High Tension Springs, Beater Balls, and Hi-Hat Clutches let players customize the feel of their pedal to better meet their playing styles and situations. With these options and accessories, players can modify and enhance the performance of their DW pedals to fit the needs of their individual playing situation. Drum Workshop offers a wide selection of accessory arms, clamps, and mounts, including their popular cymbal stackers, closed hi-hats, accessory clamps, and sliding adjustment bass drum mounted tom-tom and cymbal holders.