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Electro-Voice EVID 4.2 Dual 4 Inch 2-Way Surface-Mount Passive, Unpowered Loudspeaker, White, Pair

Electro-Voice EVID 4.2 Dual 4 Inch 2-Way Surface-Mount Passive, Unpowered Loudspeaker, White, Pair

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The EVID42 is perfect for a variety of environments where full-range audio is needed but space is limited: restaurants, bars, bistros, department stores, and out door venues. Offering the bass response of a much larger speaker, dual 4-inch woofers make the 4.2 a phenomenal performer. The 1-inch waveguide coupled titanium tweeter delivers controlled clean mids and highs. Combine it with the 12.1 subwoofer for an amazing listening experience. Full system protection and EV's unique Strong-Arm Mount(tm) (SAM) make the EVID 4.2 a solid choice in any environment.

EVID Systems

The ID in EVID is for innovative design of high quality foreground/background music systems. 13 models comprise the EVID series. Four surface mount speakers include the 6.2 with dual 6-inch LF drivers and a 1-inch Ti /waveguide, the 4.2 with dual 4 in. LF drivers and a 1-inch Ti /waveguide, the 3.2 with dual 3 in. LF drivers with a .75 in. Ti direct radiator. The 12.1 and 12.1p subwoofers are designed to augment and extend the fullrange model's low frequency response and completes the line. Featuring fully sealed enclosures, the FM4.2 and FM6.2 provide consistent performance when mounted in any style room and their sealed enclosures dramatically reduce adjacent room sound leakage.Six ceiling speaker models comprise the EVID line and include the compact powerful C4.2, The C8.2 and 8.2LP high output models, the C8.2HC controlled coverage high ceiling model, the C12.2 12-inch high performance system and the C10.1 high performance ceiling subwoofer.

Surface Mount Systems With Innovation

EVID surface mount speakers are not just another box, or trapezoidal system, EVID is different. It's unique design concept combines style with audio performance for several benefits. An aesthetic design using organic curves fits into many decors and themes, it does not look like a traditional loudspeaker. This allows better integration for a more invisible sound system, while not distracting from a commercial or theme environment. All models all available in black or white, and can easily be painted the match the decor.

Ceiling Systems For Every Application

EVid ceiling speaker systems are high performance, easy to install, visually attractive systems designed for background/foreground audio support in a wide variety of applications such as retail storefronts, hotels, auditoriums, office spaces and shopping malls. EVid systems offer specific, tailored acoustic solutions for these applications through their unique design. NOTE: Includes SAM system and hex key.Note: Unpowered speaker, requires separate power amplifier.