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Dunlop HE777P Herco Holy Grail Guitar Picks, 6-Pack

Dunlop HE777P Herco Holy Grail Guitar Picks, 6-Pack

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Herco's original Herco Flex 75 Picks were used by some of some of Britain's greatest guitar players. Available exclusively in the UK from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s, that particular nylon formula imparted a unique warmth and flexibility that to this day has guitar masters and pick collectors alike scouring the world for vintage pieces. We got our hands on some of those original picks and carefully analyzed every detail. We used our findings to create the Herco Holy Grail Pick so that you can get the same vintage mojo without having to maintain a collection of rare and expensive vintage picks. From the tactile feel of the material to its tone and flexibility, this pick will take you back to London and the birth of legendary British hard rock.


- Based on a vintage 1970s Herco Flex 75 pick
- Warmer tone
- Superior flexibility
- This is the pick used by early British hard rock greats