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Electro-Voice ZX1 2-Way Passive, Unpowered Loudspeaker (400 Watts, 1x8 Inch)

Electro-Voice ZX1 2-Way Passive, Unpowered Loudspeaker (400 Watts, 1x8 Inch)

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You need a speaker that can reproduce every note, every inspirational word and every nuance of your style. Introducing the ZX1. Compact, lightweight, yet high performance, the ZX1 is a reflection of the needs of the high-speed, time-crunched, high-tech lifestyle you lead. Its versatility is matched only by your imagination, and its look is pure beauty. So while your audience may not be fully aware of why you sound incredible, you'll know it's because you chose the very best...The ZX1 offers a wide array of mounting options including an integrated pole mount and removable rubber feet that hide M8 mounting studs. Dual NL4 connectors and an ergonomic molded carrying slot make the ZX1 perfect for portable music, AV rental and mobile audio applications. The ZX1 shines in monitor wedge applications, especially where the reproduction of vocal frequencies is crucial. Its asymmetrical cabinet design means you simply have to put the ZX1 on its side to achieve a 45-degree monitor angle. And with the ability to rotate its 90x50-degree horn, you can adjust the dispersion pattern to suit your unique application.


- Extremely smooth, wide frequency response
- Attractive, clean design with full grille
- EV8L 8" high-output LF transducer
- DH2005 1" exit true compression driver
- 90 degree x 50 degree coverage pattern
- Rotatable horn design for adjustable dispersion
- Integral monitor angle on enclosure
- 200W continuous, 800W peak power handling
- High sensitivity, 125 dB maximum SPL
- Built-in pole mount
- Integral handle pocket for easy carryingNote: Unpowered speaker, requires separate power amplifier.