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Harris Brass Slide, Medium, 19mm

Harris Brass Slide, Medium, 19mm

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Machined from solid brass for a bright tone with great sustain, the Harris slide has a unique design. Its flared sides offer better control, less damping and more comfort. It is available in 3 sizes for personal preference. Unlike other companies that offer a single slide as a cure-all, Dunlop understands that slides are every bit as varied as individual player's slide techniques. It's much more than just finger size. How you hold it, what kind of string contact you prefer, and how detailed or quiet you want the sliding action to sound ... these are just a few of your considerations when choosing your perfect slide. Dunlop's focus is to offer all sensible slide choices in attractive, carefully engineered designs. Try a metal slide for highly detailed "twangy" tones, or check out the quieter slide response from the glass, ceramic or porcelain units. Each of their designs has been used and preferred for years as certain musician's "ultimate" slide sound. One of them is just right for you!