EMG ACB-5 Active 5-String Banjo Pickup

EMG ACB-5 Active 5-String Banjo Pickup

EMG ACB-5 Active 5-String Banjo Pickup

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The EMG-ACB Banjo Pickup is the first of its kind to use 3 different pickup elements. First, the pickup is electro-magnetic so it senses the string motion. Second, it has 3 acoustic chambers that allow sound waves inside the banjo to add a microphonic element to the sound. Third, it uses a steel sensing element on the head of the banjo that can be positioned for additional tone. The EMG Banjo pickup is active and contains a high quality preamp that features ultra-low noise and low current drain. The Pickup is powered by two Lithium Batteries (6 Volts). Everything needed is included with the pickup, so the installation is simple, and above all, flexible.

Magnetic Output Level

The output level of the pickup will depend on the placement along the coordinator rods. The output level of the pickup has been set to work at the "Sweet Spot" shown below. If you slide the pickup closer towards the fingerboard the output will increase. If you wish, the pickup can be spaced further away from the strings to set the output where you desire.

Acoustic (Microphonic) Level

The amount of microphonic sensing can be controlled if you experience feedback when playing at high volume levels. The 3 acoustic chambers surrounding the coils are .125 wide and can be filled with the "acoustic plugs" included. If you experience feedback, plugging the center slot usually does the trick. Do not use foam, it's not a solid enough material.

Banjo Head Steel Strip Level

Included with the pickup is .002 thick strip of steel shim-stock, used by the pickup to "sense" the head of the banjo. It can be installed on either the inside or the outside of the head. It has a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side for attachment to the head. It's not necessary to use the steel strip in order for the pickup to work, it is simply an addition to the sound of the instrument.

EMG-ACB Banjo Pickup Features Includes

- Exclusive solderless install system
- (3) Acoustic plugs
- (1) Mounting bracket
- (2) Shim steel strips
- (2) Coin-cell batteries
- (1) Allen wrench

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